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Cho'Gath Build Guide by BuckRodger

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BuckRodger

Cho'gath : AP guide for anti carry !

BuckRodger Last updated on May 17, 2013
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 0


Utility: 9

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Cho'Gath history

There is a place between dimensions, between worlds. To some it is known as the Outside, to others it is the Unknown. To those that truly know, however, it is called the Void. Despite its name, the Void is not an empty place, but rather the home of unspeakable things - horrors not meant for minds of men. Cho'Gath is a creature born of the Void, a thing whose true nature is so awful most will not speak its name.

Its fellows have been poking at the walls that divide dimensions for a crack, a way into Runeterra, where they can visit their own personal paradise of horror upon the world. They are called the Voidborn, creatures so ancient and terrible that they have been removed from history altogether. It is rumored that the Voidborn command vast armies of unspeakable creatures on other worlds, that they were once driven from Runeterra by powerful magic lost to antiquity.

If such tales are true, then the rumors that follow must be equally true - that one day, the Voidborn will return. Even now, something dark stirs in Icathia, perverting the summoning rituals of the League to allow the presence of Cho'Gath. It is an alien creature of malice and violence, a thing that causes all but the most stalwart to cringe in fear. Cho'Gath even appears to feed on its predations, growing and swelling as it gorges itself. Worse yet, the creature is intelligent, perhaps greatly so, making most wonder how such a monster could be contained.

Fortunately, the power of the League's summoning has confined Cho'Gath's presence exclusively to the League of Legends. It is here that summoners use Cho'Gath's Voidborn abilities to help decide the fate of Runeterra. The Terror of the Void knows what fate it would choose for Runeterra, given half the chance.

Woe betide the day when Cho'Gath grows weary of the League.

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AP: Ability power
CC: Crowd control
VS: Versus
HP: Health Point
AFK: Away from keybord
OS : One shot
AoE : Area of effect
CD : Cooldown

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With this guide I am going to show you that Cho'Gath is not obliged to be playing as an offtank but it also can be playing as a mage. His CC spells and his strong damage will help him to make as many damage as some other mage like Veigar. He also has a silence spell: Feral Scream which would often help you to in your line vs some other mage or hero based on their spells.

Your spell Rupture is useful for delaying your enemy back and kill him because of his strong damage. Your ulty Feast would help you to finish a kill after stunning or slowing the opponent. In late game the combination of your spells would make so much damage that you would kill easily any carry or hero not based on hp. Your spell Vorpal Spikes combine with your passive Carnivore make Cho'Gath a good jungler. You have a lot of hp because of your ulty Feast so your role in team fight will be to tank the damage and to make good CC spells placement.

The good thing with Cho'Gath is that you can go every line or even jungle if you prefer. I am going to explain the different point I just have introduced in some different part

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Pros and Cons

[*] High damage/splash damage
[*] High health (if you manage to keep your 6 feast buff)
[*] Great farmer: In late game you will probably have the most minions’ kills of all players so you will have a lot of gold for stuffing your champ
[*] Great pusher
[*] Your size would scare your opponent
[*] Nice carry killer
[*] Fast jungler in mid/late game
[*] Strong in mid/late game
[*] Can go on several lane (mid, top or jungle)

[*] Squishy in early game
[*] Vulnerable from kitting
[*] Weak if you loose your feast
[*] Ulty is always used on minions for having the 6 feast so it might not be ready in fight
[*] Ugly
[*] Easy to focus because of his size (big sock)

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Early game

Cho'Gath early game is not as stronger as most of the other hero. You have to be careful and don’t try to push especially if you are at mid line. Cho'Gath has to stay near the tower or even in the bush because you can’t permit to back and take less level than your opponent. You just have one goal: stay alive for arriving to the level 6 as fast as possible. Now the mid game begins.

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Mid game

In the mid game, your goal is just to take the 6 Feast with not dying. Then you would be able to push and try to kill your enemy for the first time of the game. You can attack him: use your spell Feral Scream for going near him with not having problem with the opponent spells, then use your Rupture for stunning him and finish him with your ulty Feast.

You would be able to take some kills but the thing you must think the most about is faring farming farming! When the opponent back you would be able to kill the first tower, then you would try to jungle and take the blue buff because pushing the second tower is too dangerous as that moment of the game especially if there is some jungler in the enemy team. Cho'Gath is not really fast and because your ulty is not at his maximal level so you will not have so mush hp.

