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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by TheTrueSparrow

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheTrueSparrow

Dr. Mundo, Practically Baron, A Guide For Top Lane

TheTrueSparrow Last updated on December 23, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Dr. Mundo with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Cho'Gath A lot of top laners can suffer vs. Cho Gath's sustain and harass, but Mundo's passive helps him weather the damage that Cho deals and Mundo's Q is great at setting up ganks on him since Cho has no escape.
Nasus Since all Nasus likes to do is farm creeps with his Q, you will be farming Nasus with yours. Its very easy to walk up to Nasus and force him off the creep wave and deny him stacks. Just be wary of him attempting to set up ganks with wither.
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Hello! My name is TheTrueSparrow (Not my League Name, PM me if you want to know) and welcome to my Dr. Mundo Guide! Right now, Dr. Mundo is one of the strongest picks that you can choose in top lane. The reason for that being that with the rise of strong fighters/duelists in top, Dr. Mundo's current damage and massive sustain allow him to either trade evenly or favorably in match-ups where other fighter top laners would risk losing.

Typically the issue with hyper tanks is that they take time to scale to that point, however Dr. Mundo hits that point at level 6, gaining massive sustain in addition to his high damage output. Additionally, Dr. Mundo's damage scales with two things, Level and Health, meaning the tankier you get, the more damage you do. What a world we live in that a tank can also do tons of damage!

*Please note that this guide, like all others is a work in progress, constructive criticism and feedback is appreciated and encouraged

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Pros / Cons


  • Adrenaline Rush, and Grasp of the Undying allows you to sustain better than most top laners as well as trade evenly with them.
  • Infected Cleaver is a versatile tool for harass, farm, chase down, and disengage. It also has a very generous hit-box
  • Burning Agony's DPS is incredibly underrated especially after you build a Sunfire Cape. Moreover the ability also grants tenacity while toggled on.
  • Masochism's auto reset meshes incredibly well with Titanic Hyrda active and Grasp of the Undying. Late game hitting all at once makes you deal a whopping 18% of your max health as physical damage.
  • Sadism gives Dr. Mundo access to massive health regen for 12 seconds, this allows you to soak up a lot more more damage than even other hyper tanks can. The movement speed for the duration also functions as a kiting/disengage/chase down tool with your Infected Cleavers


  • Early game, you get punished very hard for missing cleavers.
  • You tend to be more vulnerable pre-6
  • New items like Mortal Reminder/Lord Dominik's Regards give AD champions access to applying grevious wounds outside of ignite.
  • Despite being a hyper tank you have no innate engage mechanics
  • You lack any form of hard CC, making it difficult to peel for your carries.
  • If you pop Sadism too early, then you can easily lose a team fight.

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Alternative Runes Setups

Okay so the current rune setup I have is expensive as hell, so here are some alternate runes you can utilize


  • 9x Greater Marks of Flat AD
  • 9x Greater Marks of Armor
The choice is yours here, personally I like the AD marks for last hitting and the slight trading potential


  • 9x Greater Seals of Armor
  • 9x Greater Seals of Scaling Armor
  • 9x Greater Seals of Percent Health
The scaling armor are better if you're up against a more AP heavy comp, otherwise you should just take the flat armor. Only run the %health if you also run the %health quints (These are generally a better choice for jg IMO)


  • 9x Greater Glyphs of Magic Resist
  • 9x Greater Glyphs of Scaling Cooldown Reduction
  • 9x Greater Glyphs of Flat Cooldown Reduction
So out of these three, I most prefer the flat MR glyphs for the defensive stats. In terms of CDR, the flat CDR are better for trading or poking, but the scaling CDR glyphs mean you'll have you ultimate more often in the late game.


  • 3z Greater Quints of AD
  • 3x Greater Quints of Percent Health
The AD quints are taken for the same reason as the AD marks, trading and farming. Only take the %Health quints if you also run the seals/are jungling

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Situational Items

Ok, so now its time to expand on the situational items!

