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Irelia Build Guide by Crystal-scar-miner

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Crystal-scar-miner

Defensive/Offensive Irelia- a Dominion Mini-Guide (In Progre

Crystal-scar-miner Last updated on May 17, 2014
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Irelia Build

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Hi, my name is Crystal-scar-miner, and this is my second guide on how to play Irelia. The

only difference is the fact that the other guide is about jungling Irelia on Summoners Rift.

This guide will teach you how to play Irelia, the Will of Blades, on Crystal Scar. It will

teach you the basic aspects of playing Irelia defensively and offensively in Dominion. It is

still a mini-guide, so it will not be SUPER in-depth. Enjoy ;).

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Summoner Spells

The summoner spells I use for Dominion Irelia are:

Revive: Possibly the best Dominion spell because it allows you to respawn immediately with

an extreme speed buff. This helps prevent enemies from capturing points, and it also helps

your Windmill defenders, because you can save them from being ganked

Exhaust: A spell mainly used for offensive Irelia because it slows the enemy down, allowing

Irelia to Q an enemy and finish them.

Heal: A useful spell for a defending Irelia. If the stun from your E does nor save to early

game or while being ganked, this spell will.

Flash: An all around engage/escape spell that is very commonly used on other maps, but is not so effective on this one because you cannot flash through walls.

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Basically: Your Q is your engage/disengage move. It does do the most damage but it is quick

and efficient. It also works to finish off a running champion at low health/ganking.

Your W is an in fight-jungle move. It is very useful early on against creeps and if you gank

it should be activated right after the Q that engages.

Your E is an in-fight move. It is perfect to use when a champion is mid-low health. This way

they are either slowed or stunned and you can finish them off.

Your R/ult is not your best move, but it can finish off people that are running and it can

drastically change the course of a team-fight if fired at all enemy teammates.

Passive: Ionian Fervor: One of the best passives in the game. It reduces all slows taunts, stuns, fears and silences depending on how many champions are near you. The range is 1200. If one champion is by you it redu es the effects by 10%. 2 champions is 25%. 3 is 40%.

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Offensive Items

The offensive items on the Irelia build in Dominion give her almost no tankiness. This build is a high-mobility damage build, because that is how Irelia should be played in Dominion if you plan to be offensive. Offensive basically means always moving around the map and doing high damage.
The items are:

Trinity Force: A core item for almost any hybrid champion. Adds all basic damage, ability power, health, attack speed, movement speed and more.

Sanguine Blade: A damage and lifesteal item that is very commonly seen on Dominion. Often used with high mobility champions like offensive Irelia.

Zephyr: Attack damage, attack speed, movement speed, and tenacity are all added by this item. Important for Irelia because she has the highest possible tenacity in the game.

Yommu's Ghostblade: A damage and critical hit item that allows Irelia to pwn early game.

Ravenous Hydra: An immediate high damage item needed for late game. It's passive is beautiful for farming minions and it llows you to damage more than one enemy if you are ganked or fighting for the Windmill position in toplane.

Berserker's Greaves: A great pair of boots for Irelia, they also add the attack speed that is necessary on a high mobility champion/assassin.

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Defensive items

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Game phases/role

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