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Draven Build Guide by Mart_24

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mart_24

Deadly Draven

Mart_24 Last updated on June 26, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey, i'm Mart, and this is how I like to run Draven, i'm only level 17 (09/05/13) and haven't got any runes yet or completed the masteries, but this is what i'm aiming for. Constructive criticism appreciated.

I usually end up in mid or bottom lane and act as a lane bully, pushing as far as possible, as early as possible.

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So for the starting item I always go with Doran's Blade. No matter what, go with it. The reason is the life steal, it means I don't have to keep spending on health potions so often and when the enemy lane champ is missing I don't want to waste mana on abilities for minion kills.

On first back I usually go for a Long Sword, 2 Health Potions, and 1 Mana Potion.
This is usually because by this time i'm around level 4 and need the mana in fights, but if I can afford it I just go straight for a Vampiric Sceptre and 1 Mana Potion.

So now it's time to get your first serious item; The Bloodthirster.
You already have your Vampiric Scepter, all you need is 1550 for B.F. Sword and 850 for the Bloodthirster itself. A good way to get cash if you're falling behind is wolves, red buff, and wraiths. On the other hand we still don't have boots yet, so you can grab boots of speed before the B.F. Sword if you want, but I don't usually upgrade them to Berserkers Greaves until I finish the Bloodthirster.

Another B.F. Sword or a Pickaxe is next on the list, which ever you have the money for first. Building this into the Infinity Edge is great for 70 more attack damage, and the extra crit chance, or if you're still low on health another Bloodthirster can fit this spot nicely (getting the Vampiric Scepter instead of Pickaxe).

Now it's time for you to start choosing the items. Personally I like to go either with a Blade of the Ruined King, or a Phantom Dancer. The reason I don't really build any speed on Draven is because the Berserker Greaves fill in nicely for any item, and if you have over 1.00 attack speed i'm ok with it as long as you're dealing as much damage as Draven is. Also Draven has a great range attack with his ultimate, so getting extra damage for that means that it doesn't matter if you can't catch the enemy because your ultimate will do it for you, usually securing the kill.

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Defensive items have never really worked for me on Draven, i've tried merc treads, ninja tabi, merc scim, black cleaver, maw of mal, frozen mallet, ect. So I just go all out attack and try to come out on top, however for your 5th or 6th item it is usually wise to pick up warmogs or a guardian angel.

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Thanks for reading and please leave some feedback on how to improve this guide :)

Mart out.