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Diana Build Guide by gugus4

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author gugus4

Diana ''The Moonlight Assassin'' (Jungle Build)

gugus4 Last updated on December 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction to Myself

Hello summoners!

So, this is one of my few Builds and Guides and my first to be published. My name is Gugus4 and i've simply chosen to create a Guide to help those who wished to be better and learn a few things about Diana!

I've been playing for a long time now, and have achieved two lvl 30 accounts. I'm not a big fan of ranked games but will do once in a while (the main explanation why I won't be having a Ranked game chapter).

If you feel that i've missed or was mistaken on some points, please feel free to comment and help me improve!

So enough of me and more of the main subject: Diana!

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Introduction To Diana

Introduction to Diana ''The Moon scorn''

Diana is one of the newest Champs created, right before Rengar. As much for her looks as for her playstyle Diana was intended to be the complete opposite to Leona; Her jungling abilities as well as her incredible mobility (achieved from level 6) can counter as much as put her in danger versus Leona.

"The sun offers no truth. It's light only burns and blinds us."-- Diana
"Le soleil n'offre aucune vérité. Sa lumière seulement nous brûle et nous aveugle."-- Diana

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Here is the WHY of the reason I chose to take these runes for a jungler.

Diana does NOT need much armor or magic resist from runes since once with enough AP (achieved quite fast from the flat ap runes and runes per lvl + nashor thoot)her shield will give her a nice ''extra defense''. Plus you have a bit more armor from masteries.


Of course all AP based champs should have early magic penetration, which is why these runes will clearly helped counter jungle or defend from an early invasion.

The reason I chose this seal is because flat AP on seals would be useless, so to maximize it's efficiency I chose AP per lvl.

Since the Glyphs are primaries, I went with flat AP to max the shield's effectivenes early game as well as the ''Q'' dammage on lvl 3 to 6 ganks.

At last but NOT LEAST! I chose magic pen for quintessances for the same reason as the Marks. Simply to boost the early ganks AND to do more dammage all along the game since the items lacks magic pen before the last item. (sincerely i've never finished a game with the void staff)

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The masteries are ,of all the things, a question of taste more then anything.

So let me just tell you why I (personnaly) chose these for my Diana jungler.

I went 21/9/0 simply to max Diana's dammage (which is ALL based on AP) and to give her smite's a boost and a bit of health + armor for the ganks.

I simply went with the AP tree line in the offense section + 2 points in ''butcher'' since I'm jungling and 1 point in AS since I didn't need the summoner's spells boost.

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I've seen many pure AP Diana and on my opinion (with no offense to those who use it) it sucks.

Diana is a low mana character and should NOT be used as a spellcaster! Yes her abilities are great, but all around if you don't use her passive... you end up getting assists and get countered by anyone seeing there are two mages (you and the mid) in your team.

THIS IS WHY I clearly recommend an AS/AP build similar to much teemos I've seen. (At least for the early part of the build).

The reason I start with Boots of speed + 3 pots is because I ALWAYS start with my W (shield). With the shield and a good leash you'll be able to jungle with no problem, so as well do it faster!

The simple reason I take these boots instead of the Sorcerers boots is because I personnaly favor 1.75 AS instead of 1.52 with a +20 magic Pen. If you find yourself countered by lots of people in the opposite team (which won't happen until late game) then you might consider selling the greaves to get the sorcerer's boots.

This item is of course seperated in 2 others which you should buy in the order above in the items section OR here bellow:

The reason I start with the ''stinger'' is that I prefer AS as a jungler since your AP built from runes is enough to have boosted your passive a little, which maximised by the AS you bought will let you jungle fast like hell AND even counter jungle easily and quickly!

NOTE* If you jungled properly you should have it by lvl 4 (5 maximum)

Fiendish Codex
After the stinger you should have ganked bot and top and taken their blue. With 1-2 (or 3 if lucky) kills and their blue (if back) you should be lvl 6 and have enough gold to buy the codex straigh away. Otherwise priorise the tome and hurry to get gold!

Next up is the Malady. If all went well and your not losing the early game part you should aim for more AS with daggers and then finishing it up fast with the malady. The AP boost on every attack is very nice + when done you should have about 130 AP (and be around lvl 8-9).

Note* If losing the early game part you should instead buy a needlessly large rod or any good AP items. This will boost your spells AND your passive, which will help get the upper hand since you already have close to 1.5 AS.

YEAH now it's time to max that AP and rape even more! By now you should be beetween 12-14 lvl which means you already finished mid-game part or about to.

So no reason I should be explaining why to take rabadon... BOOST THAT AP ALL THE WAY!

Note* With this build I normally have time to take needlessly after nashor's and malady before they surrender.

So yeah normally (if you reached this point) you're gonna want Magic resist as well as trying to get even more AP so Abyssal is the perfect item for this since it does both! No more explanation!

As I said before I normally never have time to get this before the VICTORY sign... BUT! If your do have time and the game as taken a turn for the worst (or if their team as suddenly gotten good at defending) you're gonna want the void staff!

40% magic penetration +70 AP (which is gonna bring Diana's AP to around 500)

What is there more to say? It's the vois staff after all...

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Skill Sequence

This section will be very short since I don't really appreciate explainning the why of the what of the who... whatever.

Simply start with Pale cascadefor protection while jungling. Then max it in second.

Note* should be maxed at lvl 13

Then Max your Crescent Strike whenever you can (every 2 lvl).

Note* should be maxed at lvl 12

Take an early point in Moonfall at lvl 3 then max it last, only maxed by lvl 18.

