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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Janna Build Guide by Scream Jester

Cloudburst Disturbance (support with bite)*still in progress

Cloudburst Disturbance (support with bite)*still in progress

Updated on October 25, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Scream Jester Build Guide By Scream Jester 4,969 Views 3 Comments
4,969 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Scream Jester Janna Build Guide By Scream Jester Updated on October 25, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Clarity


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



WE all know support is important, that being said its not always fun to hang back and help your team stay alive rather than deal out some sweeet -_- kills. My guide will have you blowing things into the air,(pun intended) and at the same time throwing down some sick heals and life saving shields. Before we start what is a support's job?
1.your main goal is mainly crowd controll (keep the creep away from your peep)
2.prevent/lessen the damage your team takes (i got the grab the meal)
3.heal those wounds all nice and tidy (im missing my leg...walk it off)
4.being fast, how can you help if your not there in time(insert witty comment)
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This is for the most part my main choice for a squishy champ like janna. the reason being is your either going to play solo-mid early game or support bottom in which both cases being able to take the little extra bit of damage might be the diffrence between first blood and first kill.

I feel like its pretty straight forward on why to pick these. Just for those out there who want to know heres why, you+charging Alister=dead.

Now at first i was a little sketchy about this but i feel like its worth putting in heres why. At lv 1 this will add 10.71 ap to your starting amount, this is good because if you are going straiht for a shield you can have the one extra hit on the off chance which can make a huge diffrence,also one the offensive side this can be the little extra punch needed to kill annie who would normaly trot off into the fog with 5-15 ho left.*twitch*

Again i feel this is straight forward for any support. being you are weak early on this little bit of bonus gold helps you sustain an early cash flow for better items much quicker.

on a side note this is just my build i dont have enough ip to try all possible combos, however i feel like these will get the job done.
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- these are chosen in almost every mage build/support.Quicker cooldown more starting ap sounds good and when u throw in a better ignite spell or ghost for the close moment make these pretty swell choices.

- these are chosen to get the biggest bang for your buck, you may think the slight bonuses dont do much but in the end it can add up.

-Every ap users wet dream is right here,these were chosen to once again add some more raw power to our ap every little bit adds up.

- for utility i chose these because having extra mana rocks at lv 4 u have +72 thats enough to cast that extra spell that could have saved your team mate or killed the opponent, and of course we cant have more mana without more regen to help keep us running on full. Finaly i use clarity to help my team in 3v3 and up battles so having it restore that extra 20% realy makes a diffrence.

-these final 2 i chose for the reason that being janna everyone gets a speed boost so why not go even faster,and while im running to save the day il earn some free gold FTW.
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Starting Items
Or : I normaly chose mana manipulator over the ring because as a support your normaly close to another teammate so both of you having increased mana regen helps alot early game not to mention it will lower the cost of your soul shroud,However a Doran's ring will help you live longer in your lane. it all depends on personal pref

Cash Flow
kage's lucky pick And : These are Very important items. these will make your ap higher and add a much needed hp boost not to mention as a support your champion kills are limited so gaining every extra little bit for doing nothing is crucial to keeping up on gear having these will not only add some weight to you coin pouch but both will help lower the cost of items higher up in the build(tome and locket)

Can't Touch This
: Its about that time we pick our feet up. being at the right spot at the right time is everything,nuff said buy some boots.

Time to bring the Excess
philosopher's stone : oh ya baby that just happend i fully healed you and one shotted that whole wave of minions. *special thanks to corruptsoul * i now get a philosophers stone to make shurelyas cheaper as well as get rabadon quicker.getting rabadon makes everything so much better, you will hit much harder with your spells,your shield is now upgraded from careful il break to big boy and your heal is now compitent woooooooo! most people will get the needlessly large rod first for the bigger bonus and get the big spending out of the way.

Hit Em Where It Hurts
Or : i choose the sorcerer's because now that im rocking some ap i can very easily poke the enemies and having my damage hit that much harder is a bonus, on the other hand if your focusing more on a burst shield and whirlwind the ionian may be better. again down to person pref but keep in mind the max cooldown % is 40% and this build has other cooldown items

Part Of Ze Team
or emblem of valor : i chose this over stupid amounts of ap because having this will again boost that much needed hp up again and since were support it benefits everyone close to us will cooldown and mana gain in a nutshell your a mobile blue buff. Convienently it will be easier to buy thanks to our mana manipulator. on the other hand you could sell the mana manipulator and buy the emblem for hp regen instead of mana and will help u survive melee encounters with armor as a bonus it will also make your locket cheaper.

In it To Win It
or : Which ever you choose will be cheaper thanks to our kages pick so if you want to stay more support and bursty get the tome for more ap and that oh so sweet cool down with a reduced healing debuff active ability. if your feeling more aggressive grab the dethfire for slightly more ap and the active ability for damage.

So Much Money
: if you chose the heart of gold or the emblem this bad boy will be cheaper. as a final item i chose this mainly for the extra hp and armor to help me survive my oppenents full build, the cool thing about this is the shield active ability i for the most part forget to activate it but it has helped. if you bought this someone is going to win or lose very soon.

The End?
or : If at the end of this build you still feel the need to have more ap grab this baby up, late game having +500 hp is sweet or get the shurelya's and get it cheaper because of the philosophers stone. i recommend getting shurelya's because it has some nice sustain stats, by this i mean you will have more cooldowns=more damage or heals also get hp regen and your nearby party members will get a movement buff to help chase down those lv 18 champs
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Scream Jester
Scream Jester Janna Guide
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Cloudburst Disturbance (support with bite)*still in progress

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