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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Urgot Build Guide by Nicram

Top Detailed Urgot Guide by Nicram & /r/UrgotMains Community

Top Detailed Urgot Guide by Nicram & /r/UrgotMains Community

Updated on June 11, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nicram Build Guide By Nicram 133 9 251,409 Views 21 Comments
133 9 251,409 Views 21 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Nicram Urgot Build Guide By Nicram Updated on June 11, 2019
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Runes: Conqueror + Resolve

1 2 3
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Bone Plating

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Urgot Top or Mid
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

Detailed Urgot Guide by Nicram & /r/UrgotMains Community

By Nicram
Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the Very Detailed Urgot Community Guide. I've put a lot of time to make it and it's not finished yet as Matchups Guide and some other aspects are missing. I worked hard to finish this and I can finally say that it's good enough to show it to you. I am aware that Urgot isn't the most popular champion but that's the reason why this guide had to be done.

I am Nicram, a writer of this guide, I've collected over 1,36kk mastery points on old and new Urgot. On both versions of this champion I've peaked at Challenger (on EUNE but I am glad about it anyways) and I started some time ago my journey on EUW where I am currently sitting on Diamond 3. This is actually my first guide on this site, my apologizes for all the errors or bad formatting - I tried my best to make it look good. I've put all my knowledge about Urgot to make this guide so hopefully you'll be able to get something from it.

I think it's enough for this part of the guide so I am happy to officially invite you to this guide! Enjoy 🦀. :)
Pros / Cons

+ Short ranged auto-attacks (350 range)
+ Good CC/Gank setup
+ Good durability due to his shield (W)
+ Deals % Health Damage
+ Great in teamfights
+ Can negate CC using a properly timed Disdain (E)
+ Very strong at counter engage
+ Decent early game and very strong mid-game
+ Low priority in draft phase
+ High base damage and stats
+ Very good leasher
+ You can blind pick him


- Falls off late-game
- Majority of interactions are not in his favor
- Ultimate can be interrupted and has a lot of counterplay
- Telegraphed abilities and play patterns
- Heavily skill-shot reliant champion
- Long cooldowns in the early game
- Low movement speed and self slow on Purge
- Is very team reliant
- Mana hungry
- Echoing Flames can make wave management more difficult
- Large model size

Summoner Spells

FLASH: Almost mandatory for Urgot. Definitely the best Summoner Spell because of its use in combos and gap closing ability. Can be used for both defensive and offensive purposes.
TELEPORT: Despite the nerfs in patch 8.14 it's still a viable option for both the Top and Mid lanes. However, the nerfs did allow for other Summoner Spells such as Ignite, Ghost or Exhaust. I’ve found that Teleport is a much more potent Summoner Spell in mid and late game compared to the others. Although Urgot doesn't have as strong Teleport ganks/plays due to his low base movement speed, his CC makes up for this defeceit.
GHOST: Can be taken as a replacement Flash, but due to the versatility of Flash Ghost should only be used in niche situations. However, in combination with Flash, it can be a potent Summoner Spell. For offensive purposes you can use it to proc Echoing Flames much quicker and maximize damage.
IGNITE: I personally have taken a strong liking towards this Summoner Spell after patch 8.14. Urgot's early game was always decent, however he lacks kill potential on the enemy laner in most matchups. Ignite can boost your level 2 and 3 powerspike and provide the opportunity for an early kill. However, taking this summoner spell is definitely a risk - if you attempt an all in and are unsuccessful you won’t have Teleport to return to lane, so taking Ignite is definitely a risk.
CHALLENGING SMITE: For Jungle, Urgot is best with Challenging Smite. It makes you a better duelist for a cost of a bit weaker ganks. In my opinion it is the best option for Jungle.
CHILLING SMITE: Taking this Summoner Spell offers a different take on Urgot. The slow creates more successful ganks at the cost of weaker overall damage and dueling potential. If you plan to gank very frequently, then take this smite over red smite.
EXHAUST: An Ignite situational replacement. If you feel that Exhaust will be needed in the early game more than Ignite then choose it. It provides not only a damage reduction, but also a slow to stick onto your enemies easier. If you are not planning to be the primary carry or are mainly serving the role of a tank, then Exhaust is a viable option to take as your Summoner Spell.
HEAL: If you want to play ADC as Urgot, then Heal would be a good choice of Summoner Spell. Personally I dislike playing him in this role because of his low auto-attack range, but on the other hand his base armor stat is one of the highest in the game. Because of this, he is technically viable in the ADC role. Heal is a much weaker Summoner Spell outside of botlane though, so I would not recommend taking it in a solo lane.
BARRIER: It shouldn't be your 'to go' Summoner Spell even in midlane but Barrier should have a high position in the best summoner spell shards if you go Unsealed Spellbook as your keystone.
CLEANSE: Analog situation like with Barrier although you can take Cleanse against some specific midlane matchups like Lissandra or Zoe.

Echoing Flames
Urgot's basic attacks and Purge periodically trigger blasts of flame from his legs, dealing physical damage.

Corrosive Charge
Fires an explosive charge at the target location, dealing physical damage and slowing enemies caught in the explosion.

Urgot slows himself while he unloads his weapon on nearby enemies. Prioirtizes enemy champions Urgot has recently struck with other abilities and triggers Echoing Flames.

Urgot charges in a direction, shielding himself and trampling non-champion enemies. If he catches an enemy champion, he will stop and hurl them out of his way.

Fear Beyond Death
Urgot fires a chem-drill that impales the first enemy champion hit. If that champion falls below a health threshold, Urgot judges them weak and can execute them.



Press the Attack
This rune is second best on Urgot in this path because other keystones (except of Conqueror simply aren't as powerful. Use it when you plan to take part in extended fights. Press the Attack works most effectively against tanks and bruisers. Its buff that makes enemies take additional damage after hitting an enemy three times allows you to have good damage for entire game so you'll always be treated as somebody who ends up relevant no matter what. The only bad part of this rune is that when you use Purge's pseudo autoattacks to proc the third shot reduces the damage it should've dealt but in the post game screen it only shows pre-mitigation damage numbers which could be a little bit misleading - you might think that you dealt 3000 damage with this keystone while in reality this damage was in some percentage influenced by this interaction so you dealt less than 3000 damage. You generally shouldn't take it into ranged matchups because you won't be able to proc it reliably against them. However, if your goal is to survive laning phase and play a farm lane, waiting for later stages of the game, feel free to use it. Remember that when you proc Press the Attack during Purge it deals half of the damage so if it's possible try to proc it with autoattacks instead. Currently it's still a good rune as it deals more damage in early game than Conqueror but is also less useful on Urgot. It's viable but Conqueror is much better.

Lethal Tempo
This keystone doesn't fit Urgot mostly because of the way how Purge works. After using a ordinary combo - Disdain into autoattack and Purge you basically lose entire rune page. There are better choices; by taking this keystone you basically make the game more difficult for yourself.

Fleet Footwork
It's a decent rune but I would say it isn't the best choice on Urgot. Additonally, heal gets reduced when you use energized autoattack on a minion. This keystone's advantage is that it can be proc'd twice in a quick rotation because of Purge or even more often thanks to the latest changes that Purge received. Can be potentionally hidden strong as Urgot really likes Movement Speed.

Sadly Urgot is a ranged champion so he can't utilize this rune as well as melee champions but it's still very good on him. Currently the best keystone for Urgot as it increases his damage, makes him better against tanks and works well against squishies too. Additionally, the healing is often teamfight or duel changing. Must have at the moment but if you don't like it, Press the Attack or Fleet Footwork can work too.

As Urgot your main goal is to execute one of your enemies. In theory, a second shield could be beneficial for you but in reality this rune doesn't fit Urgot well. You can take it if you plan to get Death's Dance or Legend: Bloodline as it allows you to get the shield. If it's not in your plans - don't take it.

It's definitely the best rune in this row. Yes, in laning phase you play basically without a rune unless you take part in a takedown but it's a scaling rune; its strength increases over time. A extra gold part isn't that impactful but you take it for the heal. It can save your life so make sure to consider taking this rune when you go for Precision.

Presence of Mind
Urgot is a mana hungry champion in the early game but this rune won't help him to solve this problem. Additionally, while Fear Beyond Death is a game-changing ability, it doesn't mean that you need to take it to decrease its cooldown. Fear Beyond Death's cooldown is already very low in the late game and it should be up twice in a extended teamfight. Decreased cooldown is almost irrelevant at this point. I would say Triumph is a better rune.

Legend: Alacrity
This rune isn't that good anymore because of the recent change that Purge received. In most of the cases you want to max this ability first nowadays so any attack speed is effectively wasted. Consider taking one of the other two choices in this row, depending on the situation.

Legend: Tenacity
Take this rune against heavy CC teamcomps because as Urgot you want to attack and you don't want to have many moments when you can't help your team in any way. Probably the best rune out of Legend runes but it all depends on the enemy champions and your playstyle. Remember that when you're stunned you can't shoot with Purge so it's never bad to have some Tenacity.

Legend: Bloodline
Lifesteal is not reduced during Purge so when it comes to mid and late game you can sustain pretty well. It's currently one of the better runes on Urgot. Thanks to a permanent Purge on fifth rank you can sustain very quickly. If enemies don't have tons of CC, take it instead of Legend: Tenacity.

Coup de Grace
In the last 3 runes in Precision your choice is either Coup de Grace or Last Stand. Decision is based on the preference. Coup de Grace seems superior to Last Stand as it makes it easier for you to get an enemy under 25% threshold but while it's very useful for this purpose, over 50% of the rune's power is wasted most of the times due to the way how Fear Beyond Death works. Ofcourse, in a extended teamfight Coup de Grace works very well as it helps you ensuring that your enemies will die even when your R is on cooldown. Currently it seems to be overshadowed by Last Stand.

Cut Down
This rune is quite useless on Urgot because you want to have a lot of Health because the more health you have the tankier you are thanks to a shield. Cut Down can be a bit effective against Cho'Gath but I would generally recommend to stay away from Cut Down. Even after tons of buffs it's still not good on Urgot. However, it's very effective against him, so be careful when your enemy picked this rune.

Last Stand
Most of the times it's a correct rune in this tree because most of the times you will be fighting as a frontliner, close to the enemy team to pull out as much damage as it's possible. Any additional damage helps and the bonus increases the less health you have making you even more scary. If enemies won't be able to burst you, you will be a big threat to them because of your tankiness and damage. If it doesn't fit you, Cut Down can be taken instead. Nowadays Last Stand seems to be a superior rune.


In theory a good rune but in reality it's heavily outclassed by Press the Attack and Conqueror in terms of damage and utility. However, if you want to go for Domination primarly, it's the best rune that you can take.

It's a viable rune on a jungle role that Urgot can perform. It can significantly improve your ganks thanks to a movement speed boost. Predator is a weak rune for toplane as you need raw damage/utility - Conqueror or Press the Attack. Additionally, in the top lane you can't utilize this rune as well as you can do it in the mid land so it's a decent good rune if you decide to play him there, allowing you to perform many roams.

