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Corki Build Guide by M3rryChristmas

Corki - The Legendary Mid Bomber

Corki - The Legendary Mid Bomber

Updated on November 18, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author M3rryChristmas Build Guide By M3rryChristmas 8,487 Views 8 Comments
8,487 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author M3rryChristmas Corki Build Guide By M3rryChristmas Updated on November 18, 2011
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Corki
  • LoL Champion: Corki



Hello this is my first guide on Mobafire, I want to show my guide public.
Because Corki is an amazing champion that needs a little bit skills, Iā€™m explaining it and hope you enjoy it!

I want to show your guys how to get Penta kills with Corki like the clip above ^^

Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here

Pros / Cons

+ Good farmer.
+ Normal Early/Mid game.
+ Shine Late game.
+ Can AD carry Bottom lane.
+ Can AD carry Mid.
+ Best Armor Penetration skill ingame.

- Not that best Early/Mid game.
- His Ultimate isn't that powerful.
- Need skills.
- Not the best AD carry in game(but very funny)
- You see Corki only in low Elo or Unranked games.
- Not as good range as Caitlin or Kog'maw.


I choose 21-0-9 because it's the standard AD Carry Masteries set, it's much better then 21-9-0 because the extra buff duration with 21-0-9, and 9-0-21 isn't that good as 21-0-9 because the Extra damage, you should need it^^


Summoner Spells

Flash: We need that flash for escapes, an must have
Exhaust: You should need that for late game AD carries.
Ignite: You can use it for early game kills, but it isn't that clever.

Ability Explanation

  • Hextech Shrapnel Shells: It's an good passive for the early damage and the late damage on high hp Champions like Cho'Gath, Garen, Dr. Mundo and some other champions.
  • Phosphorus Bomb (Q): It's an AOE skill that reveals the non stealty champions on the place/bush and give a little bit damage.
  • Valkyrie (W): It's an escape spell in mine opinion if Corki didn't had it he was a bit weaker.
  • Gatling Gun (E): Corki's best spell, it gives huge Armor Penetration that's what Corki need.
  • Missile Barrage (R): It's another good spell, you can farm with it or kite with it very well ;)

Ability Sequence Order

> > >

We max Missile Barrage first because It's your R spell and if you got it you can harras very well, then we get Gatling Gun because the Extra Armor Penetration, then Phosphorus Bomb and Valkyrie for the escaping.



  • : Begin item, if you have a support champ in lane.
  • : Begin item, because your go mid and with it, it's easy to dodge skills, and it is an item for your next item.
  • Berserker Greaves: It are the standard AD carry boots, you can choose Mercury Threads if you got 4-5 stuns/silences/fears in 1 game.
  • : I did discuss much over this item with other players, and I think this is 1 of the best items in game for Corki, because the extra damage and slow.
  • : It give you the early survability and the late game damage because the vamp steal and much damage.
  • : Because the speed and the extra Attack Speed and Critical Chance.
  • : The damage it give is wonderful it's all what you need.
  • : You got the choose: Last Whisper or Black Cleaver. If there is an Rammus or something else with 150+ armor (It's normal for Rammus) get Last Whisper, if they are building a little bit Armor like 30-120 armor get Black Cleaver.




You can farm easy with your Ulti or your auto-attack, If you got 200+ minions at the 25 minutes mark you have slained well ;)

In the teamfights you have to focus:

1. Support/AD Carry.
2. AP Carry.
3. The other champions.

Just use your ulti to land skill shots and use our auto-attacks, don't run in the team fight, I bet u will die ;)


I hope you enjoyed this guide. Corki Is an extremely fun champion to play, even though he is hard to get the hang of. If you have any comments, questions or queries about my guide, please don't hesitate to ask any questions.

Upvote if you liked the guide, and only downvote if you feel it is absolutely necessary. If you do downvote, please inform me of why, and perhaps I can rectify any mistakes I have made.

Good Luck with playing Corki.

- M3rryChristmas(0nlyWinNL)

Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.

Some scores with Corki

I gonna play some games and post them ^^
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League of Legends Build Guide Author M3rryChristmas
M3rryChristmas Corki Guide
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