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Cho'Gath Build Guide by StarstruckHF

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League of Legends Build Guide Author StarstruckHF

Cho'Gath -- The Ultimate Tank Experience

StarstruckHF Last updated on January 2, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Cho'Gath - Playstyle, Tips, Strategy, Footnotes.

Cho'Gath is typically weak early game, he's good against squishy or semi-squishy melee characters early game. Just apply pressure, use abilities wisely and angle you basic attacks so your E pokes back your opponent. Max Q first, the W then E, be selective when using your Q, it burns a lot of mana and this build is intended to make you so tanky that it takes their ENTIRE team about 10 seconds just to kill you, leaving them all vulnerable for your entire team to wipe them out. I have great success with Cho'Gath on this build averaging 12 kills, 5 deaths and 15+ assists per game. Use (R) Feast everytime it is available until you hit 6 stacks. The build order may vary, if you are dealing with a champion who is ranged AP then you may want to rush for a Spirit Visage for sustain. If dealing with an AD squish like Zed or Fiora, starting off with an item like Randuin's or the Sunfire Cape should definitely benefit you. Keep 2 wards out at a time (1 trinkey and 1 sight ward) as Cho'Gath isn't very mobile and until he gathers stacks from his R he won't have much sustain early game to get to safety in lane.

When evading a gank, use your Q wisely and know when to use your silence. You can silence any stuns or snares or slows that your opponents may try to use on you which could in turn lead to a successful escape if needed. Don't be scared to harass your opponent, starting with a Doran's Shield will give you the early game sustain needed to withstand a squishy or bruiser champion that starts with something such as Long Sword or Doran's Blade. Use your E pokes to keep your opponent from gathering farm, if they back up in lane, take out the mage minions first to force your opponent out of lane and allow you to outfarm them thoroughly early game.

If you are being outplayed by a more skilled opponent, just dodge pokes, gather farm properly (last hit) near turret and don't over-extend. Don't be scared to burn your Feast in front of your opponent in order to get your stacks as fast as possible because the long-term reward is far greater than saving your R for an engagement that you are unsure will give you a kill.

With over 200 Armor and Magic Resist and over 5,000 HP, you are going to be the ultimate Tank and the most intense asset to your team. Don't be afraid when you are jumped by 2 or 3 enemies if you have a couple of teammates nearby, although you may not do very much damage, you still do enough to cripple your enemies. With the damage from your R, your silences, pop-ups, Slows from Randuin's and DPS from Sunfire Cape, any and all melee champions should be afraid to encounter you. Any who are not, are foolish. Mid-Game you are going to want to stay near your carry, whoever the most effective carry on your team is will be even more powerful and successful if you are there to soak the damage while they clean-up the crowds you attract. If you are caught and taking serious amounts of CC, back away once you reach about 1/4 health and peel with your Q. You want to try and keep your stacks at 6 so don't get too greedy.

If the game carries on to a VERY long-term match, or the damage gets too overwhelming, feel free to sell ATHENE'S HOLY GRAIL and purchase a second WARMOG'S to give yourself a whopping 6,300+ HP. This build and this strategy turns Cho'Gath into one of, if not THE most effective Tank you will ever experience in a League of Legends match regardless to whether or not it is ranked.

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