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Rammus Build Guide by rambeast

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author rambeast

deaths calling it's for you and your jungle

rambeast Last updated on December 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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rammus is a very overpowered late game champion and i would recommend that if rammus is not banned take him because he is a nightmare to face in team fights as he is an easy champion to learn but he is also very strong and good at tanking. if you want a good simple rammus structure to jungling use this guide as it leads into you outleveling other lanes and gives you the opportunity to get fed from ganking. also if you find escaping fights hard you will not face this again as rammus counters every ultimate such as karthus you can just use defense curl ball and you will have a huge MR to stop the damage you would take helping your survival.

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I've chosen these masteries for jungling as it helps rammus and you should be able to knock the jungle down in the first 3-4 minutes max leaving you level 3 if u take wraiths and wolfs again you will be level 4 giving you taunt for your ganks. make sure that when you are ganking with rammus you watch for flash. if you are purple i'd reccomend ganking bottom more as you are able to go behind them. if enemy flashes away go back in bush and wait for them to push again then gank again knowing they have no flash. if you have thornmail i would always reccomend going for ad first if not go for support/ap. rammus is a very good ganker if you get the combo right. first you hit with powerball causing a slow
then u quickly taunt allowing 3 seconds when taunt is maxed for your team to kill the target. quicky as the target is forced to attack you. if you feel ready to gank at level 2 after blue buff gank bottom instantly with powerball for slow as ur lane moves in for the kill. rammus is always a vital late game character as taunt and tremors can take out the opponents ap or ad within the first 5 seconds of a team fight if your team all targets the same champion. this build is good for a team which is mixed with ap ad and a tank. you may want to add extra armor or magic resist to build if you are facing a ap or ad built team.

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i've choosen the runes because of rammus's passive meaning 25% of the armor rammus has goes into attack damage. this means rammus is both and ad and a tank threat so he is hard to take down in team fights but he is still doing alot of damage. these runes can garuntee a easy start leading rammus to get fed early game so in later game they other team is forced to target you as you are doing the most damage which gives your team a chance to kill their squishies in team fights while you are targeted.

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rammus being one of the most op tanks is able to carry a game. if he is built right he can solo 3-5 of their team depending on how tanky they are built. the reason this is the build i use is because it has alot of health while also having the required MR and armor which is also improved when w is used. rammus's armor makes is almost imposible for and ad to be hit on rammus while they in end are killing themselfs as natures force and warmogs armor is regenerating fast.

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team fights

rammus is the leading role as you powerball into a team fight first then use defense curl ball to reduce the damage you are taking and increases the damage output you have. while tremors is hurting all surrounding enemies and they are being hurt by thornmail and defense curl ball at the same time. flash also helps you because if u are on around 300hp you can flash out and powerball away if you are going to die. your health will b up around 1000hp after a minute or less meaning you can go back and join the teamfight again if it is still in action

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these are beasty masteries as i can take down the jungle and manage a gank withing the first 5 minutes of gameplay and you are not really damaged by minions in jungling. you start with an estimated 93 armor with the runes given with the adition of the masteries and another 50 added for level one defence curl ball.

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sucess story with build

i've carried multiple games but one of the best games i've had with rammus jungling i went 22/1/11 with the only death coming early game from a tower dive which gave me 2 kills. i have the average success rate rate of 7 kills 4 deaths and 12 assists each game using rammus in ranked games with this very build. it is not often that im forced to change it but i occasionally tweak it a little so that i'm able to take the additional magic damage which is needed when your mid feeds. never surrender with rammus you are always able to turn a game around if you can counter their damage type. rammus is also and op late game player

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overall rammus is a very important late game and early game champion and i would recommend buying him as he is 3150ip and his skins look killer to i own the chrome skin. if you are interested in looking at my stats or other builds i use go on league of legends and look up heimpro as i have good K/D/R ratio with rammus using this particular build with rammus and it also creates an angry opponent as you are able to taunt to stop kills on you team while you pick up the kill on their team instead.