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Draven Build Guide by GreenSk1ller

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GreenSk1ller

Draven does it ALL

GreenSk1ller Last updated on July 5, 2014
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Draven Build

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This guide is mostly for players who try Draven and want a quick guide for the loading screen.
Hover with your mouse over the note sections to see more information of the build.

If you want a guide with more information: I'll maybe publish one or just look for another.

AND: This is my version of Draven. It maybe isn't the best but fits well for me. You can try it, if you want but pls dont flame me or any other one publishing a GUIDE for you. It's a service and it's for free.

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Try not to loose your Q because it will be mana expensive. You need the mana, believe me. If you go all in dont forget to catch the axes and start to go in with 2 Axes active and your Q shouldn't be on cooldown, so if you loose one, you can activate a new axe. Also, spam your W. You get a reset when you catch 1 Axe. It's important to spam W for additional Movespeed and Attackspeed. Thats a big mistake low Elo-Players do.

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Additional Tipps (If someone is loading pretty long :D )

1. You don't have to be in the center of the mark to catch a axe.

2. Engage with your E on the enemy ADC to get a slow and an extra AA on them.

3. Reactivate your Ulti just before it strikes a target, so you can be sure, it will strike them twice.

4. Your Q will allways fly in the direction you walk. So you can controll it. This is necessary for chase and poke, so your axe wont fall off. (Chase: Always click in the direction were your enemy is walking | Poke: Do the AA and while the axe is mid-air, click behind you (towards your tower) so you can catch the axe and dont run into the enemy team or loose it.

A Video for TIPP 3. and 4. by PhyLOL

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Quick RUNES and MASTERIES (no explanation, sry )