Dark Harvest
It takes too long to scale up, while its damage in late game is high, Urgot doesn't work with this rune as well as for example Kha'Zix or Shaco do. You can't take it in the jungle either because you need either raw damage - Press the Attack or Conqueror or stronger ganks - Predator / Glacial Augment. With Dark Harvest you will be basically non existant because you already play as a scaling champion. You shouldn't put yourself in a even bigger disadvantage so I wouldn't recommend taking it.

Hail of Blades
It can not work well because of the way how Purge works. A weak rune on Urgot.

Cheap Shot
A great rune when your team has good cc and it works well against tanks too. Frozen Mallet works very well in a combination with this rune as it allows you to consistently proc the true damage every 4 seconds on the target affected by its slow.

Taste of Blood
Definitely the 'to go' rune if you are new to Urgot or if you just want to have some kind of sustain. This rune became a bit better nowadays because you can actually build some Damage items, so the healing power from this rune will be increased.

Sudden Impact
You proc this rune on Urgot whenever you use Disdain. You don't even need to hit your enemy with Disdain. However, limiting yourself to use this rune only when this skill is available, considering its long cooldown, is rather not optimal. For this reason, I would recommend Cheap Shot or Taste of Blood instead.

Zombie Ward
In the top lane you won't experience many ward fights and a increased damage after killing ward isn't powerful enough on Urgot. It can be taken though if you don't like Ghost Poro.

Ghost Poro
This rune is currently probably the strongest in this tree, it automatically pings you whenever danger is coming, giving you decent vision and good combat statistics whenever you push. In my opinion it is much better than Zombie Ward at the moment.

Eyeball Collection
It's acceptable to take this rune if you're willing to assist your team in takedowns making good value of this rune when stacked. If it's not the case and you prefer splitpushing, choose Ghost Poro or Zombie Ward instead, depending on your preferences/playstyle.

Ravenous Hunter
Since Urgot's abilities have rather weak base damage and this rune's efficiency depends on it heavily, it's not the greatest rune choice for him. Additionally, the true damage part of Fear Beyond Death doesn't really count to the 'damage dealt' rule and you won't be healed that much by executing some tanky member of the enemy team. But anyways, healing is important, can be duel changing and with Urgot's current itemization which contains at least a bit of lifesteal, strenghtening its effect is never a bad option.

Ingenious Hunter
Probably the best rune in this tree because as Urgot you will be often trying to have at least 1 or 2 items with a active so a decreased cooldown will be definitely helpful.

Relentless Hunter
A great rune if you plan to play with Teleport because when it's off cooldown you have a very slow movement speed and Relentless Hunter will definitely be useful to help you moving around on the map faster. Its advantage is also that it gives flat movement speed bonus, not a percentage which is good as Urgot's base movement speed is only 330. You lose all the movement speed when you get into combat so make sure you use the movement speed boost well.

Ultimate Hunter
Fear Beyond Death has a rather low cooldown already so I don't see a point in taking Ultimate Hunter as your rune choice in this tree, especially when you can take Ingenious Hunter or Relentless Hunter instead.


Summon Aery
This rune has fans, 12inchpvpness is one of them but personally I think that it's not a good rune for Urgot. I explained why in this link.

Arcane Comet
Still one of the best keystones on Urgot. Its use is pretty simple, Corrosive Charge's slow is usually enough to make sure a Comet strikes successfully and as we max Corrosive Charge, the increased damage and slow increases chance for Comet to hit. In some lanes Arcane Comet is crucial mostly because of range problems. Having a possibility to perform well on lane only by relying on hitting Corrosive Charge feels great. Remember though, that Arcane Comet is almost exclusively a early/mid game rune so its efficiency scales drastically in the late game. There is only one minus about this rune - sometimes you have to start a combo with Disdain so the rune will miss due to a flip mechanic so you need to be aware of it. The best rune for beginners, it will teach you how important hitting Corrosive Charge is. After Purge changes and Corrosive Charge mana changes it's pretty much dead on Urgot but can still work.

Phase Rush
This keystone is actually pretty good for Urgot. It's a niche choice though so you should consider taking it only against champions who have really strong slows, for example Nasus or Singed. Urgot's base movement speed and movement speed during Purge is rather low so the movement speed you gain from this rune isn't as impactful as it is on some faster champions but it's definitely worth considering it. Purge isn't a self slow but during it you just have reduced base movement speed. This means that if you proc Phase Rush when this ability is active you can get a pretty significant movement speed buff which can be really useful. Overall - it's a good rune, it's just slightly weaker than other runes that Urgot players tend to go often and it's more situational.

Nullifying Orb
Also a niche rune, take it if enemy team has a lot of mages and when you feel that Manaflow Band is not necessary. You can take it even when there are only 2 magic damage champions in the enemy team.

Manaflow Band
It's a great rune that effectively solves mana problems. Its advantage is that you can get stacks also by autoattacking an enemy directly with Echoing Flames. You won't be awarded with a stack if you hit an enemy by the cone splash damage part though. Take it when you experience a mana management difficulties.

Nimbus Cloak
Sometimes you feel that if you had just slightly more movement speed you would be able to finish the enemy. This rune can fix this problem whenever you use Fear Beyond Death. Take it if you are a fan of this rune, personally I think it's a strong rune but I prefer Manaflow Band anyways.

After a change in patch 8.12 I stopped taking Celerity so Transcendence took its place. Remember that you're playing without a rune until you hit level 10th so make sure not to fall behind in exp/gold so you can use the Transcendence's statistics well. Overcapping CDR with this rune is actually beneficial too so you don't have to worry about it. Remember though, that even though extra AD for overcapping CDR is not big so you shouldn't build only CDR items because sometimes you'll need a item like Randuin's Omen which doesn't give CDR.

While Urgot suffers from his low mobility and low base movement speed, Celerity won't solve this problem as it only gives 5 movement speed. There's a really low chance that this amount will ever help you significantly. It's still good for some certain matchups when you need extra mobility such as Darius or Aatrox to dodge their spells pr to run away from them.

Absolute Focus
A good rune if you want to dominate the lane, you can take it into easy lanes and in the mid lane for the extra damage. Don't take it into difficult matchups, especially those with a good poke because you might be under 70% Health for a long time.

Very bad in its current state, Gathering Storm outclasses it massively. It's only okay in the mid lane when you can threat the enemy with your poke. I don't recommend taking it in the Toplane.

It's good to have it in the Jungle but outside of it I wouldn't pick it in the solo lane.

Gathering Storm
This rune should be taken when you want to scale hard. It's now a better choice than Scorch because Urgot doesn't have a really low cooldown abilities anymore and they cost too much mana to make some good use of Scorch. Additionally, his every ability scales with AD so you can keep your damage high while being really tanky. That's why Gathering Storm is a correct choice in this tree.


Grasp of the Undying
Personally I don't see a good reason to pick Grasp of the Undying over Press the Attack or other keystones. Its efficiency is reduced on ranged champions which makes its damage and heal and health gained per stack are much worse. On top of that, even if it's supposed to be a good keystone against tanks (because of easy stacks), Press the Attack outclasses it heavily not only in early game but it's also much better in the late game because increased damage boost for your allies is a lot better than a small Health bonus. Press the Attack also works better against tanks and deals more damage than Grasp of the Undying. If it fits you, you can take it though because as stated at the start - runes choice is based on preference.

This keystone is a very good choice on Urgot. Take it in a situation when your team lacks a real tank and you need to be the one who does this role. It works well against bruisers like Jax or Riven because you can answer their engages with a heavy defense boost. Keep in mind though, that its cooldown is fairly high so you won't have it available for their every engage. A rune procs not only when you successfully hit Disdain but also during reeling or upon releasing a AoE fear by Fear Beyond Death. It's definitely a good idea to play with Aftershock.

You can technically take it if you want to perform a supportive role. It's a okay choice for this purpose, but I think, I wouldn't take it in a ranked game though.

A great rune for splitpushing, it scales very well into late game thanks to the same %Health scaling that Purge has, so calculating its damage is very simple. Other defensive runes listed below are currently better though because of their usefulness in trades. Additionally, Urgot's low movement speed make it more punishing to proc this rune as enemies can easily gank and potentially kill you.

Font of Life
Another supportive rune, take it if you are a fan of this playstyle. For standard playstyle it's a rather weak rune but as long as you are active and present in big teamfights when Font of Life's efficiency is the highest.

Shield Bash
In theory a great rune for Urgot, however, with the shield changes, Urgot doesn't have a access to shield that often. It could be a great rune for him but it's currently outclassed by other choices.

A rune that you can take into tank matchups and farm lanes to have even better mid and late game. As Urgot you usually should prefer Health over resistances but by taking Conditioning you can actually focus on having a lot of Health but your resistances will be really high making you a really tough pain to deal with.

Second Wind
Take this rune against poke champions such as Jayce, Teemo or Gangplank. It will definitely help you to survive laning phase as outside of it it's just not as good.

Bone Plating
Take this rune against lane bullies like Darius, Jayce or Renekton who mainly use their abilities in a quick succession to increase their burst. By having Bone Plating you can reduce a lot of damage so it's definitely a good choice to have it.

Take this rune against tanks. Its numbers won't be massive until mid/late game but at one point you will be able to feel the difference. It's a highly underrated rune because a Bone Plating and Chrysalis combination is just more popular but you take these runes for other purposes. If the risk of dying during laning phase is rather low, Overgrowth will be a great choice.

Take this rune when you have some healing/shielding support in your team, for example Taric or Soraka. It makes their job even more impactful and your shield is stronger too. A good choice but surely a very situational one.

A weak rune, as Urgot having a summoner spell or spells on cooldown isn't a ideal sitation as you should make as much pressure as it is possible. The tenacity it gives isn't as good as Legend: Tenacity's in this aspect. In my opinion there are many better runes than Unflinching.


Glacial Augment
A really niche keystone, it works very well against Singed because you can increase the distance between each other by just enough to escape him. If you decide to try out this rune make sure to buy Turbo Chemtank and/or Randuin's Omen to make work of the aoe slow field. You can also take it when you are premade with jungler and you want to ruin enemy toplaner's day. Keep in mind that slow is reduced on ranged champions but it's still a good rune on Urgot.

Many patches ago Kleptomancy was nerfed a lot for ranged champions and on top of that Urgot has low autoattack range and he doesn't have really low cooldown abilities. Summing it up - it's a weak rune for our 6-legged Juggernaut.

Unsealed Spellbook
A very interesting keystone, it allows you to adapt to a specific situation. Urgot uses a vast majority of summoner spells very well so a chance to use such a variety of summoner spells in one game sounds great, no?. There is not a one key that you have to follow blindly about against what matchups you should take it. I would recommend to play a couple of games by yourself on a normal game to get used to this rune. This will give you a better understanding on when and vs who to pick Unsealed Spellbook. It can be taken against matchups when Press the Attack and other popular runes won't do much. It can happen against Nasus because you won't poke him out of lane but 1v1'ing him doesn't really make sense either. Unsealed Spellbook in this case will give you a strong mid and late game. It's defintely a strong rune that is often overlooked despite being quite strong.

Hextech Flashtraption
It doesn't work well on Urgot. There are better choices.

