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Urgot Build Guide by Nicram

Top diamond

Detailed Urgot Guide by Nicram & /r/UrgotMains Community

By Nicram | Updated on June 11, 2019
133 Votes
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Tatzeblu | June 8, 2019 6:10pm
I found great success with the 3rd variant of the skill order in your build where you just skill your Q 6 times instead of the regular 5 times. :P
I got banned for hacking though.
Nice guide!
[-] (1) | June 8, 2019 7:17am
matchups guide is empty?
tinydmcgee | November 3, 2018 1:11am
Thanks for the credits my man, awesome guide! I left the league scene for a bit. It is super cool that after writing this guide, Urgot went from being simply a niche champion to pick/ban at worlds!

Thanks for helping me learn every small detail about about a champion i dont play btw (:>
jadskywalker | October 2, 2018 11:11am
I'd like to know how to engage on Akali when she's in her cloud (W). never know what to do in this case and more times than not I get killed. ty.
Epictortle8 | October 1, 2018 10:19pm
One thing I noticed is that you don't have anything talking about the Point Runner Item Passive (on Raptor's Cloak, Zz'Rot Portal, and Omwrecker). It is very helpful for roaming in lane and dodging skillshots/positioning Purge while in the area of a (dead)turret.
AbaddonSoulchain (16) | September 21, 2018 4:59pm
Oh, you made it to Challenger, congratulations. Anyways, I just bought a rune page dedicated to the game's big, fat and tanky boi and I will be trying the different rune pages you recommend. Yes, Press the Attack too.
qasddsa (19) | September 1, 2018 8:11am
Do you recommend Arcane Comet over Summon Aery in all matchups? Before the nerfs to Aery, I took it in melee matchups so I could proc it more often and I took Comet in ranged matchups.
Nicram (3) | September 2, 2018 5:59am
Yes, I recommend Arcane Comet over Summon Aery in all matchups. These both runes are mainly picked up for early game but even then Arcane Comet deals more damage for as long as you don't attack your enemy whenever you have a new Aery proc available. Furthermore, Arcane Comet's damage is better in late game. The number difference might not be massive but it's definitely noticeable. I would heavily recommend to stick to Arcane Comet or Unsealed Spellbook in ranged matchups and to take one of these keystones - Aftershock, Arcane Comet, Press the Attack or situational keystones like Phase Rush and Glacial Augment against melee champions.

Even pre Aery nerfs its damage was weaker than Arcane Comet.
AbaddonSoulchain (16) | August 30, 2018 2:30pm
I think I tried Press the Attack on Urgot once. I didn't really like it, it didn't seem to do much, but that was long ago so it may be different now. I've been using the Sorcery tree now, mostly Summon Aery and Arcane Comet and Comet is my favourite, more or less. But still, seeing your build, I may give PtA another shot, sometime.
Nicram (3) | August 31, 2018 5:16am
Hey AbaddonSoulchain!

Press the Attack is one of the best runes on Urgot because it does a lot of damage in all the stages of the game while also increasing your allies' damage. It's not Fervor of Battle but it does its job right ;p

Summon Aery is one of the weakest choices for Urgot as he doesn't have spammable abilities and his autoattack range is rather low. Additionally, its damage is very low already and it receives even further nerfs..

Arcane Comet is a good choice but sometimes you can switch between Arcane Comet and Press the Attack. Other rune choices are good too, check them out, maybe you'll like one of the other keystones :)
AbaddonSoulchain (16) | August 31, 2018 5:22am
Well, way I see it, maybe you have the skill to make it work, I'm not that good at this game. But your words are encouraging me to try it again, so I will. Thanks for the feedback, sir.
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lessamatesu | August 28, 2018 9:12pm
hey, sir, your guide is very good but I think you should do an example build cheers from Brazil
Nicram (3) | August 29, 2018 10:21am
Hey there, sir,

I didn't do an example build because even Black Cleaver can be sometimes delayed. I would have to list like 10 different builds based on situation. Eventually it will be done but for now I have other priorities, sorry ;/

Thank you lessamatesu,

I can send you cheers from Poland ;) Heyo Brazil!
QuinnMains (11) | August 28, 2018 9:06am
Hey Urgot Mains! Your guide looks great!
Nicram (3) | August 28, 2018 9:12am
Thank you so much <3 🦀🦀🦀 👍
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