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Xin Zhao Build Guide by jjplay175

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jjplay175

Dominions God is here to play

jjplay175 Last updated on December 16, 2011
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Xin The Dominion God

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I.Updates - Whats changed?

17/12/11 -added a 2ed build with wits end, Removed The Lightbringer from build but its still in the item secion, Updated to the new mastery page, Updated the item section with armor penetration

24/9/11 -Items updated to better suit dominion

23/9/11 -Created the guide

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Guide to Xin Zhao - The Seneshal of Demacia

100% New and made just for You!!
Last Updated: 17.December.2011

Xin is one of the best Dominon Champions and the reason for this is very simple, He can jump to players while slowing them then right after that knock them in the air While doing Huge ammounts of damage in a short period of time And in the fast gameplay of Dominon That is a must!

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III.Pros / cons

Pros / Cons

-Great damage
-His passive Challenge A good heal to keep you out in battle
-Knock up!!
-Aoe slow!!
-Low cooldowns, with Battle Cry
-% damage ultimate
-Ultimate that will add armor + magic res
-Good at chasing with Audacious Charge
-Good movement speed
-Decent base health pool
-Low mana costs so he can cast spells with no problem

-Focused often because of his huge dps + chase ability
-No way of escaping, Ghost is the only real way

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Ok so the reason i went for these runes is simple

Greater Mark of Desolation Gives you armour penetration and i always find this really good on melee champions because early game the enemy wont have a huge ammount of armor meaning that -10 armour will make you hit 7-8% more dmg on the low armour champs! late game only 3-4% depending on how much armour they have *Sorry for the rough numbers*

Greater Seal of Armor Ok like i said before You wont have a huge ammount of armour so if they have Greater mark of desolation you will still have a small armor boost and if not.. Less damage on you!

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist Because ap hurts, You tend to get more melee but just one mage can really hurt you early game so this will try and keep you on your feet

Greater Quintessence of Desolation Armor pen same reason as Greater Mark of Desolation But i'm thinking maybe there might be a better rune you can go for, so on this one feel free to change it and leave a note if you have any idea's

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Ok this one is simple, The basic outline of this Mastery page is to give you good damage from the start so you can kill people easily while having a small exp advantage with a little bit of health And dont forget a small boost to your summoner spells

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VI.Skill Sequence + when to use

At the start of the game i always go for one in every skill and it does not matter what you pick first.. Just get all 3 of them

Three Talon Strike Why do i max this last? Its not because its bad But slowing the enemy and being able to pick people off as they run is a lot better And then i would rather be hitting faster than a little more for a short time

Battle Cry I max this out right after Audacious Charge so i can hit a lot faster Meaning i can heal faster and get my knock up out asap

Audacious Charge This is sooo good in Dominion that i cant even lie about it, With this you can jump onto an enemy doing a huge amount of damage while slowing them Or get an enemy that is trying to flee

Ok so i told you why i got them, But when to use them? This section is only really needed if you're new with Xin

Three Talon Strike With this your next 3 attacks will deal more damage and the 3rd attack will knock up, Its best to activate this as soon as you're about to go into a fight so activate this first

Audacious Charge After you activate jump at the enemy with this, You will slow them so they cant run and do a nice chunk of their Health

Battle Cry As you're jumping at them activate your Battle Cry This will reduce your cooldowns per hit and increase your attack speed by a nice % so you can heal with your passive, knock up asap and be able to get more hits out so you can reduce your cooldown even more!

1. Three Talon Strike
2. Audacious Charge
3. Battle Cry

Crescent Sweep Ok now this one is best used when you have 2-3 people near you So i cant say when you should use it because that is all up to you, But the more people you hit the more of a tank you will be, so time it well and dont take too long because the extra defence will do nothing if you're about to die

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now the item build like every other guide is not locked in stone.. Feel free to change it as needed *Example* The Lightbringer Is really good if any of their team can stealth! Like akali.. Hit her once and she cant get away from you!! Making this a really good item, If none of them have stealth, Whats the point?

Items i don't recommend you changing
- Berserker's Greaves I really think these are the best first item.. But you can change for any boots if you really think you should
- Phantom Dancer This will increase your movement aswell, with crit hits and attack speed why would you change it?
- Infinity Edge I dont even need to point out why i think you should have this

Ok so as soon as you start the game Berserker's Greaves And a Dagger so you can hit fast and run around fast, In Dominion i always think Speed is A Must! I mean think about it.. fast gameplay needs speed right?

Then after that i like to build into a Phantom Dancer More speed for chasing while giving you crits and attack speed, Perfect for Xin!

The The Lightbringer i get next because they normaly have a character that can stealth, If they dont build an Ionic Spark Or get something that gives you some attack speed, crit, dmg, If you really want to but if they have a team with lots of armor dont be afraid to build some armor pen

By now you should have decent damage output so get an Infinity Edge because who ever has enough crit chance? And 250% Thats some damage you deal right there! Now people may ask.. why so long to get one? Well i personaly find that being able to hit out 3 hits asap is alot better for a few reasons. . .
1.Your Battle Cry Will reduce all your cooldowns, so faster hits = more knock up
2.Every 3 hits you heal!!
3.Attack speed... im telling you its all about the attack speed

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VIII.New build

1. High attack speed, life steal, Huge amount of damage, small magic damage
2. High attack speed, life steal, Good amount of damage, good Magic damage

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Will Finish later

Sorry that i have not really had time to finish the guide but i will get to it asap, sorry

good luck in dominion!!!!

Ps: any advice is welcome, just comment :)