Magical Footwear
A inability to buy boots until 10th minute (this number can decrease if you take part in takedown) can be very punishing, especially because Urgot needs early boots, at least the most basic ones - Boots. I am pretty sure that a additional 10 movement speed and free boots can be awarded a bit too late because you become very vulnerable to ganks. If it doesn't happen - this rune is great, if it does - well, there will be a problem.

Perfect Timing
Great rune on Urgot, there is one trick with this item that will be listed a bit later which makes the rune be very efficient if used correctly. On top of a free Stopwatch you pay reduced gold amount for Guardian Angel and Gargoyle Stoneplate and their cooldown is decreased. It's definitely one of the best runes that you can get.

Future's Market
Good rune for as long as you don't stay on negative gold for a majority of game. Urgot doesn't have some big item spikes that other champions have but he definitely wants to have items as quick as possible so this is a great rune for this purpose.

Minion Dematerializer
A rune made to help us with pushing and controlling waves, it's pretty good, for example with 3 Minion Dematerializer uses on a ranged creep you can kill them all on one Corrosive Charge use. I like to take it into Singed so I can stop his pushing sometimes faster than he expects. Urgot deals %Health damage already with Echoing Flames so I would say 2 (melee creeps) / 1 (canon) / 3 (ranged creeps) is the best way to seperate these uses for the best effect.

Biscuit Delivery
You can take this rune when you play into a difficult matchup but you really wanted to have Inspiration. Ofcourse, you can pair Inspiration with Resolve and vice-versa but Biscuit Delivery is a great tool to help you with in-lane sustain control.

Cosmic Insight
As Urgot you benefit from every statistic it gives, it's simple and it's very effective. Definitely worth a recommendation.

Approach Velocity
Use this rune when you plan to buy Frozen Mallet as it basically gives you permanent movement speed towards slowed targets. It works also when moving towards allies under slow effect so you can help them a bit faster. Pretty good rune as the movement speed boost is definitely noticeable.

Time Warp Tonic
Another defensive-based rune, take it into difficult matchups. Also a very good choice as movement speed helps even in the laning phase because Corrupting Potion works with Time Warp Tonic even better and makes you a really tough enemy to push out of lane.

Starter Items
CORRUPTING POTION: This item is currently the best for Urgot because of the mana problems that our 6-legged Juggernaut struggles with. It allows argot to harass early on in the game, and regenerate both the mana and health that he will lose while going for these trades. One aspect of this item that is usually overlooked is the bonus burn damage applied on auto attacks while the potion is ticking, so if possible look for trades while one is ticking to maximize damage output. The only disadvantage of this item is that it doesn't give Attack Damage or it doesn't give bonus damage to monsters which Doran's Shield gives, so when all three charges are consumed you effectively have no items. Urgot's low base Attack Damage makes last hitting hard already, so if you usually start Doran's Shield take the change in last hitting into effect.
DORAN'S SHIELD: Another great starting item for Urgot, however this item is more more dependent on your laning counterpart. Doran's Shield is most effective into ranged champions or pseudo-ranged champions such as Gangplank or Yasuo, however it can be very effective into melee matchups as well. The additional damage to minions this item grants can help with last hitting, allowing you to farming using your auto attacks and save your abilities for trading with the enemy laner. When starting Doran's Shield, try to avoid extended trades because it not only takes a large toll on your mana pool, but also negates some of the HP regeneration of the item; the more damage you take in a single trade, the less impactful the 20HP regeneration is for your HP sustain.
CULL: Cull is a great starting item choice when playing against tank champions or into lanes where you are not under kill pressure from your enemy. It gives your auto attacks' extra damage, and by the time you cash out and sell the Cull you profit 180 gold. This gold influx creates a much stronger mid game powerspike, an area in which Urgot already excels at. It also has strong synergy with Purge. This ability hits 13 times, and with the 3HP per hit regeneration this ability results in a total 39 Health restored per cast. However, starting Cull in lanes where the enemy has kill pressure on you is very greedy because it does not provide the safety the a Dorans item or Corrupting Potion does. For example, into matchups such as Darius, Aatrox or Tryndamere the sustain of a Cull will not match the sustain of your enemy laner, and disrespecting their damage can result in you sacrificing a large wave to the tower while resetting or even your death. It can definitely be purchased on your first back in combination with the other items mentioned here, which will slightly delay your powerspike but allow you to survive oppressive lanes.
DORAN'S BLADE: Doran's Blade is worse than Cull in terms of healing and attack damage, mainly due to the aforementioned synergy between Cull and Purge, but is still a viable starting item. It is most effective when combined with the Arcane Comet rune because the comet damage scales off of Attack Damage, and Doran's Blade offers more bonus AD than Cull does. If you decide to start this item, try to invest heavily in early auto attack trades to maximize the benefit from its bonus AD. However, the reason why this item is generally not bought as a starting item is because its main benefit is its previously mentions synergy with Arcane Comet, a rune mostly taken into ranged champions for extra poke from the Urgot’s passive. However, into ranged champions they usually will poke you out of lane or zone you from the creep wave, making a more defensive starting item more effective. Although on paper the stats sound fine, I personally only take it in very niche matchups or situations.

First Back Items
CONTROL WARD: Urgot is not really a mobile champion, he's slow and because of the fact that you push even if you sometimes don't want to, you need to buy Control Ward in early game for safety but remember about buying it later too. Whenever you have place buy at least one Control Ward to have good vision control and to help your team. If this item is well used it's definitely the best in the game because of its utility and usefulness.
BOOTS OF SPEED: One of Urgot’s main weaknesses is his low base movement speed (MS). To help dodge, position, and escape, MS is a critical stat to have, so boots are a very helpful item to buy on your first back. Urgot’s juggernaut nature makes it so that the longer you can stick onto your enemies, the more damage you are able to pump out. Even tier 1 boots are incredibly helpful and allow you to land more abilities, deal more damage, and escape potential bad situations such as ganks more reliably.
NINJA TABI: I prefer to grab tier 2 boots relatively early, just to compensate for Urgot’s lower than average MS. Ninja Tabi are a must buy when laying against autoattack (AA) based champions (such as Yasuo, Jax, Jayce, etc). It is also a good idea to buy Tabi if the main source of damage from the enemy team is from AA based champions, even if you are not laning against one. Overall, tier two boots early are a great investment to make up for Urgot lack of mobility and juggernaut nature.
MERCURY'S TREADS: These are the best choice of tier 2 boots when laning against AP laners (such as Rumble, Lissandra, Swain, etc.) or against high CC team compositions. Tenacity in League of Legends is such a rare statistic, and can definitely catch high CC comps off guard. Ideally, your choice of boot upgrade should depend on enemy's entire team as opposed to your laner in specific. However, in some situations you may be forced to build for your laner to survive laning phase. Use your best judgment, and always try to adapt to the specific game and avoid playing with one build every single game.
PHAGE: Phage is almost always a must-buy when playing Urgot or any other bruiser/juggernaut type of champion. Phage essentially gives you a little bit of everything needed to get Urgot started. Even though the extra MS is halved due to the fact that you are a ranged champion, it provides you with a decent amount of AD, a larger HP pool, and a passive MS boost to stick to your target. If building into Black Cleaver, which should be the case almost 100% of the time, you should prioritize the Phage component over the Kindlegem component. Phage should be purchased as your first item after boots almost every game.
SPECTRE'S COWL: Buy a Spectre's Cowl early when laning against a mage or other strong AP laner; its stats and passive are extremely effective against these laners, and the item almost guarantees a very healthy and non-threatening laning phase after picking one up. You can convert this sustainability into both a gold and experience lead against your enemy.
GLACIAL SHROUD: If you plan on building into a Turbo Chemtank, I’d recommend initially buying a Glacial Shroud over a Crystalline Bracer against AD laners. If facing an AP laner, Turbo Chemtank is not an effective item but if you find it necessary start with a Crystalline Bracer. Overall Glacial Shroud is a great item on Urgot because the mana that it provides gives you mana sustain without having to start Corrupting Potion.
JAURIM'S FIST: If building into Frozen Mallet, it is generally better to build the Jaurim's Fist component first. During lane phase, if you plan to build Frozen Mallet it is best to simply buy the Jaurim's Fist component and delay upgrading the item until your other core items are complete. I personally only prefer to build Frozen Mallet before finishing my Black Cleaver when playing Urgot jungle, because the passive slow leads to more effective ganks.
BRAMBLE VEST: Bramble Vest is a very viable item on Urgot, however it is mainly a matchup-specific purchase. Although the reflected magic damage when auto attacked is nice, the main reason you should purchase this item is for it’s application of grievous wounds to enemies who auto attack you. For those unfamiliar with the grievous wounds debuff, it reduces all sources of healing by those affected by 40%. Because of this, it is a must-buy against high sustain lane counterparts such as Fiora, Darius, Dr. Mundo or Illaoi. It is worth noting that it is not needed as a first back purchase, but should be bought when the enemy’s healing becomes unmanageable. However, Thornmail is still an effective item on Urgot so don't be afraid to buy it in casual AD matchups as well, especially if the enemy jungle is AD as well.
EXECUTIONER'S CALLING: A similar item to Bramble Vest but applies grievous wounds more reliably because it does not require enemies to auto-attack you to reduce their healing. It is most efficient into Vladimir or Dr. Mundo, because Vladimir does not need to auto attack you to trade and Dr. Mundo can use his ultimate while running away to negate your kill pressure. Because of these facts, Bramble Vest will not reduce their healing while Executioner's Calling will apply grievous wounds upon any physical damage you inflict on your enemy. Similarly to Bramble Vest it is not necessarily needed as your first back purchase.

