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Diana Build Guide by icodaboms

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author icodaboms

Diana carry thru jungle

icodaboms Last updated on June 17, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Diana with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Aatrox I just had to put this guy in here, because he is the most fun jungler to play against. Both in season 4 jungle and season 5 jungle. Everything he can do you can negate. Dark Flight can you stop with your E, he can neither jump in to knock you up or jump away it's so slow you got full control over him. Your shield is better than his sustain and your Q does more damage than Blades of torment.

Short version of how to do Diana

Early game you got a good clearspeed, altho not the best ganking potential. Do a full clear of your jungle and you'll ding level 4 on Krugs. Start bulebuff (yes I know that's not meta at the moment) with Diana you'll fully clear the jungle if you start blue your ADC/Supp need two basic attack and Top needs three. Then you follow up with Gromp and Wolves. When you get to Raptors basic attack the big Raptor first use W and then Q in a way that will make you hit all the small Raptors and they'll die. Smite your red and finish with Krugs. In the ''new'' jungle only Warwick has arrived at my redbuff with more HP then me. Level 4 you put a point in your E and recall, buys one pink and one green ward and 5 health potions.

Place your wards in riverbush and then gank mid, in your first gank the goal is to burn enemy flash. You need to hit level 6 as fast as possible, see yourself as a glorified AP Rengar, your first level 6 gank should be a kill.

2nd bluebuff is yours, Diana got a big mana consumption especially when your using your shield in early clears. 3rd and beyond should you give to your midlaner, provided that he's not a feeder. Dianas dragon controll is quite good, her Q-R-smite does alot of damage making bursting dragon possible.

You'll have a notable dip in power when you finish your jungle item until you finish Nashor's Tooth. This is because you're building attack speed and stacking your Devourer. This in itself may not be a bad thing, after all you're not the one killing people at this point. Your goal sould be to get your laners ahed and kills.

After finishing Nashor's Tooth you'll have a good powerspike. The most notable powerspike I notice is when i finish Lich Bane or Luden's Echo after Nashor's Tooth and that is the point when you start taking kills, you're now a 3rd carry on your team. You should now contest the enemy bluebuff, wolves, raptors and redbuff. And you should when ever possible farm the same camps on your side stacking your Devourer.

One thing that may slip someones mind is that Diana's damage thru this build is that your damage comes from basic attacks. You should use your Q and R to stick to a target, E to hold them in place and W to shield of any damage. If you hit your Q your R has no cooldown so just repeat what you just did and you'll be surprised how much damage you'll actually do.

Luden's Echo or Lich Bane? In my experience I buy after how much money I've got when I base, beneath 1200 I buy Aether Wisp an item that build out to both Luden's Echo and Lich Bane, over 1200 and less then 1600 I buy Sheen and build towards Lich Bane, over 1600 I buy Needlessly Large Rod and build towards Luden's Echo. If I buy Aether Wisp I decide in the same way, how rich am I when I base. Out of the two items Luden's Echo gives the possibilities to one shot the squishies and Lich Bane gives you a better possibilities to melt thru enemy tanks.

One thing I like to point out is the reason to build Magic Penetration, both Devourer and Diana's passive gives magic damage on basic attacks. Alot of Magic Penetration will make you melt thru enemy tanks as if they forgot about MR items.

You should try to single out your targets, jump on the enemy backline. No One should be able to 1v1 you. I have still not meet anyone that have beaten me in a 1v1 in the late game. (I have one comboed a feed Nasus with DFG may it rest in peace) That said I have never meet a feed Jax or Zed. It's your job to keep them down and making sure they don't get feed.

Cinderhulk is an annoying item and I have jungle with it and given that toplaners plays with smite at the moment should prove that the item is too OP. That said the amount off armor penetration this build gives you a counter build and you'll melt thru any tanks (that does not have counter strike spinning) with auto attacks.

If you meet a full tank team I recommend building Lich Bane and not Luden's Echo because that item it better against hard to kill objectives and tanky champions, if you meet a squishy team comp Luden's Echo is better, you'll be able to Q-W-R anyone with low MR. If you hit anyone with Q and ult them your ult reset and your Q is on a 6 second cooldown so every 6th second you'll be able to kill someone. This build will take it down to about 4 seconds.

A problem I have noticed with other Diana builds is that they stack AP and build Diana as if she was Leblanc, there's some crucial differences between Diana and Leblanc. When Leblanc uses distortion she can always go back to her starting location, when Diana uses Lunar Rush she is committed and can't get out in the same way, because of that you should not be able to go same amount glass cannon as Leblanc.

Diana's passive gives her a good damage every third basic attack and synergises well with Nashor's Tooth and Devourer enchantment, Diana's passive does damage based on her AP but with Sorcerer's Shoes and Liandry's Torment she'll burn thru MR like it wasn't there, giving you more damage in the long run.