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Warwick Build Guide by Brax09

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Brax09

Dog in the Jungle - Guide to Warwick Jungle (S4)

Brax09 Last updated on May 25, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first build guide for one of my favourite junglers. Warwick ganks are incredibly strong, and he has so much sustain that he stays at full health constantly in his jungle. This makes it very hard to counter jungle him because if the enemy jungler runs into him they aren't getting back out of his jungle again. He is also very good at counter jungling due to his high clear speed.

I prefer to build a Feral Flare instead of a Spirit of the Ancient Golem because Warwick starts ganking at 6, and before then you can clear a lot of jungle camps. This gives you an early Feral Flare if you clear the camps fast enough, giving you huge clear speeds and extra damage on basic attacks. I normally take a Ninja Tabi instead of Mercury's Treads because they give you some extra tankiness for clearing jungle camps.

Getting a Wit's End is essential when playing Warwick, the passive on the Wit's End works brilliantly with Warwick's passive and with the Feral Flare's passive, giving your auto attacks huge amounts of magic damage. You don't need to worry about the enemies' magic resist either, the Wit's End steals up to 25 of their magic resist so while you shred them you also grow tankier so they can't shred you, splendid! The attack speed is also very nice as Warwick is auto-attack based, and it's important to make as much use of all those magic damage passives as you can.

A Blade of the Ruined King is also a very nice addition to your build, the lifesteal will keep you in the jungle and in teamfights for longer, so you can make the best use out of your Wit's End and Feral Flare. The attack speed bonus also helps with this, so before they even notice you ganking, they'll be at half health already.

It's all well and good having huge amounts of damage, but without some tank items you're going to do awful late game. The best items to get against a balanced team are a Randuin's Omen and a Spirit Visage. The Visage passive will increase the lifesteal you get from your Blade and Warwick passive while giving you more health and magic resist; and the Randuin's will give you extra health armor and a slow too! It's very nice to get a slow on Warwick, it can help you escape when at low health and also helps when ganking. However if you're using a slow to chase someone with your e, I would use the active on the Blade instead as this gives you extra movement speed as well as slowing the poor sod you're chasing.

A lot of people choose to build things like an Iceborn Gauntlet on Warwick to get increased damage on his q, whatever you do PLEASE DON'T BUILD IT! Since Warwick is auto attack based it's far better to build a Wit's End or Blade to get increased damage, and as a tank item I still wouldn't buy it on Warwick, it's much better to buy a Randuin's for the health and you get more armor from it as well as still getting a slow. This is a common mistake people make when playing Warwick, please don't make it as well!

Thanks for reading my guide, if you have any suggestions for improvements please post them in the comments. I'll be adding a build for top lane Warwick soon too so please give suggestions for that as well :)