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Hecarim Build Guide by Ajagara

Jungle Division Destructor Hecarim Jungle (Assassin build) [9.19]

By Ajagara | Updated on September 28, 2019
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RemFan (8) | June 30, 2019 5:19am
Hello Ajagara

Your guide has a lot of information just like a jungle guide should be. but i suggest you to add combo chapter to show people how to use hecarim's skill set it self. but overall your guide's BBcoding look good.
Ajagara | June 30, 2019 2:08pm
Hello RemFan,
Thank you for both the suggestion and kind words. I have added a combo chapter thanks to it :)
Fruxo (227) | June 29, 2019 5:00am
Hey Ajagara,

This guide is really lacking compared to other hecarim guides out there to be honest. Has grammar mistakes, and general god awful BBCoding as well. I'd recommend looking at other guides and take inspiration from them in order to make your guide look better. This guide will help you with BBCoding so that it looks nice, good luck on your guide.
Ajagara | June 29, 2019 4:54pm
Thank you for the comment! I am sorry for the inconvenience, the guide was still in progress, and still is. I have fixed most of the things and will be adding even more information over the time. There will soon be banners thanks to Jovy! :)
Fruxo (227) | June 30, 2019 1:59am
Never publish a guide that isn't finished. We want to see the full result, not 10% of it. But we'll see.
Yakitory | June 29, 2019 3:59am
Wow, thank you for the guide. This guide was really Depth not like the 89% of the builds in this site. I started enjoying Hecarim recently, hopefully the tips you made are going to help me Master him like you did!
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Hecarim Guide
Division Destructor Hecarim Jungle (Assassin build) [9.19]
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