Situational Defensive Items
THORNMAIL: Although many guides will tell you that Thornmail should be bought later on in your build, I personally disagree with this fact. Against AD heavy compositions, I often purchase this item after my tier 2 boots and Black Cleaver. My reasoning behind this is because its components alone are potent armor items which leads to a much smoother transition to the midgame. Obviously, I would not purchase this item against an AP laner and would prioritize it much higher against a laner with relevant sustain. Another benefit of this item is the reflected magic damage that it grants as a passive effective, which can help against enemies who have purchased armor. Although the damage from this passive is not insanely large, it is definitely noticeable and makes itemizing against you much more difficult.
ADAPTIVE HELM: One of the most underrated items in the game currently and the best magic resist item for Urgot. Adaptive Helm is incredibly strong against AP laners, specifically ones that often spam poke abilities. In some cases, I actually buy this item before buying Black Cleaver. If buying Black Cleaver does not give you kill pressure in a lane, it is more important to purchase defensive stats for survivability. A few examples in which I would prioritize Adaptive Helm would be against laners such as Vladimir, Rumble, Teemo and Lissandra. Black Cleaver won't grant me kill pressure against them due to Vladimir’s sustain from Transfusion and his Sanguine Pool, Rumble’s shield and movement speed from Scrap Shield, or Teemo’s movement speed from Move Quick. These champions also repetitively poke you with the same abilities: Vladimir’s Transfusion, Rumble’s Flamespitter, and Teemo’s Toxic Shot effect on his auto attacks. This makes the 20% damage reduction from Adaptive Helm’s passive extremely effective at negating their poke damage. When laning against Lissandra, I prioritize Adaptive Helm simply because her damage becomes actually irrelevant against me once the item is completed. To summarize, only rush Adaptive Helm over Black Cleaver in very specific matchups; if you can't kill them, make it so they can’t kill you either.
RANDUIN'S OMEN: This is the most effective armor item in the game against crit based champions like Tryndamere, Yasuo, and the return of crit based ADC’s. In particularly oppressive lanes such as Tryndamere and Yasuo I often buy this after my tier 2 boots and Black Cleaver. It scales very well into late game, especially with the active slow ability on the item. However, with items such as Infinity Edge and the ever-increasing sources of true damage being introduced in the game, Randuin's Omen is not as efficient as it was in previous seasons.
RIGHTEOUS GLORY: Although it used to be a core item for Urgot, as the meta evolves the frequency in which I find myself buying this item has reduced drastically. The reasoning for this is actually quite simple: Urgot ideally should not be the teams source of engage. However, Turbo Chemtank is a great item to buy if your team composition lacks a source of engage and you must fulfill this role. Without Turbo Chemtank, you would be forced to use Flash to start an engagement or skirmish.
SPIRIT VISAGE: It can work as a replacement for Adaptive Helm, I usually buy it if I took the rune Triumph to boost my team fight sustain. Although, Urgot doesn't have a healing ability in his kit, it's still worth mentioning this item. It also offers an additional 100HP compared to Adaptive Helm, so if the passive of Adaptive helm is not needed due to a lack of Damage over time abilities or mages with very low cooldown abilities and you need health and MR, it can be bought as an alternative.
GARGOYLE STONEPLATE: This item is highly underrated on Urgot. The raw stats of Adaptive Helm provide a decent amount of defenses, and it provides both armor and magic resist. Our juggernaut's main role in team fights is to execute an enemy and proc his CC, and this item’s active ability allows Urgot to temporary double his effective HP for 4 seconds. This active also reduces your damage output by 60% during this time, however this debuff is mostly irrelevant on Urgot. This is because, as stated previously, your job in a team fight is to successfully execute an enemy and apply the AOE CC with your Fear Beyond Death. It is your teammate’s job to damage the enemy hit by your ultimate and allow you to reactive your ultimate and execute the enemy. Additionally, during the actual execution of Fear Beyond Death you cannot cast abilities or auto attack; you can only reposition. This animation takes approximately 1.5 seconds, meaning that the 4 seconds damage debuff from Gargoyle Stoneplate is only impactful for 2.5 seconds. All in all, this is an extremely good item on Urgot and when combined with the rune Perfect Timing rune in the Inspiration path, the reduced cooldown of the item active makes it available basically every time your ultimate is off of cooldown.
ZZ'ROT PORTAL: It's a decent item on Urgot and is mostly used in a defensive fashion to defend base or ability to pressure to a specific lane. However, many people overlook the offensive power of this item and its ability to kill turrets more effectively. Although this item has defensive stats it is most efficiently used in an offensive fashion. If your team comp lacks a strong sieging tool or wants to increase the amount of pressure you exert on the map, this item is definitely worth the purchase.
WARMOG'S ARMOR: A good item to buy on Urgot because of the large amount of health and health regeneration that it provides, however I would not recommend buying this item without first purchasing resistances of some sort. This is because without resistances and the abundance of %HP damage sources in the game, you will die quite easily despite the large health pool it gives you. This item is best as a 3rd or 4th item purchase, because by that point in the game you will likely have enough health to activate the Warmog's Heart passive HP regeneration effect, allowing you to pressure objectives after dangerous team fights and granting your team a much stronger Baron turn potential.
LOCKET OF THE IRON SOLARI: A supportive item, it's not as great as it used to be but if you fall behind in lane and want to be a second support or add an extra source of protection for you carries, it is definitely a viable item that offers decent resistances.
DEAD MAN'S PLATE: Urgot is a very slow champion, and because of this additional movement speed helps him significantly. This item works the best if you use the Unsealed Spellbook rune and you have Teleport on cooldown, allowing you to group with your team or rotate around the map much faster. The additional movement speed that Dead Man's Plate grants you a plethora of benefits; from avoiding ganks, out rotating your enemies, joining a fight before your enemy later can, the benefits of movement speed are plentiful. It is worth noting, however, that this item is highly gold inefficient without taking into account the movement speed passive, so proper utilization of this passive is a necessity. If you game extends to ~1 hour you can sell boots and buy Dead Man's Plate or Zz'Rot Portal if enemy ad champions deal majority of their damage through abilities, not autoattacks. That's because Ninja Tabi help a lot with dealing with autoattack based champions and if enemy team lacks them you can just replace them with one of the recently mentioned items. A lost of movement speed won't be that noticable as they grant situational movement speed.
ICEBORN GAUNTLET: It's a rather weak item for Urgot simply because after early game mana is rarely an issue. Besides the cool down reduction, this item provides very little useful stats. On top of that Urgot has low base attack damage so the additional damage from the item’s on-hit bonus damage isn't significant. Although the AOE slow is nice, because this is the only significant benefit of this item it is not worth the gold to purchase it.
GUARDIAN ANGEL: This item is both an offensive and defensive item, granting both attack damage and armor. This item's bread and butter is its passive, which is mainly used as a defensive tool. It's great if you're snowballing because you can go deep into enemy lines during a teamfight without having to worry about dying. The Perfect Timing rune has strong synergy with this item, reducing the cool down of the passive revival effect.

Situational Damage Items
THE BLACK CLEAVER: Black Cleaver is the fundamental core of all Urgot builds. The only situation in which you should not buy Black Cleaver is either when the enemy team has no champions that can stack armor, you are snowballing, or situationally in midlane. In these rare situation it is acceptable to purchase a Trinity Force instead. However, I always purchase this item after I finish my tier 2 boots as it provides every stat that Urgot needs and has strong synergy with his Purge ability. In rare cases it can be delayed to a third item, but this is only in lanes where you have to prioritize the defensive stats of Adaptive Helm in order to survive the lane. I have elaborated on this topic in the Adaptive Helm section of this guide, but I only delay my Black Cleaver purchase against strong AP lanes such as Rumble, Teemo, and Vladimir. Against strong AD matchups it's better to still rush Black Cleaver along with either a Bramble Vest, Chain Vest or Glacial Shroud.
FROZEN MALLET: The viability of this item is heavily debated among high Elo Urgot players. Prior to the Sterak's Gage changes making the item melee only, Frozen Mallet was not viable on Urgot because Sterak's Gage was the better Jaurim's Fist item and provided the HP and AD bruiser stats that Urgot needs. However, because Sterak's Gage is melee-only now Frozen Mallet is a viable bruiser item for Urgot. Many Urgot mains believe it is not gold efficient because it is mainly purchased for its stats due to Frozen Mallet’s passive slow reduction on ranged champions. The slow effect does however have decent synergy with the Approach Velocity rune, so experiment yourself to find your own personal opinion on this items efficiency in your Urgot build.
DEATH'S DANCE: Urgot deals primarily physical damage, which makes the passive of Death's Dance very efficient on our juggernaut. However, the offensive components of this item leave you without both resistances and health. On the other hand, once the item is completed Death's Dance’s passive grants Urgot great sustain from the life steal. Combined with its strong offensive stats, this makes Death's Dance one of the best offensive items on Urgot.
MAW OF MALMORTIUS: This item is often picked up if playing in the mid lane, because it offers a more offensive route to magic resistance in his build. It's very matchup dependant though, and is most effective against bursty mages.
TRINITY FORCE: Although it offers good stats, this item is most effective for midlane. Although many previous Black Cleaver users have been trending towards Trinity Force recently, on Urgot it is not as effect compared to other bruiser. This is due to the fact that attack speed is not an important stat for Urgot, and the sheen damage is mediocre due to his low base AD. Because of this, Black Cleaver in most cases is the better Phage item for Urgot, especially in the top lane, you can build it in the mid lane though because enemies there are much more squiqshy.
YOUMUU'S GHOSTBLADE: This item can be purchased over Black Cleaver due to lethality’s strong synergy with AD casters such as Urgot. Although it’s comments are all Long Sword’s and offer no defensive stats, you can always purchase a Ruby Crystal item for some defensive stats before finishing the item. Although it is not a staple of most Urgot builds, it is a viable damage item choice.
EDGE OF NIGHT: A Turbo Chemtank and Edge of Night combo can be an efficient way to create almost unstoppable initation, however this is much more of a “cheese’ strategy. However, if your team composition lacks engage you can catch enemies and look for a successful flip by Disdain to create a pick. If you don't plan to build Turbo Chemtank though, I would recommend to stay away from this item. Even though its statistics may seem good on Urgot, they are still highly inefficient and the item active is not worth the gold.
LORD DOMINIK'S REGARDS: This item can work as either a replacement for Black Cleaver or a supplement to it. The item’s armor penetration, especially after recent buffs, can help decently in trades against tanks. Essentially these items together will change any tank into a killable champion. I would only usually buy this item against an enemy team comp with 2 armors stacking true tanks.
MORTAL REMINDER: I wouldn't recommend to upgrade Executioner's Calling into Mortal Reminder until last item, because it is usually the role of the marksman to buy and apply the Grievous Wounds healing debut against high sustain enemies. However, if you don't have a Marksman or you needed Grevious Wounds in earlier in the game, make sure to upgrade it in late game to increase your damagee.

ELIXIR OF WRATH: In a vast majority of games the correct Elixir to buy on Urgot is Elixir of Iron, but in some cases other elixir’s are viable. For example, when you have either a Death's Dance or Spirit Visage, Elixir of Wrath’s healing increase makes this a viable buy. This logic also applies when your team has a heavy healing support.
ELIXIR OF IRON: As stated previously, it is the best Elixir for Urgot due to the versality it provides, Although the health is nice, but the main reason why it's bought is because of the Tenacity it gives and the small movement speed path which appears behind you, making your engages more successful.
ELIXIR OF SORCERY: Even though it may seem ridiculous to buy on a champion with no AP scalings, Elixir of Sorcery is actually somewhat viable on him because of the way Purge interacts with turrets. On-hit effects are reduced to 33% but since it gives true damage, its damage is not reduced. I would only buy this elixir if I was strictly split pushing however, because the 325 damage to turrets on every Purge cast drastically increases your ability to take down towers.
Full Build Examples
Urgot's very flexible in terms of his build options. He can play like a second support, like a tank, bruiser, assassin and probably many more. In this part of the guide I will mention just a couple of the builds you can use against specific team compositions or in specific playstyles.

Generally, Black Cleaver is almost a must have item. However, it's not always needed to buy it as a first item. Keep it in mind and if you want to have some defense or an item like Death's Dance it's completely okay to build it later. I mention this because this item will be present in each of these example builds.

The most common build for Urgot is:

Black Cleaver, Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads, Death's Dance or Maw of Malmortius, Turbo Chemtank, Adaptive Helm or Spirit Visage, Guardian Angel. Finished with either of these elixirs: Elixir of Iron or Elixir of Wrath.

And there's nothing wrong with this build, you have a lot of damage while being tanky.

I'll list some builds that you can use if enemies are full AD, full AP or in case you want to be a splitpusher or teamfighter.