As every ultimate should be, take a point in Lunar Rush at lvl 6,11 and 16

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells for jungler is quite easy to choose!

It is a must for Diana to have this. With the mastery you get 10g at each use and it lets you steal enemy's blues, finish up the dragon real quick or even steal baron if you've got the skills!

Flash is indeed a personal choice but I highly recommand it even with Diana's great mobility from her q/ult combo. The reason I take it is that I often saw enemy's champions like Blitzcrank use their speed boost right after having jumped/silenced me just to get away. So it lets you get in range to close in with you ult then Moonfall for the slow and BAM for the kill!

Anyways As I said it IS a personal choice.

Some may favor Ignite for quicker kills or to help getting a double kill under a tower.

Or I even saw exhaust once.
This one I dont recommand since with E and it's 14sec cooldown, you don't really need it, because even if they flash you should have your ult to get back to them then moonfall again.

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Ranked Play

Sorry for the missing informations I've only played her once in ranked game, didn't go well because my team was feeding, only managed to have a 10/9/10 score.

I'll be trying to put up some info very soon after having done a few games with her in ranked games.

Only thing I can say for sure is that Diana is one of the common banned characters (based info on draft games) since she is considered OP from a lot of people right now.

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Pros / Cons


    Mobility and counter flash
    Quick jungling time and easy to counter others
    Lots of choices in laning positions (from top, mid or jungle)
    Good passive skill

    Easy to counter jungle with a tanky jungler
    Easy to counter dammage streak with a Banshee
    Weak toward AD carrys before lots of AP is stacked
    Get's targeted really quick
    Battle time is short due to ''glass canon effect''

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My own Jungling terms

Do not consider this part as an ABSOLUTE there are various kind of jungling playstyles. My owns ways are these: you can: power farm, counter jungle or lane run.

Power Farm: Not leaving your own jungle for ganks or to counter jungle. (I do not recommand this attitude unless all lanes are pushed and the opposite jungler does the same)

Counter Jungle : Farming on opponent's jungle more then in your own. (Use this attitude only if in a CLEAR supperiority and even then be carfull on the mias from the opposite team)

Lane runing: Ganking bot, then going mid, then runing top, and back forth after taking a blue or red. (Use this attitude only when all lanes are pushed closer to your towers and when the game is going badly for lanes but not for you)

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Creeping / Jungling

This is the part I'll be telling you what SHOULD happen with a good pre-made team and with a full rune page + lvl 30.

After having taken you W (shield) your boots and your 3 pots head straight to Wolves. Ask AD carry (if possible a ranged) to do dammage to all 3 once, then leave. Ask mid to stay at blue. Once wolves are clear head to blue, make Mid do the first hit then start bashing the blue. Mid should leave IMMIDIATLY. When blue comes back to HIT YOU then start your shield NOT BEFORE. Use Smite to kill it and get the extra 10g (now your lvl 2 take your Q).After blue do wraights(1 pots while blue and 1 after should do the trick) then head to Golems. Your Smite should be back so Q them while running start your shield then smite the big one and finish off the other.

Now is time to shop with a lvl 3 almost 4 at your counter. You should have enough for berseker's greaves, otherwise take a dagger.

Now head straight to Red with your refreshed smite and kill it fast and simple. Then Wolf, Wraights and golems.

After second jungling round go for a gank if the opportunity is there, otherwise go ward their blue and if there, take it.

From here on you should have an easy time (since normally 1 lvl more then mid or at least same level). Mix a jungling round with ganks and counter jungle, it's the best way to help your team and piss off the opposite jungler.

Note* You should Always ALWAYS give all the other blues to your mid. Just make sure you smtie it without killing it so you get 10g.

Note* You should Never do dragon with more then 2 other people unless all of bot and jungler is killed. You should not attempt to solo dragon with Diana before Stinger AND malady are done (and smite is up).

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Team Work & Hints

A few notes that are good to know with Diana!


Moonfall does not simply slow the target it gets them in the air for about a second, so you can use it to run away as much as catch them back EVEN if it pulls them towards you. Moonfall is also more usefull when used on the EDGE of the zone since they are attracted from their initial position in the zone directly to you.

Team fights:

In team fights you should NOT harass with Q more then about 2 times, otherwise you'll miss mana when jumping IN and do your streak of skills.

Stay behind your tank but in front of your AD carry since when you'll Moonfall an enemy, your AD carry should be able to burst him down.

You are weak against an enemy that silences, so wait for him to use it on someone else before jumping in.

Tower Diving:

When tower diving you should try landing a Q BEFORE your ult since your ult will be free thus you can use it AGAIN to jump away from tower. To minimize dammage taken under the tower use your shield WHILE ulting in, all balls should pop on enemy unless very low in life, thus gaining a second shield while runing away.

If Tower diving with someone else go in first (if they are not a tank) since you can shield yourself but not others. Use ult and then moonfall so the other can come in easily as well.

I will be updating this subject often!

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Diana was one of the first I really appreciated jungling with, she's fast to do so and her Q/ult combo lets you go threw walls instead of going around them. Her skill comps is on my opinion MADE to jungle!

Try Diana in mid-lane too I've had a good time and nice games in all except when faced versus a Fizz.

Diana Top isn't ideal but pretty fun to play, she just pushes too easily on my opinion because of her area effect.

If you guys have any questions or anything to say please comment I'm opened to opinions and any information you can give (if done properly!).

Thanks for looking into my build hope you enjoy!