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Malzahar Build Guide by szoke

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League of Legends Build Guide Author szoke

Dominating mid as Malzahar

szoke Last updated on March 4, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my first guide.

Hey guys, this is lilszoke, this is the first guide im doing. Been playing LoL for a while now and have really been fond of Malzahar as well as other ap carrys. He is my favorite and most played ap carry therefore im just going to give u an insight on how I build, skill, and play Malzahar and how I dominate mid :) Feel free to leave me any comments or criticism. Im very open to improving my game if u have any tips. If youd like to DM me if ud like to know more, ur more then welcome to hit me up on here or im usually always logged on LoL. My summoner name is lilszoke. Hope you enjoy the guide and maybe it will help some of you. :)

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Malzahar is a very unique champion and I feel like thats why I enjoy him so much. He is very good throughout the whole game, unlike most ap carrys who tend to fall off a bit end game when people start to get more gear. He is very sustained damage throughout the whole game and is huge in team fights and has an ulti that can lock down one of the other teams carrys. He is just an all around awesome team player and a great solo champ which is why I think he dominates mid over most ap.

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My runes are pretty standard for most ap carrys. I use for my marks. I use for my seals. I use for my glyphs. And finally for my quints. I use this because I feel Malzahars spells don't require much ap to be effective so if I have the early advantage over the other mid, I will win the lane easy. The quints I use are simply just my preference to be a little more beefy early game.

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As far as masteries go, I run a high damage mastery set up. I use a 22-0-8 setup going into everything offensive for an ap caster. I feel this give me an advantage mid early game. I have played him with more of a support type mastery build, but I find this way to run alot more fun in game. Your damage output at the lower levels is greater. Give u better harass and control of mid lane.

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Every game I buy the same starting item. First item is , this is a great starter item for any ap. Give you health, ap, and mp5. When I back for the first time I try to get along with another . My main core item focus around , , and . With the other 2 items determined by who I am playing against. If the opposing team is very tanky I will purchase a for a bit more magic pen. If they are ap heavy I will get either a or . For ad heavy teams, consider purchasing or if you are being hard focused that would maybe make the ad less likely to focus you as he will be killing himself.

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Skill Sequence

Your main damage ability is your so have this maxed out by 9. This is also your main farming abiliy. Next skill I focus on leveling is your puddle, which in combo with your ulti is devestating and is a tank killer. Take and max it by level 12. Dont forget to take 1 point in because it is a great utility spell because it silences and is very useful when you are going to try and combo. The object of you ulti is to have the enemy champion dotted up and sitting in your puddle and your can watch him melt! Your passive, plays a big part in your damage as well. Have your dot on a champion will attract your voidling to attack the champion at the same time u have him surpressed and in your puddle, thats GG.

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Summoner Spells

My summoner spells are standard AP carry spells. obviously because it is the best summoner in the game and everyone in any lane should be using it, and because I get sick and tired of a guy gettin away with 25 hp. So your dot plus ignite on a fleeing enemy is GG.

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Pros / Cons

High AP ratio damaging spells
Powerful Nuke
Abilities have good range
AoE damage(tank killer)
Great sustained damage.

Squishy and can be focused easily.
Hard to hit abilities.
Channeled ulti easy to interrupt.
Positioning is essential and crucial.
Passive is not a controllable companion.

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Team Work

Malzahar is a very good champion when it comes to team fights. He cant lock down one of the opposing champs while also dishing out some serious damage on mutiple champs around him. Use champs in unison with Malz such as or who has a ulti similar to Malz is a great way to gank if you are duo queing ranked. Also he has an aoe silence that can silence all 5 enemy teammates at one time and can change the course of a team fight. His puddle ticks everyone who is standing in it so champs suck as and other aoe ulti champs benefit from having a Malzahar on their team. His dot also jumps from champion to champion as they die with the dot on them. I have picked up multiple triple and even quadra kills with my dot jumping from champ to champ after a huge team fight. Its like having an ignite on a 4 second cooldown.

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Malz is one of, if not the best farmer in the game. His E is the ultimate farm tool and pusher of lanes. E in unison with his puddle can wipe out a full minions wave in seconds.

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Ranked Play

Malzahar is my favorite champion to play in ranked ques. He is not banned much and not played enough to be a high priority so you can be 4th or even 5th pick and still snag him most of the time. If not you can always have a nice teamate grab him for you so you can dominate the mid and eventually carry you team to victory. He is a very well rounded champ. He has CC, nukability, tank killer, silencer, and he floats. Doesnt get much better then that.

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As i said before this is my first guide, so feel freee to tell me how bad it is or how much you hate how i play Malz. But overall i think malz is one of the best mages in the game. He has a ton of sustain damage from early to end game, a CC, and a utility in an AOE silence. He is a really fun champ but can be hard to get the hang of. I would like to eventually put up some videos of gameplay in which i show my builds and how i play but that will not happen til late. As for now, i hope you enjoyed the guide. Now get out there and go melt some people mid ^_^

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A look into my last 3 played.

These are all ranked and following the builds and gameplay i have listed in my guide :)