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Zilean Build Guide by Ben or Jack

Cool Zilean !?

Cool Zilean !?

Updated on February 9, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ben or Jack Build Guide By Ben or Jack 4,873 Views 3 Comments
4,873 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ben or Jack Zilean Build Guide By Ben or Jack Updated on February 9, 2012
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Zilean
  • LoL Champion: Zilean


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Before I start


This guide isn't for supportive purpose, it's only for the brave and strong-hearted to use 'cause if you don't know how and when to use his skills, you will end up dead.

Death is awaiting for you ahead ? Don't fret ! For you have Chronoshift ! (Of course, don't give them a free kill by walking into 5 enemies, 'cause what will happen is... You use ulti, die once, revive, die again) Of course, if you get Guardian Angel, you will Revive twice ! (Unless it's on cd, of course...)
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This is my first guide, and I appreciate any comment or feedback.

This is not the best guide, for there is no best guide !
Guides are just to kick start players !
So don't rely too much on guide and train more, as you become more experienced, you will make your own build that suits yourself.

Spell Vamp, Spell Vamp not ?
Take Spell Vamp if you want, since Time Bomb's damage is so high.
Take it only if you know what you're doing, if not then you're wasting your gold and slot !
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Why Zilean ?

Zilean's Heightened Learning is for the whole team ! It's good during early/mid game, it doesn't really matter in late game since 18 is the max level.

With both Twisted Fate and Zilean on your team, with Loaded Dice and Heightened Learning, your team will gain more gold and experience than the other team, thus giving your team the advantage over the other !

Zilean's Chronoshift just rocks, it can Revive anyone, ok maybe not anyone, just one of your ally/yourself. :P

I have to say, his Time Bomb is really really pain, and it can hit multiple targets !

Why do I bulid on AP instead of Effect Aura ?
Because... You want to kick some butt ! BOOM BOOM POW !
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Pros / Cons


+Bonus exp for your whole team
+Easy Harass
+Easy First Blood
+Good Ganker ( Time Bomb is aoe dmg)
+Great movement speed buff/debuff Time Warp
+A walking Guardian Angel (with Chronoshift)
+Solo quite well
+Can win in certain 1v2


-Team Dependent
-Use up mana rather quickly if not used wisely
-Useless without mana (except for luring purpose)
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Summoner Spells

Clarity if you don't know how to preserve your mana.
Ignite for harassment/kill/assist.
Exhaust for harassment/kill/assist.
Flash for the mobility ! You can chase/escape with it easily (okay, maybe not that easy)
Ghost if you want to be a ghost. :\
Teleport because I say so ! Haha, just kidding, it's good for Attacking/Defending/Ganking. Hint : You can Teleport to sight ward, Vision Ward and likes. (Teemo's Noxious Trap, heimerdinger's H-28G Evolution Turret, creeps)

I prefer Ignite and Teleport for first blood and to get to team fight/ganking ASAP.
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Skill Sequence

Lv 1 get Time Bomb
Lv 2 get Rewind (Get Time Warp if you have a good laning partner)
Lv 3 onwards depend on you but just max Time Bomb ASAP !

Time Warp is good, but I like the combo of Bomb + Rewind + Bomb. The first bomb will explode as soon as you placed the second bomb on the same person.

Time Bomb > Rewind > Time Bomb


Use Chronoshift ONLY WHEN you know you/your ally will die, if not you will only waste your mana and ulti. (but don't wait until it's too late, a skillful player knows when to use it and when not to by judging the situation correctly)
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Lv 1, get a lane partner, go side lane, hide in bush (the one nearer to your enemy will be better)... and wait for your enemy to arrive~

(You can take mid if you want, but do take note that you're not the best mid champion)

When your enemies arrive, Time Bomb on the paper-est enemy ! Ignite ! Keep whacking ! CD finish ? Time Bomb ! Then in the best scenario, one of them should be dead ! (that is if you have good lane partner) If not, then one of them should have backed, unless you really have a bad lane partner.

Don't waste your mana by using Time Bomb on creeps, use them to harass as much as possible. (You can use Time Bomb on both your creeps and theirs to harass them)

When you're Lv 2... If you add Rewind, remember to have at least 190 mana if you want to use Rewind if not you're just wasting your 50 mana.

I feel that there's only one combo for Zilean, Time Warp > Time Bomb > Rewind > Time Warp > Time Bomb

If you have much CDR, keep doing that ! (Highly Recommended if you wanna go for a kill but don't get yourself killed !)
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I would recommend buying the items that I have listed, in whichever sequence you want. In other words, choose from my list. :x

Okay, you can get some other items if you want, haha, I just prefer it to be like that. :x

Sorcerer's Shoes or Ionian Boots of Lucidity ? Take your pick ! I prefer Ionian Boots of Lucidity's CDR though.

Get either Shurelya's Battlesong or Soul Shroud or both if you want.

Depending on the situation, you may choose to upgrade your Fiendish Codex to either Morello's Evil Tome or Deathfire Grasp.
I prefer to upgrade to Deathfire Grasp, as it's useful to get rid of those HP tanker on the opposite team.

Let's compare Deathfire Grasp and Morello's Evil Tome.

60 AP, 10 Mana Regen, CDR 15%, 30% Health Dmg (+3.5%/100AP) 2610


75 AP, 12 Mana Regen, CDR 20%

Deathfire Grasp certainly lose Morello's Evil Tome by 260 extra gold, less 15 AP, 2 Mana Regen and 5% CDR. But it's good for it's 30% Health Dmg (+3.5%/100AP) in some cases.

If the other team chooses all squishy champions, then don't bother buying Deathfire Grasp, it's just a waste of slot and gold !
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Early - Harass / Try kill
Mid - Push / Gank / Team Fight (Your Bomb combo is very good at clearing creeps ! But watch your mana !)
Late - Don't Drag ! End ASAP !

Conserve your mana and spam your skills wisely.
Ignite whenever there's a chance.
Teleport to wards/creep/ally stuff and start ganking or backdooring.

Use Chronoshift ONLY WHEN you know you/your ally will die, if not you will only waste your mana and ulti. (but don't wait until it's too late, a skillful player knows when to use it and when not to by judging the situation correctly)

Just keep training and playing and you should get the hang of Zilean, the Time Keeper ! (Dont you think that Time Keeper suits him more rather than Chronokeeper ?)

You're not like Vladimir ! Get mana regen items 'cause you will keep using your skills !
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For those that don't know this... You can cast skill on yourself but pressing ALT + Q/W/E/R
It's a very useful hotkey if you wanna cast Time Warp or Chronoshift on yourself !
Just ALT + Time Warp and ALT + Chronoshift

Time Warp is a very good skill if you know how to use it well.
You can Time Warp ally then Rewind and Time Warp yourself to travel much faster or in some cases avoid Death itself !
You can also Time Warp on the enemy while running away from/chasing after him and use it again on yourself/alley to chase or run away !

You don't need to ALT + Rewind to use it on yourself.

And careful not to ALT + Time Bomb unless intended. (:
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