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Corki Build Guide by Redsundark



Updated on December 4, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Redsundark Build Guide By Redsundark 18 6 39,872 Views 12 Comments
18 6 39,872 Views 12 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Redsundark Corki Build Guide By Redsundark Updated on December 4, 2020
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Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
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Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter


LoL Summoner Spell: Chilling Smite

Chilling Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Champion Build Guide


By Redsundark
Alright So i will say this much to begin with ALso calling it JGL Highway because you can use the Jungle and river as your Freeway to get to lanes and Gank people lol

(This is the Best Performance Corki Jgl with my build in my hands was able to offer witch i don't think was to bad But Still don't Recommend lol but is fun to play and do if you wana try something for fun
Here is the Link to my: )

(ALSO IM A SUPPORT MAIN IM NOT A JGL EXPERT BY ANY MEANS I MADE THIS GUIDE AS A FUN WAY TO PLAY HIM AND I HARDLY EVER PLAY HIM SO) but please let me know what you think of this Set up and if you gave it a shot please thank you took me a bit to work it all out and test play it, thank you for your time

But I wont say its not fun and that its not impossible its actually not to bad so lets go over every thing we need to know

STARTING Jungle High Way:
Starting Items you want the blue Knife and Start with your E
First your going to need to take Blue camp as your start cause you do use Mana
Then after you clear Blue Camp you will become lvl 2 put a point into your W Next.
then go straight over to your red Start the fight with 2 Auto Attacks then W Right over him Causing him to take more Damage then E to finish him off. From here head straight to enemy Blue Camp across from you to ward it safely and or combat it if he is low and trying to take it, if it is to hard to do this stick around for Scuttle to show up at the 3:15 Mark. take it next then Go back and take you money and start to buy into you Mythic Item.

Farm as Much as you Can:
from this point Moving forward clearing camps should not be to bad for you just be sure you always do the 2 auto attacks then W over Single Target camps then E them for best clear
for Multi Creature Camps you want to E while Auto attacking the Big Monster then W over them then E them again.

Ability Under Standing:
You may already know this if you play corki so just a quick run down
Your E will help shred their armor Down for you and you can Auto Attack while doing your E.
Your W has Many uses you can use it to Engage on some one as a Dash or run away from Bad fights (its not very far but can help a tiny bit i feel combined with flash) Another thing you can use it for is flying over enemy's with it and as long as there standing or walking in the trail you left they will take damage per second so
Also your Ult is nice To shoot them Down with your 7th Shot is your Best shot if you can time it.
Q isnt the best for Damage unless maybe you go AP corki but thats not this build so it can be used to poke at enemy's or used on bushes to help see if any one is in them or invisable if you think some one is there

So this Actually isnt To bad to do is you see a lane needs help or the enemy is Low you should be able to Go in there and hep combat them you can do one of a few things.
1. come from the river W to Dash your self in there press E and Start auto Attacking them and Q when you can if they are getting out of Range. it ok if they get away dont wana die trying to chase them Down.
2. i feel is the best opotion if able to is to Wait for them to push up a bit come in from behind them and E them and W over them for them to take burn Damage just Auto them Down and E as much as you can And if you Have ult is will help As well to keep shooting at them.

Later on:
I Wana Say that After your 2nd or 3rd item you could start fighting on your own 1v1 against certain champions on your own but avoid Beefy guys unless your defending the tower and poking them out or you know your going to get help but with your runes and items shouldn't be to bad.
So Another combat trick you can always Do with him to 1v1 is when you Get your package from base every 4 mins you can go Down a lane or where ever you see a target you can get rush down to that area Use your W To go right over the enemy it will push them to the side and damage them and bring you right to them and then Use your E and Auto them Down and then W over them any chance you can to help Burn them as your fighting them worked on most squishy champions I've caught out and is kind of fun
other wise play Safe and Engage on them when your ready to take them down

Team fights:
So here you can do a lot of things.
1. you can sit in the back line Shooting your Ult Missiles while your team takes the front line and doing your Q when you can and if some one gets to close you can E them to bring down there armor for your team as your auto attacking them.
2. you could be in the front line Using your E a lot to bring there armor down you might die a lot from doing this but Providing Utility to your team is always nice

Jungle fights:
So thinking about all the champions you could fight in there the last people you want to Deal with is Warwick or Jax or any tanks Mostly engage type Champions you will not win them and will be hard to fight them early on its safer to W to get away and or Flash over walls and just Safely Farm to get to your items as quickly as possible as i said already you do better when you can help a teammate and or later on take people down on your own

To be completely Honest i thought this would be like a Way worse Jungle Choice then i had intended it to be its actually not to bad if played right camps are not hard for you after the starting phase and just Feels good to Go in on some one with your package W and kill them and to gank some one gunning them down with your autos again i do not Recommend play as in the Jungle but if you just want to have some fun and show off making it work this is things I've come up with to make it happen
CORKI Jungle Spells
So Being The Jungler in this Case Summoner spells choices may limited to these

Chilling Smite: because it would be Helpful very later on when trying to hunt down your prey

Flash: to get out of Trouble and to Engage as needed

(Side note: if you wanted to take like Heal to help you gain some speed or heal during combat as a small boost could be nice or if you Take ignite if your comfortable doing this build in a fight other wise stick to flash cause more likely then not you will be running if they invade you )
So lets Go over My items Picks for this build and get into why i think each one is a good pick I do have some Alternate ideas in mind but we just going to stick to this set up as I feel it works out best.

