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Karma Build Guide by Inkarc

Support CDR/Tank Karma Support - Shield Your Way to Victory

Support CDR/Tank Karma Support - Shield Your Way to Victory

Updated on August 8, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Inkarc Build Guide By Inkarc 28,563 Views 0 Comments
28,563 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Inkarc Karma Build Guide By Inkarc Updated on August 8, 2017
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This is my first guide so bare with me as I try to go in depth of what I've experienced with Karma. I've tried all different kinds of Karma builds and out of all of them I've had the most fun CDR/Tank Karma than AP Karma. Don't get me wrong, I do love AP Karma especially when a Q+R can completely wreck the enemy ADC in lane. However, I find it way more satisfying when CDR/Tank Karma support can stand alone against a fed Vladimir. Anyways, lets get started.
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Exhaust: As a support main, it's rare that I would ever choose Ignite over Exhaust. I believe that exhaust is overall a better summoner to take in lane because of the damage and movement speed reduction. It can save you and your ADC from ganks and make laning a lot smoother.

Flash: A player without flash is a player who wants to watch the world burn.
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Spelltheis Edge: I always start of with this item because of the ability power and mana regeneration. Always poke so you can get the full benefit of the item and receive your gold income.

Biscuit of Rejuvenation: Starting off with three biscuits is pretty standard for almost all supports. With Karma's Ult+W and her shields her endurance is lane is pretty high.


Sightstone: Sightstone is a must as a support. Vision is key to win your lane and keeping vision control could save you and the rest of your team from losing the game.

Frostfang: I always get it on my first back if i have enough gold to do so.

Sweeping Lens: I always get sweeping lends depending on my situation. If I have an ADC who tends to stay in lane for a longtime before backing, I hold out on getting a sweeper, so I don't run out of vision. It sucks when you have 0 charges and all your wards expire and your ADC is farming gold. However, if I have an ADC who tends to back quiet frequently, then I would get sweeper.

Ardent Censer: This should be your first complete item for the CDR/TANK Karama build. The item is just overpowered on any shielding/healing supports and with Karma's Ult+E she can get the full advantage of its passive.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity: You got to have CDR Boots for a CDR/Tank build.

Ninja Tabis: If your in need of armor

Eye of the Watchers: A two birds with one stone item. It does it's job for all supports by providing wards, but also include a 10% CDR and ability power.

Spirit Visage: This is were you start getting into the "tank" part of the CDR/Tank Karma build. Firstly,the passive works wonders with Karma's Ult+W. With the 30% increase on healing and the unique passives of Ardent Censor, you heal for a much greater portion. Additionally, you have the 10% CRD reduction and by this time you should be spamming shields every other second.


The rest of the build truly depends on what you and your team needs.


Athene's Unholy Grail: This item is only useful on support champions that are able to do damage, luckily Karma is one of them.

Morellonomicon: If your looking for some extra AP to go with your build. Plus you get an extra 20% CDR.

Redemption: I don't believe you could ever go wrong with redemption. Honestly, this item alone can make or break any games. With Redemption and Karma's Ult+E, will make team fights much more winnable.

Locket of the Iron Solari: If your going full protect team comp mode, locket can save lives. With the addition of Redemption and Karma's Ult shields is a game changer.

Rod of Ages: This item is like a double edge sword. To get the full use of this item you need to have it built long enough for the stacks to stack. However, it is an item that isn't first priority and that isn't build until your 5th or maybe last item. Honestly, if you know your games going to be a long late game, then this item isn't a bad choice.

Mikaels Crucible: I don't build this item very much despite the benefit of its active and passive. However, If the enemy team is full of CC and you have a protect the ADC comp, this item is a must.
Zekes Convergence & Knights Vow: Both items are kind of one in the same. These items would be at the very bottom of what left to build. Most items that I've talked talked are mostly MR oriented. So against some scary AD's it would be great to have some some items of armor that can benefit you and your ADC.
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Laning Phase

In lane, it's important to take full advantage of Spell Thief by poking a lot. When your up against champions with sustain like Janna, Soraka, Lulu, ect. You can save your mana and just auto attack, doing so will still proc Spell Thief's passive.

I usually wait until I have about 1300 gold before my first backing, so I can purchase Sightstone and upgrade my Spell Thief to Frost fang. If I don't have enough, then instead of Frost Fang, I begin building into Ardent Censor. Remember to upgrade your trinket
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Warding in Lane

Blue Side

As far as I know there isn't and right or wrong way of warding the map. However I always ward the map very specifically during laning phase on blue side.

Control Ward: Tri Bush
Sightstone: In the center of the river. Where you can see if the enemy team is coming from mid or through the red side jungle.
1 between enemy blast code and enemy tri bush. This is because you can spot enemy much faster then you would if you warded just the river bush.

I've tend to use this warding method more frequently because it's much efficient that way than just warding river bush.

Red Side

Depedning on enemy Jungle where I put my Control ward varies.
For example, against Lee Sin, Kayn, or any champion that can come from behind I ward tri bush.
Much like blue side, I ward the center of the river where I can see if anyone comes down the river and/or red side of the jungle.
And then I ward enemy tri bush.
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Overall Karma is a pretty well rounded support. She has a shield AoE shield like Janna's with increase movement speed. A snare that can help recover missing health. A Q that does a decent amount of damage and can slow your enemies for a short duration.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Inkarc
Inkarc Karma Guide
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CDR/Tank Karma Support - Shield Your Way to Victory

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