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Corki Build Guide by BackyardMonsters

Corki, the Armor Ripper!

Corki, the Armor Ripper!

Updated on December 27, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BackyardMonsters Build Guide By BackyardMonsters 12,245 Views 5 Comments
12,245 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author BackyardMonsters Corki Build Guide By BackyardMonsters Updated on December 27, 2011
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Hi guys! Welcome to Corki Airlines.I'm Corki, the head pilot. I know what you're thinking, I may be short but when it comes to aircrafts no one is better than me.Please read this safety manual while i make sure everything is fired up and ready to go!
Ok, all systems are working perfectly and firearms are in tip top condition. All thats left is the strategy part. Lets work that out together!
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Pros / Cons

Psst, I'll let you know my deep dark secret.I, the almighty Corki, also have weaknesses.Shocking is it? But don't worry, my strong points make up for my weak ones so I'm completely balanced, unlike UP champions like Evelynn who will never get buffed or OP champions like Vayne who will get hit by a nerf bat by Morello.
Pros / Cons


+ Good Poker
+ Good attack animation
+ Has an escape
+ Excellent farmer
+ Amazing passive
+ Ranged champion

- Shorter range compared to other AD carries
- Skillshot ultimate
- Doesn't have any CC
- Mana hungry
- Slow!
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Summoner Spells

Hey summoner, I see you have not picked your summoner spells yet. Let me help you with that.

is generally good with almost any champion and that includes me! Its like a free get out of jail free card and can be used with my valkyie to make amazing escapes!

is actually quite good now! It now removes debuffs such as Exhaust and Ignite. When combined with Flash and Valkyrie it gets you out of most sticky situations.

is also a viable choice for me. It aids greatly in 1v1 duels and provides sustain when I'm laning. Since I already have Valkyrie for an escape, taking Heal instead of Flash will not hurt my survivability by alot.

should be taken I'm soloing top and for returning to my lane quickly minimizing the exp and gold lost.

is a decent spell for me.It picks up kills that just need that bit of extra damage.

Thats all you need to choose from, summoner! Don't worry about the rest, they're not as important as these spells are.
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21/0/9 is the way to go for me, summoner! Havoc and Executioner in the offense tree really synergies with Hextech Shrapnel Shells. Swiftness also helps with my slow speed as a small aircraft as mine needs to conserve fuel and Runic Affinity is nice for everyone :)
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Summoner, you must be thinking what runes should you pick right? Don't worry, Corki the almighty is here to aid you!I prefer these runes below.


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Ability Explanation

Now, its time for me to reveal my mighty firearms! Gaze upon their greatness! They are the best of the best and will destroy anything and everything in our path.
Ability Explanation

  • Hextech Shrapnel Shells: This is the dream passive and AD carry would want! It gives a 10% increase in my damage output which is huge when combined with Havoc and Executioner .
  • Phosphorus Bomb (Q): This is my main damage output early game. It is also useful for scouting brushes and when used together with Missile Barrage it allows you to clear the caster minions instantly.
  • Valkyrie (W): This is both my escape and my chasing skill. It consumes quite a huge chunk of my mana early on so use it carefully and never spam it.
  • Gatling Gun (E): This is what makes me a beast. It makes tanks squishy and squishys even squishier. Combined with the armor pen from my runes and Black Cleaver, i'll make sure to shred all their armor away and rip them apart!
  • Missile Barrage (R): is my ultimate and a very good poking skill. It works just like Teemo's mushrooms and Heim's turrets and it takes me 10 seconds to load up another missile.
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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence Order


Take Phosphorus Bomb at level one and max it first. It provides decent damage at level one and maxing it first will really help your farming.

Take Valkyrie at level two and max it last. Valkyrie is mainly used for the distance it covers and not for the damage.

Take Gatling Gun at level 3 and max it second. Gatling gun deals decent damage and the best part about it is the armor debuff. Generally its only useful after you get your items as early on focusing on farming is better therefore, take phophorus bomb before Gatling Gun
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  • : 25% increase in dps out put, sweet!
  • : is great for me! It provides everything i need, crit, makes me tankier, slows, movespeed and the sheen part is a bonus!
  • : pretty much core on every single ranged dps champions and I'm not an exception.
  • Blood Thirster: Heals me back up full! Pretty good for my sustain and it also provides some sweet damage.
  • : To stop that annoying lb from bursting me down.
  • : This works really well with my runes and Gatling Gun! Eats their armor up.
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In teamfights, I should generally stay back until most of the hard cc's are blown while shooting Missile Barrage at the enemy team.

Once I feel it is safe enough, enter the fight by activating your Gatling Gun and auto attacking the largest threat to my team while keeping safe. Keeping safe is my priority so I'll never overextend.
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Now that we're done, lets get on with it! I'm trembling with excitement now and I'm completely confident of victory. So summoner, brace yourself for the flight of your life!

Thanks to JhoiJhoi! Her epic guide can be found here!
Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BackyardMonsters
BackyardMonsters Corki Guide
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Corki, the Armor Ripper!

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