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Katarina Build Guide by LoliconOtaku1212

AP Carry [DFG Removed][S5] Katarina Guide: Ninja Style

AP Carry [DFG Removed][S5] Katarina Guide: Ninja Style

Updated on January 30, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LoliconOtaku1212 Build Guide By LoliconOtaku1212 8,986 Views 0 Comments
8,986 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author LoliconOtaku1212 Katarina Build Guide By LoliconOtaku1212 Updated on January 30, 2015
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Hello guys! I was in Silver 2 in S4 and I am a Katarina main. Katarina has lots of mobility and is really easy to carry with, and the only real thing stopping her is cc. I learned from the worlds best Katarina player TiensiNoAkuma <---- CHECK THIS GUY OUT.

This guide will be different then your usual ones, most guides tend to go through the abilities thoroughly, but I think thats kind of pointless since you can just read the description by hovering over the ability in both Mobafire and League. If you wants stats, just go to the League of Legends Homepage. I will make this guide quick so you can play quickly.
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Your probably looking at these runes like: "What the heck? This guy is a total bronze noob"

I'm here to tell you wrong! AP is pointless without magic penetration, and kat has next to 0 magic penetration early on, if you want damage, get magic pen early then build AP. Movement speed quints is great because it helps you roam, get to lane, chase and escape. Defensive seals and glyphs to survive laning phase.
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Why Gunblade now?

After the DFG removal, TiensiNoAkuma has been testing a lot of builds and he has come to a conclusion that Gunblade is now the optimal first item rush on Katarina. Here is the reason why: Since Death fire Grasp use was to help deal bonus damage and maximize burst, Hextech Gunblade has a similar purpose. Hextech Gunblade's active has a shorter cooldown so it is more reliable. Hextech Gunblade gives both AD and AP, and a little AD never hurts on Katarina, since her ultimate Death Lotus scales off both AD and AP.
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Early Game

I honestly doubt anyone starts blue or red anymore, so just head to lane. Farm accordingly to your opponent and avoid as much harass as possible. Auto attack if your opponent is weak early, such as Kassadin. Or use Bouncing Blades if your opponent counters you. If your always pushed to your tower, just farm with q and w and ask for ganks. If you lost lane somehow, roam bot or top. Always make a look out for the sidelanes to see if you can pick a kill, you have a lot of movement speed, so going back and forth between lanes is hardly an issue.
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Mid Game

This is where Katarina starts making a HUGE impact on the game. If your behind, you'll never catch up unless your kill-stealing or farming non-stop. But if your ahead, feel free to roam, take dragon and baron. Make sure to always push. Katarina has one of the best kits in the game for waveclear. Bouncing Blades and Sinister Steel make excellent wave clearers. Never travel alone unless you're something like 10/1/3 with 200 cs.
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Late Game

It's a good thing Katarina doesn't fall off easily as most mid laners. Her damage and mobility is enough to give you the edge in all team fights. Get one reset and it is pretty much game. Stay behind tanks, wait for enemy CC's to be blown then engage. I've seen countless greedy Katarina players go in without thought and threw the game. Ward Baron and split push relentlessly. Stay grouped no matter what.
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Situations you should be mindful of

1. When you start the game, NEVER EVER EVER PICK YOUR FIRST ABILITY BEFORE MINIONS SPAWN. If you automatically pick Q and the enemy invades, and your caught out, you have to burn Flash. But if you waited, and chose E, you can set a trinket down, jump to it and be safe with Flash still there.

2. The enemy has gone missing. ALWAYS PING MIA. Your friends will love you for it.

3. If the enemy is constantly roaming, shove the lane into their tower, causing them to lose CS.


5. Set ability hotkeys (including trinket) to something you can click quickly without having to move your QWER fingers. This is important because shunpo might be the only thing saving your life but your still figuring out where the trinket key is.

6. Follow the enemy laner if they decide to roam. This usually ends up in double kills for you.

7. Your jungler comes to gank, don't go in instantly. Wait and see if they will come closer, if they get too far form their tower go all in.

8. Know when to disengage. If you have 10 HP and the enemy has 50, you know it only takes one Q to finish them off. BUT! Always consider the fact that they might have a friend nearby or heal or flash. Don't go rambo, your a girl.
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Thank you! I hope you grasped the basics to Katarina and her OP jiggling mechanics. If you want to learn more, go to TiensiNoAkuma on Youtube or his Katarina guide on Lolpro.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LoliconOtaku1212
LoliconOtaku1212 Katarina Guide
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[DFG Removed][S5] Katarina Guide: Ninja Style

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