Against full AD you should be looking for these items:

Ninja Tabi, Black Cleaver, Guardian Angel, Randuin's Omen (if they have crit) or Warmog's Armor, Turbo Chemtank, Thornmail or Dead Man's Plate.

With this build you have a lot of Armor and Health but you should be dealing good damage with 2 AD items.

Against full AP you should be looking for these items:

Mercury's Treads, Black Cleaver, Maw of Malmortius, Spirit Visage, Adaptive Helm, Warmog's Armor or Abyssal Mask.

The possibility to meet 4/5 mages in one game is almost 0 but when it happens these items should give you a lot of tankiness.
Team Work
Urgot is very multi-dimensional in his play style, which you can use to your advantage. His role can vary from a splitpusher, warden, teamfighter or whatever role he needs to fill. However, despite his ability to play such a large variety of roles, Urgot isn't the BEST champion at any particular play-style. There will always be another champion who lacks the diversity that Urgot does, but can fill niche roles to complete certain team compositions. Don’t let this dissuade you from playing Urgot though, because his multi-dimensional play-style doesn’t confine him into a specific play-pattern

• As a splitpusher, you won't kill turrets faster than Jax, Trundle or Camille but Urgot can clear waves faster than them even though he can't purchase Tiamat. If you decide to be a split pusher, then Demolish, Elixir of Sorcery and Mountain Dragon 's buffs are very helpful. You don't have to get Demolish if you would rather take a more defensive rune, but it helps a lot if you plan on strictly split pushing. Although at first glance, Elixir of Sorcery seems to be an inefficient item on Urgot, with it you deal 25 true damage to turrets when you cast W. Urgot's W hits 12 times so the damage is pretty good. Yes, sadly Urgot doesn't have AP scalings but it still outscales Elixir of Wrath in terms of damage to turrets which is your goal as a split pusher. The same concept applies with Mountain Dragon 's buff.

• If this playstyle doesn't fit you, you can be a Warden or a second Support in your team. There aren't many supportive items that are good on Urgot because of ranged champions limits but Locket of the Iron Solari and/or Redemption are definitely viable. For this playstyle you generally want to be with your team, you want to flip enemies away from your carries with Disdain and just be somewhat useful. This is often my strategy when I have a bad game, when I feed and when my carries are fed and I feel that they can carry. By helping them to survive I actually cleanse my sins of feeding and I try to help team to achieve victory.

• An teamfighter. Urgot is excellent in grouped fights as long as he is able to execute someone from the enemy team. You should generally build more tanky than usual in order to be able survive until your are able to complete the execution from your ultimate and subsequent fear. The aoe fear combined with some tricks that I will explain later can allow you to completely take control of a teamfight. I won't mention every defensive tank item, but one that I find especially efficient is Gargoyle Stoneplate. The survivability that this item provides alone is usually enough to survive long enough to get the fear off before dying.

• An initiator. If your team doesn't have a reliable engage tool you need to be the one who's gonna do it. Items like Turbo Chemtank, Randuin's Omen or Edge of Night significantly help you achieve this goal. Additionally you can use Flash during Disdain to extend dash range. Initiating with Flash isn't the best idea most of the times because it's easily predictable after the first time enemies fall into the trick.
Skill Sequence
Urgot Top Lane and Jungle

> > >


Although these two rune pages are quite similar at first glance, after level 6 you have many choices on how to spread skills into abilities. For Top Lane and Jungle you want to get Purge on first level because of its versality:

• it allows you to shield some of the early game poke in Top Lane
• it gives overall the most damage out of all Urgot's basic abilities in combination with Urgot’s shotgun knee’s passive
• It makes your first camp clear very fast (Jungle) or allows you to give your jungler the best pull of all Top Lane champions
• if needed you can just shove lans at level one and then wait for wave to crush under the turret so next waves push into you
• with Purge on level one you can win 1v1 against basically anyone as long as they don't have a combat Summoner Spell advantage and you remember about using Potions if they want to fight you.

On second level you should take Disdain almost always, unless you play vs Ranged champion and/or you have Arcane Comet and/or Manaflow Band. That's because if you take Corrosive Charge at second level you can poke enemies and get Manaflow Band stacks more reliably. Another point to take into account is that ranged matchups aren't very popular in the Top Lane so Arcane Comet isn't the best choice there so for most of the times you should take Disdain second instead. Why?

• it has 35 more base damage than Corrosive Charge at rank 1 of the ability
• despite 20% lower attack damage ratio it is still just better because Urgot's base AD is low so this diffrrence is very minimal in the early lane phase
• an extra mobility allows you to increase your chances of escaping from a enemy jungler's level 3 gank
• allows you to play more offensively and allows you to win most of the level 2 all-ins
• allows you to have a better gank setup if your jungler wants to do a early gank for you.

Finally, I will explain why I usually level Corrosive Charge last. Its mana cost on the first level of the ability is just too big for how small it gives. However, leveling Corrosive Charge is amazing because the mana cost does not increase but damage and slow's strength goes up by a lot. A difference between a rank 1 and 3 Corrosive Charge is massive so I just prefer to wait a bit with leveling it up. After these initial levels, the skill sequence is pretty standard; level up Fear Beyond Death whenever possible, max Corrosive Charge, then Purge and lastly Disdain.

Urgot Mid Lane

> > >


This skill sequence is much better when you play with Arcane Comet because you've got an access to the ranged poke that you can use to eventually kill the enemy. Manaflow Band is also much better with this setup as you can easily get the stacks for hitting Corrosive Charge's constantly on the enemy. Afterwards it's the same as in previous skill order, you continue maxing Fear Beyond Death whenever it's possible, followed by Corrosive Charge, then Purge and lastly Disdain.

Urgot Top Lane Situational with Press the Attack

> > >


This skill sequence allows you to have better tankiness which help in some bruiser duels and it's good into tanks as you can't poke them to death most of the times. I stop maxing Purge on third rank because first rank of Corrosive Charge is too bad to leave it at first rank until level 10th. That's why at levels 7-10 I max Corrosive Charge and then I finish leveling Purge at levels 12 and 13. You learn Fear Beyond Death whenever you can as usual and Disdain is the last ability you want to max.
Tips and tricks
You can use Flash during Disdain's animation in order to increase its range.


A well timed Disdain is able to interrupt non unstoppable jumps.


A correctly timed Disdain allows Urgot to continue the dash even during a stun. However, there is an exception and it won't allow Urgot to continue the dash when he gets suppressed during the effect.



Fear Beyond Death's slow percentage is based on enemy's health.
It's 0% slow for an target's 0% missing health, 15% slow for an target's 15% missing health, 25% slow for an target's 25% missing health and so on up to 75% slow = 75% target's missing health.


Remember to walk around monsters in jungle and Big Monsters like Dragon , Baron Nashor or Rift Herald . Why? To proc all your legs and to kill it faster.


Remember about using autoattack before you use Purge in order to increase an overall damage output.



When Urgot has an available to use Shotgun Knee and when he has Black Cleaver, he procs two Black Cleaver stacks instead of one.


It is possible to use E>Q combo in the way that Corrosive Charge hits an enemy while he is still stunned by Disdain in order to guarrantee Corrosive Charge to hit and to decrease enemy's chances of escaping or dodging Corrosive Charge to zero, otherwise enemy has chances to escape. Keep in mind though that if your enemy has Tenacity the window to guarrantee Corrosive Charge to hit while he's stunned decreases.



Boots of Swiftness are not recommended because they don't decrease Urgot's -125 base movement speed debuff during attacking an enemy with Purge. Instead, they only give 10 more Movement Speed than Ninja Tabi and Mercury's Treads.



When you have Tahm Kench in your team you can use Purge before he eats you with Devour and it won't stop firing these 12 shots. They will be fired out of Tahm Kench's belly ;D
I agree, it's not really practical but it's for sure a fun interaction, can definitely help sometimes, for example when you're almost dead but you continue killing enemies and you just wait for your cooldowns.


Using Urgot's other abilities will extend the duration of Purge briefly to compensate for the animation time.

When you lock on an enemy and then you use Purge, then Purge will focus the locked-on target instead of focusing the closest target.


Purge applies on-hit effects but at 50% efficiency.

Urgot can not cross walls and player-made terrains by using Disdain.


Urgot's legs don't rotate when he turns, so you’ll have to maneuver around your opponents to make the most use out of Echoing Flames.

Disdain helps Urgot take advantage of these three Shotgun Knees behind you and make the most of Echoing Flames while Purge helps him proc Echoing Flames multiple times in a rapid succession. Position yourself carefully to take advantage of all six or all currently available Shotgun Knees.

Urgot's huge powerspikes are on levels:
- 1 (2% max health damage; 30 seconds cooldown)
- 6 (3%; 20 s cd)
- 9 (4%; 10 s cd)
- 11 (5%; 5 s cd)
- 13 (6%; 2,5 s cd)

On levels:
- 1 (40% of total Attack Damage)
- 6 (50% tAD)
- 9 (65% tAD)
- 11 (80% tAD)
- 13 (90% tAD)
- 15 (100% tAD) in terms of his passive damage and cooldown.

And on levels:
- 1 - 60
- 2 - 78
- 3 - 95
- 4 - 113
- 5 - 131
- 6 - 148
- 7 - 166
- 8 - 184
- 9 - 201
- 10 - 219
- 11 - 236
- 12 - 254
- 13 - 272
- 14 - 289
- 15 - 307
- 16 - 325
- 17 - 342
- 18 - 360 capped max damage to monsters.

Purge is a great tool to kill wards very quickly. Keep in mind that you can use autoattack before you use W to kill it even faster. However, when you play against Urgot remember to not use ward under him because Urgot's Purge won't focus wards unless it has nothing else to attack.



Urgot can freely move (for as long as he's not hard CC'ed) while channeling his ultimate except during the initial cast time when he fires drill.

The target will die regardless of their current health once the second cast's chains hit, even if they are healed by Soraka's Wish (which can affect untargetable allies) or if they have a shield that persists the duration of the channel that places them above the health threshold.


You can use Flash after second cast of Urgot's Fear Beyond Death to surprise enemies with a AoE fear.


You can use Disdain during Corrosive Charge's animation to increase distance between you and the enemy in order not to waste time.


Urgot's model is massive, however his legs don't really count that much to his hitbox so sometimes even when it seems like you are going to get hit by something, you ultimately won't because of this interaction.


Disdain is a great way to check if enemy invisible champion is hiding in a bush. After using Disdain you won't reveal them if you flip the target back to the bush but if you flip the target out of bush it will reveal them.



Disdain's great against slows because it allows you to move the same distance during the slow duration but much faster.


Using Disdain against Scuttle Crab decreases her Armor and Magic Resist by 50. In other words when you want to kill Scuttle Crab, always (if you are aware of enemy team's position) start attacking her by using Disdain.


Urgot's reactivation of ult is global so you can for example use ult on enemy Shen who decided to use ult even though he had only 40% Health (use it right before he teleports there to increase chance of the following) - Since he ulted to defend somoene, there's a chance that your allies will get him below 25% Health and you'll be able to bring him back from across the map to your belly. The same thought process comes to a Teleport play too, although it happens more rarely since you generally don't want to use it when you're on low hp. In a video example I just showed how it looks like when target is already below 25% Health.


