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Team Guide by Turbidmist

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Turbidmist

Do you smell that? The Ad Carry Cheese!

Turbidmist Last updated on August 14, 2012
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Do you smell that? The Ad Carr

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Not Updated For Current Season

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This Is Winning

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Welcome to my AD carry ranged Rush Tactics, in this Guide i will teach you how to win a 5v5 in 10min with the cheesiest tactics since HotShotGG(we all know he's cheesy) i will be explaining what each individual role everyone will take, there are Four harass, turret destroyer, creeper, and artillery

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This is the Ad carry i use in this rush <3 Caitlyn
Caitlyn is a ranged Attack carry, and like all ranged AD carries she focuses on building massive amounts of damage to obliterate everything from a safe distance. Unlike most other AD carries, however, Caitlyn has quite a strong early game. Which is vital to this rush she will be doing the intense damage, wrecking shop to anyone that tries something to harm this armada of carrys. Caitlyn Takes the role of harasser because of her long range Q, and turret destroyer because of high output damage.

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Ashe is unique out of all the other carrys every attack she does slows her enemy which leads to a potentially usefully get away girl, she will be used as a harasser do to her W and Passive Q when enemy tries to take it to a team fight, her skills will be used to slow all the enemys so that the other carrys can kite and focus each individual target at a time. She will be creeping to get money she is not allowed to have kills no hard feelings Ashe...

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Varus is the blight sniper, one of the best harassers hands down his skills are unmatched when it comes to a trade off, but how does that help in the rush well, when we as a team are taking down the turret varus sits back(out of turret range) snipes the enemy hero's keeping them at bay negating any unnecessary damage making us one more step closer to are goal of winning. Varus will be feeding on creep so Ashe and Varus have to get along...

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Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate will be the stunner he will be taking most of the damage in the team fights due to his cards. He will initiate the top lane gank which i will go in to more detail later on in this guide. TF is turret destroyer as well as harasser his skills will be use to single out the threats like a jax or a renekton, stun and the target gets nuked upon insta death.

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Kog'Maw is a deadly carry with his Bio-Arcane Barrage letting you auto attack from so far away which is essential to turret destroying his ult is the reason why i put artillery, with his blue buff he is the living artillery you thought varus was good at harassing from far away, you were mistaken becuase in the distance you see kog shooting from farther distance doing more damage in a Aoe form which is great. Kog is also used to get away with his Void Ooze.

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Greater Quintessence of Strength 3
Greater Seal of Resilience 9
Greater Mark of Desolation 9
Glyph of Warding 9

These Runes are straight up what will give you the advantage over your opponent, considering this is a rush scaling runes would be complete trash, since we want to end the game at post6 we need super buffs just to get that edge.

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Summoner Spells

Summoners heal is the substain of staying in the lane and taking on the other team btw its funny to see people leave when they see a team full of summoners heal RAGERS!
Surge will be the main way to take out a turret in no time, or could be used in a team fight but i would save it for the turret.

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The Cheese

The Goal is to destroy top inhibitor as fast as you can which will be Farley fast if team works together properly. To get things started First blood Initiate/Bait Twisted Fate will wait in bush two to get the two suckers on top to fail for a epic insta death, Twisted Fate will grab his card as soon as they hit bush thats when you run to the first bush they always fall for the TF chase. As soon as you mop the floor with top that when you wait tell creep your comes let the creepers such as ashe and varus clear it up they need there money. on the second wave of minions the first turret will fall two people will use surge which will be caitlyn and varus, they will melt that turret. By this time the enemy team is going Wtf and will try harder to take your turret on bot lane, mid might decide to help but you have magic resist so lol Gtfo Ap trash... Well begin to laugh for a siege minion is on its way make your way to the second turret get your harassers to do there harassing pick up the kills blow off two surges and your nearly there turret two destroyed. Time for the team fight by now the team has decided at level 5 or 6 that you are no joke and need to be delt with begin phase snipe, stun, and slow i dont care what team comp they have there is no way in hell you can take on ad carrys that do servery damage and slow and stun and if they decide to hide under turret time to bring out everyone harassing ability by this time everyone is shooting there ability and kog is nuking them with his ult, this will force them to come at you. Wave your hand and say come at me bro! Blow off all surges use all ults all slows and stuns blow off any unused heals kick there azz into a never returning comma. take their last turret take their inhibitor your first mission is complete now its time to move to stage two, which will lead you to victory.

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Part 2 Of Cheese

This is it the last stand for their team which will end badly for them because of the super minions on top and when your level 6 or 7 its kinda hard to kill those monsters. so that means their down one person because of top punish them snipe and artillery time force a team fight. If they still don't budge with all the firing then its time to pop two surges and take out turret one at this point either their running back to base for heal or their hiding under second turret or dead. Top should be still under siege and having a hard time killing the Super Mechs Of destruction. At this point in the game, its in the bag everyone's hurting you still got three surges some summoner heals. take turret two then three, GG.


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