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Diana Build Guide by RokMonsta

AP Carry Diana Mid "Dat Burst"

By RokMonsta | Updated on February 20, 2013

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Hello and welcome to my first guide. When playing Diana I like to play rather tanky as to stay alive long enough to do major burst to their team. Make sure to target their AP and AD carries in team fights. Never let your team attack the tank first.
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On my runes I like to get that AP from my Quints and Glyphs. My Marks I put into Magic Penetration to get my AP through their teams Magic Resistance. My Seals I have at Scaling Mana Regen to sustain in lane without having to run back a lot.
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My masteries are all put into 21 into AP on the offensive column and 9 into Mana in the Utility Column. This allows for improved poke with not much mana comming out of it.
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My items for the game are basically built on that AP poke and Mana to not take out of it. My starting items are Boots and 3 pots allowing me to stay in lane if i take some damage, or out speed their jungler if they come to gank. My First Back Items are 2 wards and a Blasting Wand. This allows me to dodge their ganks by seeing when they are coming. I also use the Wand to give me that early poke. My Core Items are Lich Bane, Rod of Ages, Rylai's Crystal Scepter, and Rabadons DeathCap. Lich Bane allows to to poke hard and gives me the mana to do that. The Rod of Ages is used for me taking damage while giving me that AP to beat them in the meantime. The Rylai's gives me health and some AP as well as a slow. The Rabadons allows me to have amazing AP late game. What did I leave out? The Abyssal Scepter or Zhonya's Hourglass. If you are facing an AP based team then build Abyssal, If they are AD based team then build Hourglass.
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While you are CS farming in lane make sure to not take unnecessary damage. If this means not getting as much farm as you would if you dove and had to back after getting 3 waves then do it. It is always better to Poke your enemy then farm. Get as much farm as you can without taking huge chunks of damage. Use your q to take out the ranged minions and your w to get those close up as well as giving you that shield to make sure that you don't take much damage while performing this.
League of Legends Build Guide Author RokMonsta
RokMonsta Diana Guide

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Diana Mid "Dat Burst"
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