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Mordekaiser Build Guide by Dscheksn

Competetive Mordekaiser - Ranked and Normal you win!

Competetive Mordekaiser - Ranked and Normal you win!

Updated on April 18, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dscheksn Build Guide By Dscheksn 5,506 Views 3 Comments
5,506 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Dscheksn Mordekaiser Build Guide By Dscheksn Updated on April 18, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Guidehistory - Updates

17.04.2012: Guide is online for the first time and beeing written and improved.
18.04.2012: Fast Itemsequence added.
SPACE Started to explain my items.
SPACE If anyone knows how to link the unlinked items pls tell me
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Fast guide - no trash - short and effective

This is my first guide.
I try to show you my idea of winning just by having a Mordekaiser.
The main idea is getting farmed early to have an Level and Goldadvantage.

Important before getting started

At first you need to know what makes a victory in League of Legends to understand this guide.

- Players knowledge
- Gold you have farmed
- Champions lvl

These are the most important points of beeing stronger than your enemy
All other points like Items or Masteries or Runes will just improve to get this.

So why am i telling you this?

I am telling you this because you need to have all this points to succed.
You need to know your enemy.
You need to farm as much gold as possible.
You need to know how to evade damage, ganks and when to strike!

Knowing how to manage this points this guide will make you invinceable.
You will run through any lane to any champion with only one problem.
"Do i kill this one or do i ignore him and feel cool"

Follow this guide step by step and you will see that this is the most easy way of getting farmed.

So every game starts at 0:00 or better with the itemchoice and thats where my guide starts beeing so much different from every other guide here......
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Item sequence - Short and easy to remember.

  • : Buy until you dont have money anymore.
  • : You dont kill yourself anymore using spells.
  • : Magicpen for more damage + mobility.
  • : Armor + Abilitypower = Perfect
  • : More Armor/Magicresist and beeing unkillable sounds nice.
  • : Ultimative damage and defense boost. BUY!
  • : Helps a lot in teamfight. More tanky. Get it!
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Item Explanation

So here are the keypoints of every guide and also of mine. Especially of my guide.
This is the key to victory and i will explain you why.

First thing to do:

Buy 13 x

"Loo0ool what a noob" "Mordekaiser troll?" "Report Mordekaiser" "Mordekaiser wtf?!?" "Fu Morde sucker"

I got flamed by randoms by friends by friendly players and even some enemys commented when they saw me running to my lane with 13

I dominated mid lane.
I dominated top lane.
I even dominated bot lane vs ad carrys.


Our E spell is our main damage resource but it sucks early: It does poor damage and brings us lowlife.

- We need to stay in lane as long as possible because our E will do more and more damage.

Why should you buy Healpots instead of an item?

With 13 Healpots


Without 13 Healpots

- We have 13 x 150 = 1950 Life. SPACE SPACE SPACE SPACE - Enemies that can harras you will just make you go back to base early
- Stay at full hp to survive ganks SPACE SPACE SPACE - There you dont get any gold or experience
- Stay in lane for high CS and Leveladvantage. SPACE - No gold = lowbob
[nextcol] - You anyway buy about 8 Healpots during every game. Why won´t you buy them at beginning?

If you are laning against a Champion with Mana

this strategy will just make you rofl at him.
Lets take Cassio as our enemy on midlane.
Many guides say Cassiopaia is a hard counter to Mordekaiser.
Well she is. For people not knowing how to play him.
Is an Cassiopaia without mana also a hard counter? No she isnt!! :D
You will regenerate more life than she regenerates mana!
You will regenerate more life than any mana Champion regenerates mana!
Just get hit sometimes by abilities and throw in your healpots.

If you are not laning against a Mana Champion?

Hit him as often as you can with your E.
He will drop lowlife until Lvl 6 while you just keep using hpots if he hits you.
He has to go back to Base.
If he doesnt.
KILL HIM with your R+E Combo.

When going back for first time you have to buy this.

+ 2 x or even
If you have to return before you can buy this you either have an insane enemy or you are just doing bad. But you can still manage to win.

If you doing really good instant buy this item here.

By having this you will notice yourself doing tons of damage while not loosing life anymore.

That Magicpenetration is really noticable and you will do even more damage on your enemies.
You also get some mobility. This has to be your second item.

We have enough damage for now and want to survive longer.
This gives you Armor + Magicdamage + 2 seconds of immunity. Just perfect.

Its essential to get tank items with Mordekaiser because your shield stays longer!

You have your ultimate that gives you health back and even keeps healing you.
We have enough damage to charge our shield to absorb much damage.
We got our Zhonia´s to survive any dots and or evade skillshots etc etc.
This item lets you go hardly aggressive without dieing.
People will just not fokus you or if they do your team will have sooo much time to kill them.
Now you deal a lot of damage while people will mostly just try to ignore you and start to cry.

We have enough Armor to tank some AD-Damage
We have some Magicresistence to tank some AP-Damage.
We cant die if we dont walk into the enemy team like a stupid troll.
Its time to make the enemies fear you.
Its time for

This item will push your damage so strong.
Your shield will charge faster, better, stronger. You will deal ridiculous damage.

Last Item

Its your choice what to pick. Its like i didnt find the perfect 6. Item for now.
You could go for Rilais but i personally think you dont need it.
We have enough defense and damage. You dont really need the slow it gives you because you can easily finish people if they come to you with your R + Ignite + E Combo and if they dont you just keep farming.

[sizte=50] Randuin's Omen[/size]
I found out for myself that picking

will help a lot in teamfights and thats what should be your priority. Keep your team alive.
This Item if used correctly can change games as well as your Ultimate does.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dscheksn
Dscheksn Mordekaiser Guide
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Competetive Mordekaiser - Ranked and Normal you win!

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