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Twisted Fate Build Guide by NR GunsnBlazes

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NR GunsnBlazes

Do The Twist (A Guide for AD Twisted Fate)[Updated]

NR GunsnBlazes Last updated on March 7, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This guide, intended to help you learn to play Twisted Fate, assumes you already have a basic knowledge of the game. I play AD Twisted Fate in the middle lane (This build works in any lane but I usually play mid). Obviously, no build is perfect or set in stone, if you find yourself not getting the kill you were hoping for or not doing enough enough damage between the time a fight starts and the time you die, feel free to take out damage items to extend your life expectancy. And above all, have fun. Because no matter how hard you try, your fate is always in the cards.

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I recommended the scaling runes in this guide to so that you don't end up in a situation where you start off with these impressive stats, get cocky, and then proceed to begin losing your fights by going in with all the confidence of your early success, but with none of the results.

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These masteries are obviously Offensively based with an emphasis on physical damage, critical strike chance, and armor penetration. The reason I chose these masteries was because, as AD TF, you need to get those cards to have as much of an individual effect as possible. Also, mana recovery with use of the Blue Card in Pick a Card will be more efficient as it restores mana based on the damage inflicted on the target.

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Starting Out

I always start off my Twisted Fate build by getting the Doran's Blade. This item helps with survivability in the early game stage with a boost of 80 health and also gives a small buff to attack damage, both of which will provide an early game edge, helping to either create an early game advantage, or shut down a potentially troublesome opponent early in the game. I always recommend boots no matter what Champion you're playing. You never know when that bonus movement speed could be the small difference between life and death with a squishy character like Twisted Fate. Also, the speed gained from this will be useful as the champion in the mid lane is often called upon to support other lanes (a task TF's ultimate allows him to excel at)

Building Up

Remember what I said about dealing as much damage as possible as quickly as you can? No? I Didn't say it? Hm, well that is the objective as an assassin and an assassin is what you'll be. The Berserker's Greaves will increase your movement speed and attack speed, making up for the current lack of damage per attack by allowing you to fit in more attacks. The B.F. Sword will provide a nice buff to AD while sending you on your way to the Infinity Edge in the next round of items.(Note: from my experience you should usually end up with enough gold for these items at around LvL 12.)

Getting The Edge

On the same theme, we're gonna finish of the Infinity Edge here. Now, the Infinity edge is a very good item to grab for any champion as it increases both Attack Damage and Critical Strike Chance. After you've bought the Infinity edge I suggest you buy Zeal to start off you Phantom Dancer. After You've bought both Infinity Edge and Zeal, purchase the Homeguard enchantment to finish off this round of items and get ready to start the next one.

Gaining Momentum

First up for this round of items buy the Phantom Dancer, this will help with any tricky escapes as it allows you to move through units, the additional attack speed will hopefully keep you from having to run too often though. To finish this round of items buy the Avarice Blade. This item won't give many helpful combat buffs but the additional gold should help you to complete your build faster now.

Finishing Your Build

To polish off your build, start by grabbing The Bloodthirster. Not only will this item give a big buff to Attack Damage, it will also give you Life Steal, an aspect that will help you survive much longer on the ever dangerous Fields of Justice. Next up, grab the Last Whisper item. This will give yet another sizable buff to Attack Damage while also adding some armor penetration to offset anybody who may have been building armor to combat you. Finish off your build by collecting the Statikk Shiv, replacing the Avarice Blade. This item gives nice buffs to Critical Strike and Attack Speed, but perhaps one of the most useful sides of this item is it's passive, which can build to unleash chain lightning on any minion or champion unlucky enough to cross your path.

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Skill Sequence

There's not much explaining to do here. I've been told by many of the guides here that Wild Card is absolutely useless. I beg to differ. While I agree that it is the least useful, I do not agree that it is not useful at all. Pick a Card, of course, will be the most useful skill available to you and will prove critical in the early game when champions you're laning against are weaker. This weak moment however, also creates a great use for Wild Card. Quickly stunning a champion with the yellow card (preferably on a Stacked Deck) and then promptly using Wild Card can devastate champions early game, creating game changing opportunities. Later, the stun card become even more useful if you are patient in 1v1 fights. Time and time again I've been killed because I panicked and rushed the card pick, picking the wrong card and dying. Twisted is a champion with which patience is of the utmost importance. Sleights of hand, quick thinking, and patience are often the difference between dying with Twisted Fate. Knowing how and when to use your abilities has proven to me to be more important than the order they are unlocked in as well. Obviously, you should always upgrade Destiny whenever the upgrade is available. Anyways, the point is that skill with your abilities is often more important than the order you buy them in. Remember this and practice.

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Summoner Spells are really more preference based, in my opinion. Many people recommend Flash in place of Ghost. My only problem with Flash is that it does not help escapes as much as Ghost (in my opinion) and has a longer cooldown than Ghost. Ignite is just a useful Offensive spell that I recommend to anybody not tanking or supporting.

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Team Work

Team Work is essential for TF. Especially if you're looking to create push opportunities late game. Coordinating stuns, snares, and slows will allow you maximize chasing ability, neutralize reinforcements as you finish off kills, and will eventually create gaping holes in the enemies defenses.

Another amazing use of teamwork is distraction. Remember the aforementioned Sleight of Hand? It astonishes me how often enemies will forget about Twisted Fate in team fights, allowing you to use destiny to slip behind them and back door weak turrets. Ultimately, Coordination will be the most important factor regardless of tactics but planning these tactics will help a lot.

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Pros / Cons

Strong Early Game
Good Lane Support (especially late game)
Can do lots of Damage. Fast.
Passive allows team to build faster
Long poking range with Wild Card

Can rarely 1v1 late game
Difficult to play
Easily Ganked (Little/no CC)

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All in all, tactical awareness, skill, and timing will end up being much more important than any build, but the right build will help you along the way to victory. Good Luck and Have Fun, because on the Fields of Justice anything is possible and even defeat is worth the experience gained in the process.