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Soraka Build Guide by ChrisAwesome

DAT soraka. So i herd you liek winning

By ChrisAwesome | Updated on April 4, 2012

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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Soraka
  • LoL Champion: Soraka


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Clairvoyance


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Ability Order

Change Log

*February 11. 2012 - Soraka nerf coming up in Nautilus Patch.

*February 18. 2012 - Updated build due to Patch + added new build.

**Guide still under construction**
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Well, thanks for tuning in to my soraka build and I hope you aren't looking for AD Soraka builds. If you are, good luck. I have seen great AD Sorakas out there, but I enjoy AP mega support.

If you liked this build, please give me a rating or a comment telling me what you would do different! :)

#Together To The Top
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Team 1 or Team 2?

After the nerf Soraka got in the Nautilus Patch, Infuse will not replenish mana to Soraka . Infuse will give more mana to your teammates, but it will not give you any mana back.

Team 1is an armor based option of the build, and Team 2 is Magic Resist based. If you know what your opponents are playing (AP/AD), it's easy to counter them by using one these builds. The main difference of these builds is the Magic Resist and Armor. Both have the same Mana Regen and Cooldown.
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Pros / Cons


Health replenish
Mana replenish
Good AoE
Global healing


Long healing cooldown
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Why choose these items?

In this chapter, I will tell you guys why I chose the items I did, and for what use.

Mainly for Gold per second ( Philosopher's Stone), but also Cooldown and Speed Buff (Active)

Good mana regeneration, very good Cooldown but also the extra Ability Power. This item is the most important item in the whole build. Philosopher's Stone won't give you the mana you need.

Giving you the Magic Resist needed to not die without a fight. This item also gives your allies a Magic Resist AURA which will make the enemy casters pissed off.

Giving you the possibility to block a spell heading your way. Good for the Magic Resist and giving you some health and mana while leveling up.

First of all, gold income. This items gives you health, health regen and armor. Grants you and your nearby allies a shield for 5 seconds. (Active)

Giving you armor, health regen, health and extra gold income. Slows the movement and attack speed of surrounding enemies within 500 squares. (Active)

Movement speed and some extra armor.

Movement speed and magic resist. Also giving 35 Tenacity. (Reduced CC effects)
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Playing Soraka

I play Soraka as pure support. I don't farm and kill all the minions I can. I often try laning with a carry, giving them the minions. Therefore, build gold-items as two of three first items.

Personal combos;

Soraka - Miss Fortune
Soraka - Gangplank
Soraka - Ashe
Soraka - Graves

With these combos I've experienced heavy carrying and mega win support. I advice on the strongest to try one of these!
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Early game

If you are in lane with a carry or somewhat a DPS, use your Starcall (level 1) twice to take down the minion health, and let the other player take the rest of it.

In level 3, you should have all your spells except ultimate. (ofc.) As you Starcall down the minions, keep giving your teammate necessarily mana and heal. If none of you need it, make your opponent hate you more than they already does by using your Infuse on them.

Go back to shop when you can afford Philosofer Stone and a ward (440 gold). If you stay in lane too long without your Philosofer Stone, you will lose a lot of money and fall behind.

Pro tip; If possible, buy some health pots so you dont need to heal yourself.
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Mid/Late game

As you keep building the enemies fury and hate by minion-feeding a carry, they will start taking chances to get you down. This is a good advantage. If you are getting dived while in reach of your own tower, you got double heal and a silence, as well as Starcall to deal some damage to them. If a fight breaks out, keep calm and replenish your team with health, mana or a speed buff. Shurelya's Reverie, Randuin's Omen and Locket of the Iron Solari will do great in teamfights.

The easiest way to win a game, is to always know where the enemy are. So don't be a cheap old man, buy some wards!
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Summoner Spells

I prefer using Teleport and Clairvoyance when playing Soraka. My personal advice is to ALWAYS use Teleport, because you can save many teammates while your ultimate Wish is on cooldown.

Clairvoyance - To check a possible enemy team camping in a brush, as well as map control.
Flash - Get out of sticky situations when the enemy team tries to target you.
Heal - Just because 2 heals arent enough..

Teleport - Clairvoyance


Clairvoyance - Flash
Heal - Clairvoyance
Heal - Flash
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Team Work and Team Fights

As I said earlier, Soraka isn't built on minions. She's built on assists and the gold items. Laning with a carry or an attack damage-based champion is the best. Using the Starcall to take the minions down to low health, replenishing mana and health makes Soraka one of the best supporter champion to lane with carries.

Always have map control, so you can surprise the enemy by using your Wish.


Stay behind you team and heal/silence the casters. You are not dealing damage, you are supporting you teammates.
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In this chapter, I'll explain why I use these runes.

Giving you some flat Ability Power so your abilities will do more damage. +

Magic Penetration that will make your Starcall and Infuse penetrate the enemies Magic Resist.

Some more flat Ability Power to make your abilities do more damage.

Extra mana. Due to the Nautilus Patch, more mana is certainly needed.

I use flat Ability Power, flat mana and Magic Penetration.
The reason for this is that you need some base Ability Power in the beginning. You will also need some mana due to the nerf. Magic pen. is for making your spells hit more on enemies.
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SmartCasting items

First of all, what is SmartCast on items?
Well, SmartCast is a tool used to activate items without clicking on it with your mouse. You bind the inventory slot to a key on your keyboard and everytime you press this key, the slot will activate. This can be used for items, wards and potions.

A very important thing to use as a support is smart cast on your items. When you are in the middle of an engage or fight, you need to have control on the Astral Blessing and Infuse. Therefore to help you out, SmartCast.
In this build, there are 3 items that can be activated. Shurelya's Reverie, Locket of the Iron Solari and Randuin's Omen. In the middle of a fight, it's not THAT easy to use all the items by pressing one after another.

My personal cast is using "|", "1" and "2". These are item slots 4,5 and 6.

This picture is very small but it shows the general setup of how I use my SmartCast. Shurelya's Reverie binded to |, Locket of the Iron Solari binded to 1 and Randuin's Omen binded to 2. At first, this was difficult to renember and know where to press when I wanted the different items. After a few games, it's like you've done this for years!
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First of all, Soraka is the best fullsupport champion in the game. No other champion gives mana and health. As in late game, she has double heal, just to annoy your enemies.
Playing Soraka and carry in lane, gives the enemies a huge problem, because the carry gets about all the minions, and then they fall behind.

Soraka is one of my favorite champions in the game. That's why I made this guide, to show you the ownage Soraka I know.

Please give me a rating or a comment on what you think of this guide!
Good luck out there, and renember. Wards saves lifes.