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Cassiopeia Build Guide by Sir Gucci

AP Carry Cassiopeia

AP Carry Cassiopeia

Updated on August 27, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sir Gucci Build Guide By Sir Gucci 2,463 Views 0 Comments
2,463 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Sir Gucci Cassiopeia Build Guide By Sir Gucci Updated on August 27, 2014
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Hey, welcome to my first build on mobafire! This build is made for Cassiopeia in the top lane. The build focuses on a heavy mana start, and high damage late game.
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Runes / Masteries

The runes in this build work VERY well with Cassiopeia because during early game, she consumes mana very quickly, so having the mana regen will help alot and keep you in lane. The magic pen, and AP are to help you do massive damage once you start getting your items.

The Masteries in this build also work very well with Cassiopeia because on the small bonuses she gets from then damage, mana, and tank wise. She gains a bit of everything.
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When starting, a dorans ring and health pots is usually the best way to go because of the small bonuses, and passive. If you are up against a high damage/mobility champion like Master Yi, I would go with boots and some health pots.

When you are in lane with Cassiopeia, I recommend that you stay in lane until you can afford a "Tear of The Goddess" because of it's passive and how Cassiopeia consumes mana quickly, even with her passive.

The "Tear of The Goddess" helps a lot with Cassiopeia's passive, I usually start with a dorans ring and health pots, and then get a "Tear of The Goddess" and then rush my "Liandry's Torment" for it's health/AP bonus, and passive, "Eyes of Pain". Making your abilities do a lot more.

Finally, the "Tear of The Goddess" allows you to spam your E a lot more than you usually would be able to with just your passive and will help A LOT in the late game.
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Don't worry to much on last hitting, your Q, and W last long enough so that if you miss a creep, you'll most likely get the gold anyways. Keep this in mind when in lane.
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So, in conclusion, Cassiopeia is a very strong AP champion that can honestly go in any lane. Her high damage allows you do help a lot in team fights, and in lane. She will feel weak due to her damage being over time, but her Q alone, can easily get up in the high hundreds damage wise.

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my build, I really hope you learned something new or just liked it! This is my first build so I don't expect it to be wonderful but I plan to make a lot more builds on mobafire!

Sir Gucci
League of Legends Build Guide Author Sir Gucci
Sir Gucci Cassiopeia Guide
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