  • So the reason you would want to take Frozen Mallet over Sterak's Gage is because that of the 40% slow for 1.5s that it provides to your autos. Your Q slows by 40% for 2 seconds. With 10% CDR from Spirit Visage the CD of your Q is 3.5 seconds. Properly weaving you Q and autos with Frozen Heart means that your enemy will only have a .1 seconds time frame where they aren't slowed by 40% this can be massive in terms of chasing down fleeing targets or peeling for your carries.
  • Randuin's Omen is a great item into AD heavy comps or comps centered around a hyper carry. First, the passive reduces their attack speed and critical strike damage. Second, the active helps you stick close to ADCs who lack disengage
  • Building Locket of the Iron Solari is a job that can fall to either the top lane, jungler, or support and quite often top and jungle don't like to build it. However, since Dr. Mundo scales with health, Locket is a great item as it provides health, MR, health regen, CDR, an awesome aura, and a decent active.
  • In my opinion, Ohmwrecker is a heavily underrated item given its applications. One of Dr. Mundo's weakest traits is that he lacks engage. Being super tanky helps you push past outer and inner turrets, but inhibitor turrets are a different deal altogether. Ohmwrecker's active compensates for a lack of engage by giving your team the ability to literally push past a turret or simply take it because the enemy team can no longer play around it.
  • An alternative choice to getting an early Spectre's Cowl is an Abyssal Scepter as it actually allows more damage from your Q(magic damage) and W (Magic Damage with a 20% AP/s ratio) however I'd likely take this item only if your comp and the enemy comp are very magic damage centric
  • So the Rylai's/Lyandry's or Rylandry's combo can be deadly on Dr. Mundo as it makes his W an AoE slow, gives it more damage via magic pen/180 AP, and increases the current %Health damage output on his Q. On top of that it provides a combined 700 health. The drawback to building those items is a lack of health regen for their price and your team might think you're trolling. I'd likely only build this combo if I get super ahead early or if I'm in normals and just want to have fun.

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Team Work

So I've mentioned before that Dr. Mundo lacks inherent engage due to a lack of gap closer and hard cc. Which mean that there are two ways to compensate for that. First, is to utilize TP flanks. With Homeguards being automatically given to everyone at 20 minutes, using a Homeguard TP flank is a great way to throw yourself into the enemy team and take them by surprise. However, maneuvers like that require a lot of communication and deep warding behind and at the sides of the enemy team. The second and far simpler way is to just make sure that your composition has engage from the support and jungle. That being said Dr. Mundo can work very well with:


  • Zac This is pretty much a 10/10 combo between these two.Zac will be all the engage you need to run in and start keeping them slowed.
  • Wukong I'd rate this combo as an 8/10 as Wu's engage can be slightly telegraphed and after he ults he's not as useful in a fight
  • I'd give Gragas and Hecarim both 7/10 ratings. Both because they are not innately tanks. They are both good at blowing one person up, but they don't have the survivability of either Wu's Invisibility and Passive resistances or Zac's Hyper Tankiness and Passive


  • Thesh and Leona both garner a 10/10 just off of their engage potential. Thresh might blow up faster than the tankier Leona, but the AoE from his Box can lock a lot of people down. Leona on the other hand, is innately more tanky from her combo and her passive allows for more damage to be done faster.
  • Braum gets an 8/10 because while he is tanky and can negate a lot of damage/skillshots, his engage is highly dependent on either the other team being out of position, of he needs to burn flash to get a good ult off
  • Blitzcrank deserves a solid 6/10 because all his engage potential is on one target. Moreover, its possible that he pulls the wrong target and ruins the fight for your team

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So just a few points to summarize the point of this guide. As it is right now, Dr. Mundo is one of the strongest top laners in the current meta as he has innate sustain and high damage. Once he hits 6 its very difficult for the enemy team to kill him and they cannot ignore him because his damage scales with the higher level he is and the more maximum health he has. However he is not without his weak points. New AD itemization give avenues to kite, reduce his healing, or deal increased damage to him. Moreover, he lacks a decent source of engage and therefore is reliant on his own team to set it up. I hope that you've enjoyed the guide and feel free to message with with questions!