Disdain's hitbox can make it easier to increase distance between you and monsters.


Urgot can deactivate Purge early to stop firing 3 times per second and to stop a movement speed debuff but keep shield. It's important to remember about this trick because as you can see even GAM Archie forgot or didn't know about this in game at 2017 Worlds and this could follow into his death but luckily for him he escaped. I couldn't set a video below to start at desired time so I'll just say that gank happened at 0:30 and and lasted til 0:37.



Urgot can use Disdain right after killing Blast Cone Plant and change the desired landing location.



Purge automatically targets Plant if there is nothing else to attack so remember about deactivating Purge before you Flash over some walls with Blast Cones near the area where you end up after flashing or you might end up going back to danger.


Purge actually attacks 13, not 12 times. I am not sure if it's a bug or not because its description says that it attacks 3 times per second and it lasts for 4 seconds so in theory it should be 12 attacks but in reality it is 13. You can realize it by watching a video below in 0,25 speed. Urgot starts attacking with right arm and he finishes with right arm.


Urgot can not critically strike with Purge mini autoattacks.


Disdain takes priority in a majority of dash battles but for example Camille's E outpowers Disdain and stuns Urgot instead.

Fear Beyond Death executes enemy champions and it doesn't leave target's body on the map. This means that if executed target has Guardian rune which normally works just fine even when user is dead and ally who takes damage and who stands on the dead target's body will get shield and movement speed. However, in Urgot's case it doesn't work like that. As you can see in a clip below, Shen loses the ability to proc Guardian. Very situational, often really not useful but in my opinion it's good to know this mechanic.


During reeling Urgot can normally only use Purge so if you want to reposition use Disdain before you click Fear Beyond Death for the second time. However, if you use Fear Beyond Death for the second time and then immediately use Disdain or Corrosive Charge you will be able to use these both abilities despite being normally locked out of being able to do it for a cost of a delayed reel process.


In a 1v1 scenario when you use Fear Beyond Death on someone who is very close to you the animation puts their body away instead of reeling them from the body's postion. This is because a reel speed is always the same despite the range betweeen you and the target. That's why sometimes when you fight 1v1 against someone and you hit first cast of Fear Beyond Death and you are able to reactivate it, target's body will be teleported/pushed away from you.

Fear Beyond Death's first cast can not kill a enemy even if you play full AD and have third rank on R and you use it on a squishy target with 5 hp. It wont kill a target because it's designed in that way to allow Urgot to use a aoe fear. Personally I think this interaction has both positive and negative aspects. For instance positive - you can turnaround a teamfight with a aoe fear, while negative is that you can die during reeling and the target ultimately won't die. Proof video:


Fear Beyond Death's second cast doesn't stop enemy champion's actions when they are being drilled to Urgot's belly. There is sometimes a risk, that you will die to for example Garen who uses Judgment during the reel animation or to Jax and his Counter Strike if your Health is too low.


You can laugh during Disdain. It doesn't affect gameplay at all. It's just a visual change.


This combo doesn't seem very useful but sometimes if you are certain that the champion that you want to use this combo on has Flash and their mobility abilites on cooldown you can use it to put them into the place you wanted them to be. It can be useful if you're in this position that is showed in the video and enemy Thresh threw his lantern in front of you. By doing this trick you will make sure that his ally won't touch the Dark Passage. It's situational but worth mentioning.


Disdain works very well even in cases when there are multiple enemies bodyblocking your desired target. It requires some knowledge to hit the target you want to hit though.


Be aware of the Teleport bug - when you Teleport and immediately use any skillshot abiility, the ability will be fired into location where you used Teleport from. It's a interaction for every champion in the game but I list it because of how impactful Fear Beyond Death is. To solve this problem just move a little and then use R.


When your attack speed is decreased, it's optimal to use Purge instead of continuing autoattacking. With Purge turned on your attack speed is 3.0 no matter what. That's more important in the early game as later on you'll have access to Purge any time.


Farming and wave management
Urgot's shotgun knees make it a little bit more difficult to correctly manage the waves but as long as you keep track of the cool downs on which legs you have used you should be fine.
In most cases, your opponent will also use an ability that pushes the wave in return which nullifies this issue. Urgot is vulnerable to ganks so unless you have a powerful enough advantage/lead over enemies that you will be able to escape a potential gank or even turn it around or you are aware of enemy jungler's location, you shouldn't push the lane. Personally I like to shove the first two waves as soon as it's possible because in this period of time: 1:50-2:40 a possibility of getting ganked is high but not as high as it is in a ~2:41-3:30 period of time. Ofcourse, these timings aren't static.

Against junglers like Nidalee, Camille or Graves who have a very fast jungle clear and tend to gank at level 2 or 3, you should ward as soon as you killed first wave because they'll be already on their way for a gank and you don't want them to get a early lead.

Against more traditional junglers such as Vi, Volibear or Rek'Sai you can wait until you slay second wave because they will probably do a 3/4 camp clear which will delay their first gank timer.

Against tank and farm junglers you don't even have to buy Control Ward most of the times because they will either focus on just powerfarming or if they decide to gank they will lack enough damage to kill you (tanks). I talk here about champions such as Shyvana, Master Yi, Diana and tanks like - Skarner or Dr. Mundo. Against them you need to use your Trinkets as you do usual but since the danger is slightly lower you can use your trinket on a lane bush sometimes too, vs specific matchups.
Urgot's R interactions
Guardian Angel - Urgot doesn't execute an enemy who has Guardian Angel with its passive available but you can grab their body deep towards your team which probably means that they will die anyways but after a slight delay caused by this item.


Quicksilver Sash - this item completely cancels the second part of Fear Beyond Death when it's used during reeling but it still drags you close to Urgot. You can do something like Ezreal and use Arcane Shift after using Quicksilver Sash to reposition. It doesn't remove the drill though.



Stopwatch and Zhonya's Hourglass - Both these items put a champion in Stasis so if timed well, both can cancel Urgot's Ultimate.



Mikael's Blessing - This item can not save neither ally or yourself when you play vs Urgot. That's because when you're getting reeled in by him, you become untargetable which means you can't use it on your ally nor use it on yourself.

Akali's Twilight Shroud - This ability won't save Akali from the chains.


Alistar's Unbreakable Will - Alistar is able to free himself from getting reeled to Urgot's belly. He just has to use Unbreakable Will during reel process.


Anivia's Rebirth - If you use Fear Beyond Death on Anivia who has her passive ready you will reel her in but you won't execute her and aoe fear won't be released. She'll be in a dangerous position though so it's not that bad. If you use it on Anivia who's in her egg form you will execute her and release aoe fear.



Bard's Tempered Fate - Similarly to Stopwatch, if enemy or ally Bard ults you after you ulted someone and this target fell below needed threshold you will be able to execute him freely. Tempered Fate won't work on enemies who are being reeled because they're untargetable. However, if a Bard player times his R correctly, he can save himself or ally from the second part of Urgot's Ultimate.


Braum's Unbreakable - This ability can't stop second part of Urgot's Ultimate. However, if Braum uses Unbreakable in front of a target who would die to the second cast of Fear Beyond Death he will not be dragged in. It could be a bug, though.



Ekko's Chronobreak - When he uses ultimate he's untargetable for a short amount of time. It's enough to dodge Urgot's ultimate if timed well.


Elise's Rappel - She can't wait out entire Fear Beyond Death's duration because Rappel allows her to stay in the air for only up to 2 seconds while Urgot's ult lasts up to 4 seconds. However, if Elise uses her E in spider form right before chains connect, she will dodge them, putting you ult on cooldown.



Evelynn's Last Caress - When she uses ultimate she's untargetable for a short amount of time. It's still enough to dodge Urgot's ultimate if timed well.


Ezreal's Arcane Shift - This ability can't allow Ezreal to dodge second cast of Fear Beyond Death.


Fiora's Riposte - This ability can block both casts of Urgot's ultimate. For a Fiora player it's better to block first part as it's much easier.


Fizz's Playful / Trickster - Obviously, Fizz can dodge first part of Urgot's ult but he can dodge second part too. It requires very good timing from Fizz to block it but when he uses first part of his Playful / Trickster ability right before second part of Fear Beyond Death would connect him, he will dodge it.


Gangplank's Remove Scurvy - Gangplank can just eat a orange to remove second part of Fear Beyond Death. All he needs to do is to use it when he's getting reeled into Urgot's belly. FeelsBadMan :/


Hecarim's Onslaught of Shadows - Hecarim is unstoppable during his ultimate so his Ultimate will go through, but right after his Ultimate completes, Fear Beyond Death begins to reel him in and execute.


Illaoi's Leap of Faith - She is unstoppable for a short amount of time after using ultimate but it won't save her from the second cast of Urgot's Ultimate.


Irelia's Defiant Dance - This ability doesn't allow Irelia to cancel the second part of Urgot's R but can still hit you while you're grinding her, so be careful.


Jarvan IV's Cataclysm - He is unstoppable for a short amount of time after using ultimate but it will only delay his execution.


Kalista's Fate's Call - This ability will prevent her linked ally to be executed if she times Fate's Call correctly. Additionally, her "bubble" lasts lost enough that her ally can wait entire duration of Urgot's ultimate.


Kayle's Intervention - Kayle can save herself or her ally by using Intervention in a correct time. Luckily she can't use her ult when her ally or herself is on the way to be executed as they are untargetable during this process. Urgot is in a favorable role also because you can control when you click R for the second time. This means that when playing vs Kayle you need to wait 0,5-1,5 seconds (time depends on her R rank) and then begin the execute process.


Kindred's Lamb's Respite - In the circle nothing can die but you can use Fear Beyond Death on the enemy who is inside this area and either walk away outside the circle (if you were in a circle in the first place, but it's more dangerous as you might be on low health at this point so wait until the last available moment - right before executing an enemy) or when you are outside of the circle (you just need to hit R and then click it second time when they fall below the threshold. TL:DR - Urgot counters Kindred hard.



Kled's Chaaaaaaaarge!!! and Skaarl the Cowardly Lizard - Kled is unstoppable for entire duration of his ultimate and this time, his Ultimate will counter Urgot's Ultimate. You would need to wait with a second cast of Urgot's R until he finishes his journey to finish him off successfully.
For his passive, Kled becomes untargetable for a short amount of time when he mounts so you need to be aware of these two interactions. Second interaction between his passive and Urgot's Ultimate is that when you use Fear Beyond Death on Kled who is mounted and has low Health, you will be able to reel him in, dismounting him but it won't kill him.




Lissandra's Frozen Tomb - Lissandra palces herself in statis for a duration of her ultimate so she can dodge Urgot's Ultimate.


Malphite's Unstoppable Force - Despite giving Malphite a unstoppable effect, he will still be reeled in so don't wait too long with recasting because as you can see in the first video proof, he might still damage/CC you or your whole team.



Maokai's Twisted Advance - Maokai is untargetable for a brief amount of time so he can use his W to dodge chains.


Master Yi's Alpha Strike - This champion can escape Urgot's chains when he uses Alpha Strike.


