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Rammus Build Guide by Tetsuo711

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tetsuo711

[Dominion] Rammus wants to hug you!

Tetsuo711 Last updated on December 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is my first guide and this is my current All around Rammus build in dominion hope you like it! Everytime i play it they run a way T_T i just wanted to give them a hug! ^_^

You're mindset for playing this style of Rammus should be that of the main tank. You're job is to be active around the map supporting and defending your allies and turrets. When a team fights happens you want to jump right in the middle of it and draw as much fire as possible. This build will give you a solid all around tank that will have terrific mobility and great sustain with steady damage in team fights.

Off the bat you will be the first one to the top turret, hands down, the only other player that will be able to beat or make it to top at the same time will be another Rammus with with same quints and opening. the Boots of Mobility combined with Ghost, Masteries, and Powerball will let you hit the speed buff while in the last seconds of powerball and shoot you to the turret. There you job is to start claiming the vital top turret and hold out till your allies get there or even better gank the enemy in the bush while you are capturing.

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I take Attack Apeed marks cause i feel like one more hit while they are cc'd will be better than the extra Armor Penetration but Magic Penetration, and Armor Penetration are still viable options as they will all help you in some way.


I take flat Armor seals because you need that extra ummph in that first fight. As i'm sure so many of you know capturing that top turret in the first fight puts you in a good defensive spot and forces them to make the next move.


Again flat Magic Resistance glyphs for that edge in the first fight. Later on items will help boost Magic Resistance and you can swap items based on what the other team comp is but this is a good all around to get you into the position you want to be in and thats defending the lead.

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Now some may be gawking omfg 1/21/8 what noob doesn't go 21/9 in something, But the truth is that since they reworked the masteries having one in that summoner spells can really help and Ghost and Exhaust are incredibly powerful in dominion. They also both and great utility as they both can be used defensively and offensively.

As for the defensive masteries they are pretty standard. I've seen some people skim on the Initiator perk since Rammus already has incredible speed with Powerball, but in dominion every extra boost to speed makes a big difference, especcially with Rammus since they are percentage based boost so they are even more effective with Powerball and Boots of Mobility.

For Utility I go with reduced dead time cause remember YOU ARE THE TANK! You're job is to be up and out defending and every extra second counts. and again the speed boost because it gives a percentage based boost that stacks with Boots of Mobility and Powerball.

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Since so much of dominion is based on getting around the map and since all the speed buffs make you're first Powerball, charged with Ghost, able to make you hit the speed buff and blast up to top they are definitely worth it. Plus you still have enough left over for some Cloth Armor to get you started working towards Aegis of the Legion. With the 75 left over gold why not grab a couple health pots? Yeah, yeah everyone knows they've been nerfed but 300 health can make the difference between winning and losing that top turret as well as being able to hold it a little bit longer when they decide to try to take it.

Like i mentioned before i rush for Aegis of the Legion because its just all around a great item for Rammus and for any tank. Its really cheap (1925), you can start working towards it from the start (already 300 of the way there!), all the pieces are cheap so if you need to go back to heal or die in first fight you can typically get another piece towards it, you get 30 extra armor, 39 extra Magic Resistance, 270 extra health, and an additional 8 damage (15.5 with the armor passive). Plus you help out your allies with Armor, MR, and Damage. Whats not to love? Also considering that Dominion games typically don't let you finish a complete build having a cheap item that can help out all around early on in the game makes a big difference over the span of the game.

Next up i get Thornmail cause even if you aren't facing a bunch of AD carries it gives 25 extra damage with the passive, and boost the E, W combo. I've seen some people say its unnecessary since there is already the W but if that is you're bread and butter give it some extra kick. You'll not only get the Thornmail 30% extra damage but also add another 10 damage to your W. Overall Thormail is cheap (2000) and it just works well with so many of Rammus' abilites.

Now that we've been leveling up W and E and have boosted it with Aegis of the Legion and Thornmail lets add some more reason to make them run from you :). Extra health to keep you in the fight longer, extra armor for less damage during E and boosting that passive, and 35 Magic Damage per/sec aoe. This is a must, but this is the last must from here you can start adjusting based on the enemy team composition. I'll get more into that with a revision to this guide and for the time being go over the last remaining items.

Guardian Angel is another all around Item that i find to be really useful. By now if you're playing Rammus right they will be avoiding you and incredibly sick of being taunted to their death lol. So most of the time i've noticed that they will start focusing me (stupid i know, but probably out of frustration) first in the fight. typically you won't be dealing with an all AD or AP team so stacking one or the other can be risky but boosting both gives you good defense against both. Also considering that you want to be the one taking hits you should expect at some point to be focused due to low health. with Guardian Angel not the biggest issue and lets you be that super aggressive tank even with low health while its up. Again Armor boost for the passive and MR boost for AP champs. Again i've taken flack about this item (out of game mind you ;) ) since death isn't as big of a deal in dominion right? Wrong its just as important to stay alive even more so i'd say. Because the game is so fast paced one less death late game in a team fight can let you pull ahead in that fight, capture the turret faster, or run away and ninja capture another turret. Plus... the lolz of popping right back up. You won't be able to use it more than twice at most but i'd still say the passive is worth it since you want to draw all that fire away from your damage dealers and return the damage with the E,W combo.

Last item (which i usually don't get to finish :( ) is Frozen Hammer. You've already got the E,W combo maxed, you're returning a ton of magic and physical damage with boosts from Aegis of the Legion, Thornmail, Sunfire Cape, and Guardian Angel. You've got 720 extra health (270 Aegis + 450 Sunfire Cape). You're the fastest thing on the Map with Boots of Mobility, Powerball, Ghost, and Quints. What else can you do to help your team? Slow the enemy with every hit so they can never get away when taunted into a fight with you and get even more health to soak up even more damage.

Like i said above I'll get more into the variations you can do with this build depending on enemy team comp.

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Skill Sequence

Grabbing one of each in the start gives you the most utility in the oh so important first fight. After that i level up W and E evenly cause i've found one way higher than the other either results in them getting away or you not able to tank and return the damage well enough aka death.

The speed boost from Powerball doesn't scale with levels so i leave it at level one and use it just for its utility until W and E are maxed relying on taunting them immediately after contact with Powerball to engage or pull them back into a fight they don't want to have.

And of course grabbing ultimates as soon as possible.

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Summoner Spells

I went over this in Masteries cause this is why there is that lonely point over in offense but Ghost and Exhaust have way too much utility in Dominion to be passed on. Both are outstanding offensively and defensively. Mobility is and huge factor of Dominion and these allow you to control their' and your's.