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Late game

This is the stronger moment of Cho'Gath just between the mid game and the late game. Now, you have to do all you can to engage a team fight (I will explain it on the next part). You have a lot of hp and strong damage. You would go jungle for taking some gold you would kill any carry just with your spells combination. Just have fun and win the game

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Team fight

During the team fight, your most important role is to tank for your team. You also must use your CC skills as fast as possible. You must harass as long as possible then I am going to explain you what you have to do in two different situations.

If the enemy team is backing, you must catch the low HP enemy as carry with your spell Rupture and kill them with the help of all your team. You can also kill the opponent with your ulty Feast.

If the enemy team is pushing and yours backing, you must try to save as many ally as possible. You have to make Rupture to win as time as possible and Feral Scream to stop them using spells. You would have to tank to protect your carry and back under a tower.

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Jungler guide

This video just perfectly show how to jungle, where,and the stuff you have to buy ... on the jungle road level 4.

Thanks NINJP for the video :)

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Solo top

Cho'Gath is a strong solo top. But you if you go on the Ap way you will be really squishy before your level 8 (before stacking your feast and before having your Rod of Ages First you shouldn’t push (I know that it is the same advice for every solo top but I prefer to say it again). You just have two goals: farming and harassing. You must harass to make your enemy back and take level late.

You must farm because you need gold (like every champ ^^) and because you are going to up faster than your opponent if you stay longer on the lane. Try to take the blue buff that is always a good thing for a mage if your jungler don't need it and if the mid champ don't have any mana.

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Mid line

That is my favorite line with Cho'Gath. You just have to harass your opponent not really to make him back but just to not let him farm. But with Cho'Gath be really careful on gank because he is not a fast hero and because assassin’s like Katarina or even jungler like Warwick can counter him easily.

SO just wait the level 6 to be safe and then take your Feast. I just advice you to gank other line if you manage to kill your opponent because you wouldn’t be able to push the tower. That will also help your ally to kill a tower if they are at 3 vs 1 and give extra gold.

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Bot line

On bot line, I prefer to play with a support because you don’t need to be with a tank or a carry. If the support you are with can regenerate your HP, don’t hesitate to push and to attack the enemy. You just have to make them back and maybe protect your support if you need.

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Skills explication

Carnivore: This is the passive skill of Cho’ Gath It gives you some mana/hp regeneration after each kill. This skill makes Cho’ Gath a good farmer or even a good jungler. Because of this skill, all you early/mid game is based on harass and farming.

Rupture: This is on my point of view the most important spell of Cho’ Gath. This spell makes some strong damage and it is a nice CC spell. I advice you to upgrade it first but I am going to show you the different upgrade skill possibility.

Vorpal Spikes: This skill make you hitting many target at the same time with your normal attack and allowed you to harass enemy’s hero especially tank. This skill is so useful combine with your passive for farming or even jungle if you want to play Cho’ Gath as a jungler.

Feral Scream: This skill is a silence spell which help you inning vs the opponent mage or even staying alive in forbade enemy spells. Some people prefer upgrading this skill first instead of Rupture. I don’t thing that there is a best way to play Cho’ Gath but I am going to write the different possibilities on the “upgrading skill” part.

Feast: This is Cho’ Gath ulty. Those make some strong damage against minions and give you some extra life for a maximum of 6 times. You must try to up level 6 to unlock your ulty as fast as possible to have a lot of hp.

I have taken this skill sequence to have ruptures as fast as possible to harass my opponent. I take Vorporal spikes in second to be able to farm but I am not going t upgrade it more since a long time. Then I upgrade ruptures and Fereal scream when I can but I prefer playing a lot with ruptures.

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This is some kind of mage runes. That gives to Cho'Gath the possibility to make a high damage because of the magic penetration and the AP. In fact, that is one of the only possibilities of runes you can give to him if you play him as a mage but if you have any other idea please just send me a message.

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I have taken this masteries to make Cho'Gath doing more damage. These masteries could also be using for some other mages. Indeed if you are playing Cho’ Gath as a tank, you would take more defence masteries to be able to tank more for your team.

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With this you can learn to play Cho'Gath as a mage or even just discover that Cho’ Gath is not obliged to be playing as a tank. It can have high HP and AP. If you have any idea to make my build better please leave a comment.