Malzahar's Void Shift - His passive in theory can block Urgot's Ultimate but in reality it's close to impossible. Just wait 0,1 or 0,2 seconds with casting second part of Fear Beyond Death and it will always execute him successfully.



Morgana's Black Shield - Her E makes it so she or her ally can't be dragged when they've Black Shield. However, if her Black Shield lasted a little more than one second you can just wait out the remaining duration so the shield expires and your second cast of Fear Beyond Death is going to be successful. Timing is crucial in this matchup.


Nocturne's Shroud of Darkness - Even a well timed Shroud of Darkness will not save Nocturne from getting executed by a second cast of Urgot's ult.


Olaf's Ragnarok - During his ultimate he is immune to crowd control for 6 seconds so he won't be pulled to your belly. In theory you could wait 2~ seconds and then use ult for the second time but Olaf's W combined with his passive gives him enough sustain to get back on a safe 25+% Health. On top of that, in the first vidoe proof, as you can see, sometimes you can get the reel animation off which disallows you to use autoattacks and your Purge's mini autoattacks don't work either. It's big because sometimes you might have needed 1 or 2 autoattacks to finish Olaf but an experienced Olaf player who knows about this interaction, will use his Ultimate in a way, that prevents you from autoattacking and using spells for a brief moment and potentially make a good use (for him) from it.



Pantheon's Grand Skyfall - He is untargetable when he's in the air so you need to wait with second part of your ult until he falls on the ground.



Rek'Sai's Void Rush - She is untargetable during Void Rush but it won't stop her from being executed by Urgot's R. However, when Rek'Sai prepares for a jump, she can dodge Urgot's second cast of Ultimate.



Rengar's Battle Roar - Rengar's empowered Battle Roar removes all forms of CC, including the chains.


Ryze's Realm Warp - Ryze's Ultimate allows him or his ally to dodge Urgot's Ultimate if timed well.


Shaco's Hallucinate - He can use Hallucinate right before chains would connect him to try to dodge them but he won't end up alive as the execute process won't be stopped.


Shyvana's Dragon's Descent - Shyvana becomes unstoppable during the dash on her R but Urgot's Ultimate will pull her in, after a short delay.


Sion's Unstoppable Onslaught - Sion is unstoppable for entire duration of his ultimate. If he hits a wall after a ride that is shorter than 3,5~ seconds you will be able to reactivate Fear Beyond Death and successfully executing Sion. If he's under the effect for over 4 second, Sion will run away alive as his ult lasts longer than Urgot's ult. In other words, if you see a Sion player escaping the chains from your Ultimate, just wait full 4 seconds and there's a chance you'll kill him anyways.


Sivir's Spell Shield - This ability can block only first part of Urgot's ultimate.


Tahm Kench's Devour - Tahm Kench's most iconic ability when used on a target ulted by Urgot will cancel Urgot's R. If you're with Tahm Kench in team, and your Flash is on cooldown and his Flash is available, you can ask him to eat you and flash forward for a AoE fear that enemies won't expect.



Taric's Cosmic Radiance - Taric's ultimate grants Invulnerability so it will prevent him and his allies from being executed. It has a decently long delay so if it's possible, wait a few seconds and recast Fear Beyond Death as Taric's Ultimate is about to end. By doing this, he or his ally will still be executed.


Tryndamere's Undying Rage - It lasts 1 second longer than Urgot's ult but also Tryndamere has heal on his Q so it might be dangerous to try calculate whether he's low enough or not to wait out entire duration of his ult by ulting after first second of his ult. Other than that, when Tryndamere is under the effect of Undying Rage he won't be executed. Remember that Tryndamere can use Undying Rage also when he's CC'ed.


Vi's Cease and Desist - Vi's Ultimate is unable to counter Fear Beyond Death.


Vladimir's Sanguine Pool - Vladimir's pool is able to counter Fear Beyond Death.


Warwick's Jaws of the Beast and Infinite Duress - Warwick is briefly unstoppable during his Q animation but it won't save him from getting executed. However, his Ultimate allows him to deny this process.



Xayah's Featherstorm - Featherstorm can dodge chains if she uses this ability right before chains would connect her.


Yasuo's Wind Wall - This ability blocks both parts of Fear Beyond Death.



Yuumi's You and Me! - You need to time your Ultimate correctly as if you do it too late she'll be able to hide in her ally's model. However, it's possible to catch her with chains when she's travelling by using her W.





Zac's Cell Division - For his passive the same will happen as in Anivia's case with an exception that you can't ult the mini blobs.


Zed's Death Mark - He vanishes for 0,75 seconds so he's able to dodge the second part of Urgot's Ultimate.


Zilean's Chronoshift - It needs to be used before chains connect as targets are untargetable during the reeling process. It works though, so it prevents from dying to Fear Beyond Death if used correctly.

What to do during teamfights?
Urgot is a champion who relies heavily on the way how he uses Fear Beyond Death. its use can be game changing but on the other hand, Urgot isn't a champion who is considered as a "ulti bot" (a term used to describe champions who rely mainly on their ultimate ability). While Fear Beyond Death is a really powerful ability it doesn't mean that it defines Urgot in teamfights as he can be really useful even if he misses it (which isn't your goal ofcourse). His CC and sustained damage make him a huge threat to the enemy team.

I'll talk here about how to utilize Fear Beyond Death most effectively. It deals the more damage the more health your enemy has got. This mens that unlike most of the champions he doesn't benefit that much from trying to run straight to the enemy carries and hope that your own carries will survive their front line champions. As Urgot you actually benefit from focusing and killing enemy front line because your Ult will be more impactful.

Urgot can do many things in teamfights, poke, defend, initiate but he is the best at giving cc and in shredding armor. Even if you seem like not doing much you are always useful because of the way Purge works and the fact that you deal %Health damage. It will allow you to stay relevant throughout whole game.

Our Juggernaut with 6 legs is really powerful in teamfights. Maybe he's not as useful as for example Galio but he's definitely high on the list for as long as your R successfully hits someone in teamfight.

Flash Combos. Urgot's combos, especially the two of them - using Flash right before executing for the surprise aoe fear + a combination of Flash and Disdain are necessary for turning around teamfights. Urgot doesn't rely on his Flash that much to be called useless when it's on cooldown but it's definitely not a secret that these tricks can turn the teamfight around.

Patience. Fear Beyond Death but also Disdain are great abilities when you hit them. If you miss them - not so much as you either make yourself much weaker (without ult) or you can put yourself in a wrong position (if you miss E). Try to be patient and if it's possible wait for your team to activate theirs CC so that you won't miss any of these important abilities.

Urgot doesn't even have to be in a teamfight to be scary. You can pressure enemy team by splitpushing with a available to use Teleport. It's enough to tilt enemy team as long as you do splitpushing correctly.

For a summary, try to R tankier champions from enemy front line, remember about Flash combos and be patient :)
Valuable Urgot content creators
- Tomer is a Urgot/Zac enthusiast, he's got a enormously big youtube channel where you can find I guess every common matchup that he's ever experienced as Urgot. His stream is great too, very informative and valuable

- He is a Urgot/Pantheon main, he has great streams and his own playstyle that works pretty well although it doesn't really fit my style ;x

- This man beat me in a 1v1 few years ago in a old Urgot 1v1 battle. He's a beast and I truly respect him. He doesn't play new Urgot that often anymore but when he does it's always a good content ;P

- I will shamelessly plug my youtube channel because I plan it to be a place with a educational content about Urgot's matchups, something similar to FlyingBaklava's youtube channel.

- A Urgot, Swain and Malzahar player. Very good player and it's definitely worth to watch his streams :)
Urgot Skins, Wards, Icons, Emotes + Music Guide

Name: Base Skin Collection

This collection includes:

- Name of Skin and Profile Background: Base Urgot Skin;

- Summoner Icon name: Zaun 2017 Icon or Rubber Ducky Icon;

- Ward Skin name: Mecha Ward.

Name: Battlecast Collection

This collection includes:

- Name of Skin and Profile Background: Battlecast Urgot;

- Summoner Icon name: Battlecast Icon or Battlecast Poro Icon;

- Ward Skin name: Battlecast Ward or Battlecast Poro Ward.

Name: Crab Collection

This collection includes:

- Name of Skin and Profile Background: Giant Enemy Crabgot;

- Summoner Icon name: Cool Crab Icon (in my opinion it's the best choice) or Come At Me Crab Icon or Crabby Crab Icon or an honorable mention which is Rubber Ducky Icon;

- Ward Skin name: His Royal Crabness Ward.

Name: Butcher Collection

This collection includes:

- Name of Skin and Profile Background: Butcher Urgot;

- Summoner Icon name: It's a difficult one but in my opinion Crabby Crab Icon or Come At Me Crab Icon will fit the most;

- Ward Skin name: Also a difficult choice, I would go for Tomb Angel Ward Skin.

High Noon Collection

This collection includes:

- Name of Skin and Profile Background: High Noon Urgot;

- Summoner Icon name: High Noon Urgot Icon;

- Ward Skin name: Devil Vulture Ward.


You only need 2 emotes when you play Urgot:

I talk about Shell Shocked and Toot Toot Emotes.


When you play as Urgot, music maybe isn't necessary but it can help too! That's why these playlists, one for each skin exists:

Base skin Urgot

Butcher Urgot

Giant Enemy Crabgot

Battlecast Urgot

High Noon Urgot
Patches that affected Urgot aka Change Log
It will be updated whenever new patch affects Urgot directly or indirectly in a meaningful way.

Patch 9.10

- Essence Reaver

- Conqueror
HEALING At full stacks, 10% ⇒ 8% of the damage dealt against champions is converted to true damage and healing

Patch 9.9

- Manamune
DAMAGE 25 ⇒ 35 (Also applies to Muramana)

- Bone Plating
DAMAGE BLOCKED 25-50 based on level ⇒ 30-60 based on level

- Cheap Shot
DAMAGE 8-40 based on level ⇒ 10-45 based on level

- Conditioning
RESISTANCES AT 10 MINUTES 8 bonus armor and and bonus magic resistance ⇒ 9 bonus armor and bonus magic resistance

- Demolish
TOOLTIP Now shows how much damage the next Demolish empowered basic attack will do

- Magical Footwear
SPAWN TIME 10 minutes (-30 seconds per takedown) ⇒ 12 minutes (-45 seconds per takedown)

- Relentless Hunter
OUT-OF-COMBAT MOVEMENT SPEED 8 (+8 per stack) ⇒ 10 (+9 per stack)

- Scorch
DAMAGE 10-30 based on level ⇒ 15-35 based on level

- Ultimate Hunter
ULTIMATE COOLDOWN REDUCTION 5% (+3% per stack), up to 20% at max stacks ⇒ 5% (+4% per stack), up to 25% at max stacks

- Rift Scuttler

Patch 9.8

- Bramble Vest
GRIEVOUS WOUNDS DURATION 1 second ⇒ 3 seconds

- Enchantment: Cinderhulk
Deals 200% ⇒ 300% bonus magic damage to minions and monsters

- Cut Down
REMOVED: ADAPTIVE FORCE No longer grants 9 bonus attack damage or 15 ability power for 10 seconds on champion takedown
BONUS DAMAGE 7% ⇒ 8% (to champions below 40% max health)

Patch 9.7


Passive - Echoing Flames
DAMAGE 2/3/4/6/8% target's max health ⇒ 2/3/4/5/6% target's max health (still at levels 1/6/9/11/13)

E - Disdain
COOLDOWN 14 seconds ⇒ 16/15.5/15/14.5/14 seconds
COST 50/60/70/80/90 mana ⇒ 60/70/80/90/100 mana

R - Fear Beyond Death
DAMAGE 125/250/375 ⇒ 100/225/350

- Eyeball Collection
MAX STACKS 20 ⇒ 10
STACKS 2 per champion kill, 1 per champion assist, 1 per ward kill ⇒ 1 per champion takedown (kill or assist)
ADAPTIVE FORCE 1 per stack (20 total) ⇒ 2 per stack (20 total)
COMPLETION BONUS 10 adaptive force (unchanged)

- Ghost Poro
REMOVED: Standing in brush no longer converts your trinket into a Ghost Poro. Placing a Ghost Poro in enemy territory no longer grants adaptive force.
NEW: Your wards now spawn a Ghost Poro when they expire, giving vision in the area until it's scared away be enemy champions. Wards killed by enemies don't spawn Ghost Poros.
NEW: Spawning a Ghost Poro grants 2 adaptive force up to 10 times (max 20). At 10 Ghost Poro spawns, gain an additional 10 adaptive force.

