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Twitch Build Guide by Convoy2337

Critically Acclaimed Twitch

Critically Acclaimed Twitch

Updated on December 27, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Convoy2337 Build Guide By Convoy2337 8 4 8,741 Views 8 Comments
8 4 8,741 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Convoy2337 Twitch Build Guide By Convoy2337 Updated on December 27, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



I have been playing Twitch for a while now, and I have read many different builds for this unique Champion. I have taken bits and pieces from each of these builds and have compiled them into one EXTREMELY bad *** champion build. I don't see many builds like this, and maybe I am missing something, but from my experience this setup is hard to beat. This build is heavily reliant on your crit % so unfortunately you need to be able to make an investment in runes or your just wasting your time. I feel that this guide is unique, but obviously there are many Twitch builds out there, so if this is similar to one already published I do apologize.
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you need to start with Doran's Blade this will give you an extra 100 hp right off the bat and the +10 attack damage doesn't hurt either.

The next item you need is Mobility Boots. This is the first item used for owning face!! With the speed that these boots afford you, your enemies will never know where you are.

Next up is Executioner's Calling. you will usually have this item the entire game. The 15 critical strike is nice and the 18 life steal will allow you to stay in lane longer, or get blue/red buffs with ease.

Next is B. F. Sword this is a gap filler before your next item, the extra attack damage helps to keep you in control until Infinity Edge

It is now time for your end game weapon. Infinity Edge is your bread and butter, not only does it grant you 25 critical strike and 80 attack damage, it causes your crits to hit for a whopping 250% damage. If people weren't scared of you up to this point they soon will be.

After Infinity Edge comes Zeal. I normally grab this just to give me a little bonus stat while saving for Phantom Dancer. If you are dominating without a Zeal I might suggest just pushing through to the Phantom Dancer.

Phantom Dancer affords you the ability to be almost unstoppable. with 55 attack speed and 30% critical strike squishy champions are almost instantaneously dead. Combine this with even faster movement and you will see why Twitch is a BOSS!

Phantom Dancer for your next weapon will give you 100% crit chance. this means that every time you shoot someone it does 250% of your base damage. GTFO nuff said.

End game will require some armor penetration for heavy tanks. Last Whisper fills this need well. with 40 armor penetration and 40 attack damage you will be able to do some serious damage even to those that think they are well protected.
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Summoner Spells

I have found that having Exhaust and Incinerate at the start can lead to an extremely easy gank. If you can get behind whomever is mid you can almost guarantee a kill. You have several things working for you here.

1) Most important you have an advantage in attack speed. (use Ambush properly and you get a 30% attack speed bonus)

2) As soon as the champion starts to attack you, use Exhaust , this will cause him to have very little damage output.

3) Follow that up with Incinerate and watch their HP melt away.

4) Couple all of this with a 14% crit chance from your runes and I think you will agree, it is easy to get a quick gank.
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Skill Sequence

Skill sequence is pretty straight forward. There really isn't a ton of things for twitch to do, his goal in life is to unstealth at the exact right time, burst a ****-ton of damage as fast as possible and then slink away back into the shadows.

I start with Ambush obviously. This is actually much harder to do in the early levels. Your stealth time is only 10 secs at first, so you really have to plan out how long you have to get in position without anyone seeing you.

I usually auto-attack for my first shot, then quickly use Venom Cask to slow the enemy down. This also puts another poison stack on the enemy champion. I then allow 2 more auto attacks to go through and then I use expunge. You can try to wait for more stacks if you want from your auto-attack but I find that 4 is adequate, and psychologically damning because the enemy is able to see their health quickly fading. You can do more burst damage if you allow all 6 stacks to build before you expunge but this gives the enemy champion time to start damaging you. The name of the game with twitch is to take as little damage as possible, and if you can scare someone off before you are damaged you can usually use Ambush again to re-position yourself for the kill.

NOTE: I think that Ambush is the absolute best ability twitch has. I always level this as quickly as possible even thought this goes against conventional thinking. Most people tend to level expunge because they think it does more damage. The damage output from the increased attack speed of Ambush is unmatched, and in conjunction with other skills like Spray and Pray it is one of the most OP abilities in the game. YOU SHOULD EXPLOIT THIS
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Team Work

Teamwork is the difference between a good Twitch and an INSANE Twitch. You have to play with other people that know how Twitch works. If this happens you will dominate everyone and your team will love you. If your team doesn't know how Twitch works you will probably die a lot. When this happens your idiot team mates will call you a noob and tell you to stop feeding the other team. If nothing else, you need to let your team know that you cannot take any damage. This means that you have to wait to unstealth until they are focusing on someone else. If no one else is willing to draw the enemy fire you will be completely ineffective.

I cannot stress this enough, you need to work with your team to be successful.
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In order to be successful with twitch you need to play with him a lot. His mechanics are different from any other Champion in the game. He relies heavily on stealth and crazy damage output. When played properly he is unstoppable, but if you misstep it can be hard to recover from. Don't try to over reach, especially at the beginning, Twitch does not have the luxury of armor or HP to fall back on.

Patience is key. Even if you feel like you are not being productive because you don't have a ton of kills, especially early, your enemies are feeling the same way. You need to goad them into overreaching. Once you start getting your items you will see how dominant you can become.

I am new to guide building so I am sure I have left many important things out. If you have suggestions for me please let me know and I will try to update this guide as needed. Thanks again for reading this, and good luck hunting!!!

-Convoy 2337
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Convoy2337
Convoy2337 Twitch Guide
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Critically Acclaimed Twitch

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