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Vladimir Build Guide by Felichi

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Felichi

Cool Down Vladmir

Felichi Last updated on June 13, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Vladmir is one of the best solo champion in Lol.

He has a very high lane sustainability and can do LOTS of damage.

I will be showing how I build up my vladmir.

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Health Quintessence is for the early game advantage because of the extra 72 hp.
That might seem very little but it can save you from first blood or early game

Magic Pen Mark is THE BEST marks for vladimir because it will help you do more burst damage

Greater Seal of Vitality Health Per Level Seal is for more hp late game and to get the extra ap from his passive

Last but not least Cool Down Glyph. This is an important rune for vladimir because with 9 cool down glyph you will have 6 % cool down reduction.

Cool Down boots + Spirit Visage + Masteries + Cool Down Glyph = Max Cool Down Reduction (40%)

With 40% Cool Down Reduction you will be able to spam your Q and E

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Start of with boots and 3 health pot to stay in your lane longer.

You will need to rush Hextech Revolver for the 20 % spell vamp.
This item is THE best item for vlad because it will heal you more with your Q

Spirit Visage is for the 10 % Cool Down Reduction and for the health and magic resist for alittle bit of defense.

Also you will always need a Deathcap for the extremely high ap

Hourglass will give you AP and Armor which is great against ad and during a team fight when your about to die, use Zonyas hourglasses active which makes you invincible but not able to move for 2 seconds.

Void Staff is for the ap and the magic penentration so you can do more damage to the opponent

Guardian angel will help you just incase your W or Hourglass is on cooldown it will revive you back to life.

If it goes into late game you will be able to make your Hextech Revolver into a Will of the Ancients

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Skill Sequence

Passive Crimson Pact

Every 40 Bonus hp gives 1 ap
Every 1 Ap gives 1.8 hp
This passive will give you ALOT of Hp.
By following this guide you will have about 500 Ap
This means that 500*1.8= 900 It will give you 900 hp for FREE!

Your Q is your bread and butter skill. You will always need to max Q first.

Transfusion will give you ALOT of hp if you have hextech revolver.
It is very good to harass enemy and you will gain hp.

Sanguine Pool is the skill that makes vlad hard to kill.

    You can use it to tower dive. After killing your enemy next to there turret, you use your W and the turret will stop attacking you.
    Dodge skill shots and Ults from champions like
Ezreal, Ashe, Caitlyn, Nunu, Katarina, Karthus, Miss Fortune, Sona, Lux, Kennen and many more !

You will only need 1 point on W first. After maxing out Q max out your E then start putting points into W.

Tides of Blood will cost you very little hp and will do alot of damage. And the good part is that your E is an Aoe

Your ultimate Hemoplague is a little bit similar to ignite. After casting your ultimate to a location every enemey in that location will receive damage 5 seconds after casting that spell.

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Summoner Spells

I use Ignite and Flash for my summoner spells.

Ignite will help you get a kill to enemy champions who are running away or use it when you are 1v1ing.

Flash will help you escape from enemies when you are low on hp.
*note flashing over walls are more effective then flashing further away from enemy champions when you are running away from them.

Another possible summoner spells will be ghost or .

Ghost will increase ALOT of movement speed which will allow you to run away from enemy champions.

Exhaust will slow any enemy champion but you already have your W which slows down your enemy.

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To get a kill 1v1 Q + E + W + Q + R + Ignite = You have slain an enemy

For Chasing enemies W + Q + + = You have slain an enemy

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Team Work

During a Teamfight use your ult at a place where there is the most people around it.

Also when you see someone getting away, use your W to slow them and let your teammates kill that enemy champion.

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This is how I play my vladimir.
Follow this guide and you will get a decent score using vladimir

Thumbs up and feel free to leave comments :)