- Zombie Ward
REMOVED: Damaging a champion after clearing a ward no longer deals bonus damage
NEW: Clearing a ward grants 2 adaptive force up to 10 times (max 20). At 10 ward clears, gain an additional 10 adaptive force.

- Cut Down
DAMAGE 5-12% ⇒ 5-15% (still at 10-100% max health difference)

- Demolish
DAMAGE 100 (+30% max health) ⇒ 100 (+35% max health)

- Overgrowth
COMPLETION BONUS 2.5% max health increase ⇒ 3.5% max health increase

- Ultimate Hunter
ULT COOLDOWN REDUCTION 5 (+2% per stack), max 15% ⇒ 5 (+3% per stack), max 20%

Patch 9.6
Urgot's mini rework.

Base Stats
MANA 300 ⇒ 340

Passive - Echoing Flames
REMOVED: No longer deals 10% reduced damage to enemies hit in the last 5 seconds, stacking 3 times

W - Purge
REMOVED SHIELD - No longer grants 30/60/90/120/150 (+15% bonus health) shield
COST 65 mana ⇒ 40/30/20/10/0 mana
COOLDOWN 17/15/13/11/9 ⇒ 12/9/6/3/0 (becomes a toggle at max rank)

E - Disdain
NEW: SHIELD - Grants a 60/80/100/120/140 (+1.5 bonus attack damage) (+15% bonus health) shield for 4 seconds
DAMAGE 60/100/140/180/220 (+0.5 total attack damage) ⇒ 90/120/150/180/210 (+1.0 bonus attack damage)
COOLDOWN 16/15/14/13/12 seconds ⇒ 14 seconds
COST 50 mana ⇒ 50/60/70/80/90 mana

R - Fear Beyond Death
RANGE 1600 range ⇒ 2500 range
CAST TIME 0.4 seconds ⇒ 0.5 seconds
DAMAGE 50/175/300 (+0.5 total attack damage) ⇒ 125/250/375 (+0.5 bonus attack damage)

- Minion Dematerializer
STARTING COOLDOWN 240 seconds ⇒ 180 seconds

Patch 9.5

- Aftershock
RESIST DURATION 3 seconds ⇒ 2.5 seconds

- Conqueror
ADAPTIVE FORCE 2-10 per stack (10-50 at max stacks) ⇒ 2-6 per stack (10-30 at max stacks)
Mid-Patch 9.4 Update(Reminder: These have been live for a while already.)

ADAPTIVE FORCE 3-15 per stack (max 15-75) ⇒ 2-10 per stack (max 10-50). This change is overwritten by the line above.
RANGED STACK DURATION 3 seconds ⇒ 2 seconds (melee stack duration still 8 seconds)

- Cut Down
BONUS DAMAGE 4-10% ⇒ 5-12% (still vs targets with 10%-100% more maximum health than you)

Patch 9.4

Q - Corrosive Charge
COST 60 mana ⇒ 80 mana

W - Purge
COST 45/50/55/60/65 mana ⇒ 65 mana at all ranks
SHIELD 60/90/120/150/180 (+0.3 bonus health) ⇒ 30/60/90/120/150 (+0.15 bonus health)

- Conqueror
REMOVED: After 4 seconds in combat, your first basic attack against an enemy champion grants 6-35 attack damage (levels 1-18) for 3 seconds and converts 20% of your damage against champions to true damage. Melee champions can refresh the duration by damaging an enemy champion.
NEW: Damaging attacks and abilities grant 3-15 adaptive force (levels 1-18) for 3 seconds (8 seconds for melee), stacking up to 5 times to a max of 15-75. At 5 stacks, 10% of your damage against champions is converted to true damage and you heal for that amount.
Damage-over-time effects and ongoing sources of damage (ex. Yorick's R - Maiden of the Mist) can grant one stack every 5 seconds

Patch 9.3

- Last Whisper
COST 1300 gold ⇒ 1450 gold
ARMOR PENETRATION 10% total armor penetration ⇒ 20% total armor penetration

- Lord Dominik's Regards

- Mortal Reminder

Patch 9.2

- Urgot

Base Stats
ARMOR 39 ⇒ 36

Q - Corrosive Charge
COST 50 mana ⇒ 60 mana

W - Purge
COOLDOWN 13/12/11/10/9 seconds ⇒ 17/15/13/11/9 seconds

- Legend: Bloodline
MAX STACKS 10 ⇒ 20

- Cut Down
BONUS DAMAGE 4%-12% vs targets with 150-2000 more max health than you ⇒ 4%-10% vs targets with 10%-100% more max health than you

- Absolute Focus
ADAPTIVE STATS 3-24 attack damage or 5-40 ability power (at levels 1-18) ⇒ 1.8-18 attack damage or 3-30 ability power (at levels 1-18)

- Rune Stats
ARMOR 5 ⇒ 6

- Ignite
DAMAGE 80-505 (at levels 1-18) ⇒ 70-410 (at levels 1-18)
COOLDOWN 210 seconds ⇒ 180 seconds

Patch 9.1

- Shield Bash
DAMAGE 4-21 (levels 1-18) ⇒ 5-30 (levels 1-18)

Patch 8.24

- Death's Dance
HEALING 15% of physical damage dealt (5% per target for area-effect abilities) ⇒ 15% of all damage dealt (5% per target for area-effect abilities)

Patch 8.23

- Celerity
BONUS MOVEMENT SPEED Movement speed increased by 1.5% ⇒ Movement speed bonuses increased by 8%. No longer converts bonus movement speed to adaptive force.

Patch 8.22

- Time Warp Tonic
Consuming a potion or biscuit grants 50% of its health and/or mana restoration immediately but prevents that consumable from being used again until the effect ends. Health/mana per tick is then reduced by half for the effect's regular duration.
Potions, biscuits, and elixirs no longer last 20% longer.
You still gain 5% movement speed while under the effect of a potion or biscuit.
Time Warp Tonic no longer affects elixirs.

Patch 8.21

- Edge of Night
3100 gold (725 gold combine cost) ⇒ 3000 gold (625 gold combine cost)
VEIL CHANNEL TIME 1.5 seconds ⇒ 1 second

Patch 8.17

- New Urgot skin - High Noon Urgot
- New Urgot emote - Toot Toot
- New Urgot summoner icon - High Noon Urgot Icon.
Item Set
You can actually import any Item Set from any player. All you have to do is to

1. Open League Client
2. Click "Collection"
3. Click "Items"
4. Click first option of these 3 options in the circle which says "Import item sets" when you hover your mouse over it
5. Click "Copy to clipboard"
6. Copy paste this:

{"title":"Recommended Set for Urgot","associatedMaps":[11,10],"associatedChampions":[6],"blocks":[{"items":[{"id":"3340","count":1},{"id":"2033","count":1},{"id":"1054","count":1},{"id":"1083","count":1},{"id":"1055","count":1},{"id":"2003","count":1}],"type":"Starting Items"},{"items":[{"id":"1001","count":1},{"id":"3044","count":1},{"id":"3067","count":1},{"id":"3052","count":1},{"id":"3211","count":1},{"id":"3024","count":1},{"id":"2053","count":1},{"id":"1057","count":1},{"id":"3155","count":1},{"id":"3076","count":1},{"id":"3082","count":1},{"id":"1011","count":1},{"id":"1031","count":1},{"id":"2420","count":1},{"id":"3105","count":1},{"id":"3123","count":1}],"type":"Early Items"},{"items":[{"id":"3047","count":1},{"id":"3111","count":1},{"id":"3075","count":1},{"id":"3194","count":1},{"id":"3143","count":1},{"id":"3800","count":1},{"id":"3193","count":1},{"id":"3512","count":1},{"id":"3083","count":1},{"id":"3065","count":1},{"id":"3190","count":1},{"id":"3742","count":1},{"id":"3026","count":1},{"id":"3025","count":1},{"id":"3071","count":1},{"id":"3022","count":1},{"id":"3812","count":1},{"id":"3156","count":1},{"id":"3078","count":1},{"id":"3142","count":1},{"id":"3814","count":1},{"id":"3036","count":1},{"id":"3033","count":1}],"type":"Good Items - From Defensive to Offensive"},{"items":[{"id":"2055","count":1},{"id":"2031","count":1},{"id":"2003","count":1},{"id":"3363","count":1},{"id":"3364","count":1},{"id":"2138","count":1},{"id":"2140","count":1},{"id":"2139","count":1}],"type":"Consumables"}]}

7. Done.

Now, whenever you play as Urgot, you will be able to choose some of these items and save some time :)
"To do" list
1 - to add a matchups guide
2 - tweaks/fix bugfixes/fix typos
3 - a need to add other Urgot mains thoughts and comments under what they want to comment on
4 - to add videos under a R counters part
5 - Urgot Mid and Jungle mini guides.
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In case if you don't want to share your thoughts on Reddit, a feedback under this guide would be highly appreciated too!
This guide wouldn't be finished without a contribution of the following Urgot mains and most importantly, great people. I'd like to thank:

- tinydmcgee - for enormous work that he put to help me with this guide.

- all the guys who helped me with recording videos:

• RichardGirgin [EUW],
• Hartmann [EUW],
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• Protector Cake [EUNE]
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- 12inchpvpness [NA], flyingbaklava [NA] and BC Antresajil [EUW/EUNE] for their help and comments about guide when it was in early works.

- /r/QuinnMains subreddit and their moderator, Moose for helping me with formatting and for allowing me to do Urgot themed version of Champion Community Guide.

- thanks to /r/UrgotMains for support, great content and cool people who amaze me every single day :)

- thanks to TheReaperOfSouls1995 (it's his name on reddit) for making the playlists for each Urgot skin.

- thanks to /u/xatmatwork for allowing me to use his video about Teleport bug.

This is the end of this guide. Thank you for reading! Hopefully you enjoyed it :) May the crab be with you - 🦀.

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