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Master Yi Team Guide by InvalidApple

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author InvalidApple

Comeback and Great End Game Yi

InvalidApple Last updated on February 27, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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The Way Comeback Yi Works

When you are losing play defense until you can build up money and buy the majority of the items in the build. Use ghost and exhaust to hunt down enemies when they try to run. You only have to use one if you are far enough from their closest tower but if they are close you might consider using both exhaust and ghost. I usually play the poke game using alpha strike but only in safe circumstances. I have had a fair amount of comebacks using this build. For comebacks it will require much help from your team when playing D. The skills may look a bit weird for anyone who believes that meditation is very essential but in this build the best way to work is to build up as much power as possible. When you get the second phantom dancer is usually when you can solo lanes and destroy the enemy towers but be careful. No matter how powerful you may be no one is invincible when it comes to ganking. I mostly made this in hope for feedback on how to improve. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: I am not currently level 30 and I can not determine that the mastery and runes are perfect for this build but I believe they are and hope that those of you planning to use this build agree. I hope you enjoy this build.

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This is a primarily AD Master Yi because I believe that AD Master Yi's are much better at dishing out damage on one target at a time and this takes advantage of his ultimate by allowing him to use it to help power down multiple enemies. While this Yi is meant to be very powerful he will not acquire most of his power until you have got about five sixths of his items because his items are obviously a power source for this build. He will be good at destroying lanes once you build up those items listed above and keep in mind some of the useful tips you may find below. Remember that for this build to work you must build up the money and the items which is why this is a great end game build because it becomes overwhelming at the very end of the game.

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My Item selection is based on the priority of the stats I believe Master Yi should be focused on.

Attack Damage and Attack Speed

  • I believe you should start stacking the attack speed to balance at the beginning the extra damage you will be receiving by upgrading Wuju Blade at and earlier level.
  • The Attack Damage is important in this build for obvious reasons but it's better to start stacking it towards then end because if you stacked it in the beginning Yi would have high damage but no attack speed and be more reliant on his ultimate than he already is.

Life Steal and Critical Strike
    Life Steal is of course important in this build because it allows you to drain health while dealing high amounts of damage making you a hard target to kill while dealing damage and killing enemy heroes.
    Critical Strike is a good addition for Yi because on top of letting him do more damage more often he will also be absorbing more health make him all that much harder to kill for the enemy.

Ability Power and Spell Vamp
    Ability Power is a useful side stat for Master Yi in my opinion. It gives a small amount of help to Alpha Strike and allows Meditate to heal a significant amount more than it did before. This allows meditate to be used to heal while grabbing the attention of enemies allowing teammates time to run away or show up and help you kill the enemies.
    The spell vamp is a minor but useful addition to Yi because you can use it to drain life from minions while pushing lanes or from heroes when facing multiple opponents.

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Skill Sequence

The Skill Sequence goes hand in hand with the Item Sequence and is very crucial to this build.

Alpha Strike
Alpha Strike is your secondary ability in this build because it is more important to get the extra attack damage from Wuju Blade before you worry about anything else. Alpha Strike will be mostly used as a teleport rather than a crucial move for high damage.

Meditation is the least of your worries in this build because the other skills are required to make Yi more of a force to be reckoned with earlier on since he will not be at his full potential until end game.

Wuju Blade
This is very important to start with because since you will be getting your attack speed items mostly at the beginning of the game you want to balance the damage by upgrading Wuju Blade as early as possible.

Since Yi is obviously quite dependent on his ultimate this stat will be upgraded every time it is possible being levels six, eleven, and sixteen.

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Summoner Spells

These summoner spells are just my personal favorites there are actually many alternates that will work with this build fairly well.

Ghost is a strong ability in my mind because it can stack with Highlander and allows you to catch up with your opponent faster than Yi normally could which means that Master Yi will be landing many more hits on a target attempting to run away from him. And in desperate times Ghost can also be used as a getaway mechanism.

Exhaust is another strong ability for me because I can use it in the same ways that I can use Ghost which basically means I have two Ghosts which allows me to use it twice so to speak equaling more kills.

Other Summoner Spells

Obviously, Flash is good for Yi as it is most characters. It is a great getaway mechanism and it can also be used to jump walls for surprise attacks or even used to jump a wall and stop an enemy from fleeing a teammate.

Smite is a very good summoner spell for those Yi's that just love to jungle. If you are that Yi you will want to make Alpha Strike your primary skill and Wuju Blade your secondary and then you will want to balance the item sequence by switching back and forth between items for attack damage and items for attack speed.

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My Runes selection may seem a little bit odd when it comes to the Seals and Glyphs but I have good reasoning behind it.

It's obvious that Yi needs to do as much damage as possible and since his build has no room for armor penetration his runes and mastery have to make up for that secondary stat.

I know it seems a bit odd to give Yi extra armor per level instead of just armor runes themselves but my theory is that if we give Yi armor per level than that will make him all that much stronger at the end of the game which is what this Yi build was made for.

The same applies for the magic resist per level as does for the armor per level. It just makes Yi more of a force to be reckoned with when it comes down to the final line at the end of the game.

This is just like the marks in the sense that you are trying to make up for the armor penetration in the item sequence by stacking the armor penetration through the runes.

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Unique Skills

This build is meant to harness the powers of Yi over the course of the game allowing him to power down the strongest of enemy heroes whenever it comes down to the final stand at the end of the game. You must be able to get the gold and obtain the items before you can completely dominate the enemy team at the end of the game.

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When playing Comeback Yi it is crucial to build money because the items are what make the build so powerful. To obtain this money you should consider a few things to make money as fast as possible. For one, on the mastery you could replace the 1% spell vamp with an extra .5 gold every 10 seconds. Another option, you could try to get an item or two that increases the amount of money you get. You can also get Wriggle's Lantern and use it for the extra chance of dealing high damage to bots allowing you to obtain more money. Finally, you can jungle to make up for any money you are still lacking to obtain the items that you need to get to make your Master Yi into a Comeback Yi.

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Pros / Cons

This Yi has High damage and can nearly single-handedly begin a comeback for his team by pushing lanes and destroying towers. When in threat of enemy champions it will still be generally easy to kill them but depending on their numbers I would still recommend help. You could possibly take one squishy and a tank but I am uncertain of the actual capabilities of being ganked.

The most obvious con to such a high damage and champion destroyer build is Thornmail. Thornmail can be fairly easy countered but it comes at a price of some of the major and medium stats for this build. You can buy a Force of Nature and get rid of your Hextech Gunblade and in my opinion it reduces Thornmail's effects by a significant amount and provide health regeneration to help make up for the lack of life steal and the damage that is still taken from the Thornmail.

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Useful Ideas

Since many people you encounter run away from Master Yi in a one on one battle it would be a good idea to get the speed buff when playing 3v3 and you be able to catch up to the enemy faster which just like ghost and exhaust allows you to land more hits keeping your enemy from getting away. Another great idea is getting the mana buff in 5v5 because while its cooldown reduction isn't as important as the outrageous mana regeneration it helps and then having all that mana allows you to kill multiple people and use your ultimate with less care knowing the mana and cooldown will be made up much quicker.

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Team Work

Some good ideas for your team when playing Comeback Yi is to have them distract the enemies once you have acquired most of your items this will allow you to dominate a lane without the pressures of enemies around. While I am not a strong supporter of ganking myself, I still suggest that one consider it when attempting to make up the money they need to get the items to make Comeback Yi.


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