HailBlade : I take this item cause i as a jungler plus will turn into Chilling Smite to help me in the Later Game as needed to help slow Down My Enemy I'm hunting and or trying to get away

Refillable Potion: It Helps me get my potions back when i go back to base i don't see why not to take them to be honest

going back tot his item because i did the math wrong but this will still give us the attack speed we need as well as keeping us on track for 100% Crit and every 3rd auto attack we get bonus Damage so not bad and so on many benefits i feel in keeping this one here

Essence Reaver :
So this should be your 2nd after your Mythic has alot of good stuff for you for what you will be doing will provide Mana Recovery just incase
2. it will ad 50 Ad and 20% more Crit For you
3. plus after using any of your Ability's will make your next attack Do 100% base attack plus 40% bonus AD
So at this point your Crit will be at 40% total

Again this is the next best item you can Go with i feel Now that they Gave it the 20% Crit plus now you will gain the life Steal and then the 55 AD, Really though if it wasn't for the 20% Crit on here id Go Ruined King just for the ability to Fight tanks more and % damage but because of us trying to go Crit this will work best and will now put you at 60% Crit by now but Also because of Your mythic item your Gaining Slight Attack Speed for every legendary finished

Rapid Firecannon: *updated*
while your moving or basic attacking (witch you will always be doing any way) you get energize stacks up to 100 then your Next basic attack deals 120 magic damage on hit and here is the best part energized attacks increase your attack range by 35% and this will Happen Very Often i would a Assume and with your E shredding them down makes hitting them hard even better and with that increased range might make it even harder to get away from you since you have a Dash with your W to catch them as well so

Infinity Edge:*updated*
So Infinity Edge We want to build this last i feel because it will finish off your Crit to 100% also will Give you a boost in Crit damage over all and since this is a crit like build it is very key to have just Not early on we did have another item but felt like this was the better way to go since the focus on Crit was very heavy

Boots: Prefer to Go Sorcerers Shoes just because it will help with your Magic penetration since your passive States that 80% of your AD when basic Attacking is Converted into Magic Damage will get threw their Defenses and your other Choice would be Berserker Greaves to increase your Attack Speed but not sure how much you will need this considering your Mythic passively gives you Atk Speed for Every Legendary item you have
His passive i Feel is amazing converting your Ad into Magic damage Makes him Feel underestimated also his passive gives you a package to carry around every 4mins you do have to pick it up at base only down side but once you do gives you movement speed and turns your W into a Awesome Sauce Bomber thing with long range i think its very nice

So in this Case i would Say always Start your E then Go into W cause what ive learned is its the best combo to do to the jungle camps.
1.with Red Buff, Blue buff, the Frog and the Scuttle you would Auto Attack 2 times first then W over them when you do it leaves a Trail that will burn them for damage per sec then turn around and face them with your E as your auto attacking best way to clear these ones
2. With Wolfs, Raptors, and Krugs/Rocks you want to Start off attacking them with your E to since it will hit all of them while auto attacking then do your W then do E again when its ready be sure when attacking these camps that you attack the big ones first with your autos but that's how i would do it

But yeah Best things to do with corki in Jungle is to Max out E and or W i Feel when i was playing it and Ult when you can Q but i don't feel Dose much help but it can provide some tiny extra damage while clearing camps but its main use would be to like shoot the Q at bushes if you think some one is there because it Reveals them if they are their
Press The Attack:
So this works I Feel best Just because of the 3 autos thing giving you that bonus Damage but I do understand Taking like Maybe Conqueror as an alternative and if not Possibly Lethal Tempo I think it would Really just depend on like how you like to play him, I mean I would possibly even consider Hail of Blades just for increased Attack Speed. but to Me I would take press the attack as my preference.

So I feel like this is Good just because as the Game goes on you will get you Blood Thirstier and Auto attacking often with your bonus attack speed so yeah helps give you a tiny shield every now and then and i think its better then the other two options.

Well this one should be very obvious of why but its just for the Attack speed and since your the Jgler should be able to stack this up nicely from large Monsters and when you take dragon or Gank an lane and succeed
With this fully stacked out should be like 13.5% attack speed so will help out

ok So because your the Jungle you are like Seriously squishy and you wont be building tank at all in any way you are an Auto Attacker with some nice ability's so this is to help you out with dealing with Higher HP Enemy's weather your being invaded or your ganking a Lane with a Tank in it this will help you combat them at the least.

Domination as 2ndary Tree

Taste Of Blood:
This will help you in fights gain health back a tiny bit until you can get your Blood thirstier to help you be more beneficial to you cause again you need any thing you can get to help you survive other champions who might want to come fight you head on but more on that in the Combat and how to play your Jungle chapter.

Ravenous Hunter:
Again more of the Healing thing with Omni Vamp from your take downs for Survive ability and Sustain

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