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Draven Build Guide by GreenSk1ller

AD Carry Draven: The Carry, Guide for Draven Veterans

AD Carry Draven: The Carry, Guide for Draven Veterans

Updated on December 9, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author GreenSk1ller Build Guide By GreenSk1ller 1,934 Views 0 Comments
1,934 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author GreenSk1ller Draven Build Guide By GreenSk1ller Updated on December 9, 2015
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The Build:

Draven scales mainly with damage. Add some crit and attackspeed and VĂ²ila!
This Build, Runes and Masterie will give you an early advantage. Midgame it'd fall of or would be too expensive if youre not the carry of your team.
Also please look at my oppinions of mathcups against enemy Supps and ADCs. Also please click there on the Champion Icons to get really vulnurable information.

Pls comment on this guide if you liked it.

See you in the Rift :D
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Hey there.
I heard you want to play Draven? Really Bro? This ain't easy gg.

Im a player from Germany and im playing on EUW. I love Draven, since Season 3 he is my favorite ADC.
So I decided to share my knowledge(IN A REALLY SHORT GUIDE!!!) with you, because recently I saw a lot of bad Draven players.
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Who is Draven:

Draven is a strong ADC...blablabla:

-early strong
-can carry from minute zero
-when early ahead ez gg

-hard to play
-some hard counters
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How to play:

Poke / Kite always with Q and W.
Make the Q always land somewhere safe or in the direction you want to go.
(Advanced: You can b8 skills with your Q by make it land somewhere unsafe, walk there and just a pixel before you turn around and dont take it. Blitzcrank/Morgana/etc expected you to go there and waisted there skill.............. NOW ENGAGE U MORON!!!)
Engage with aa and imidiatly your E, guarantee a slow on enemy and one autoattack more than him.
Dont fear to use your ult in 1v1 or 2v2's, but activate it after you made an aa.
(Advanced: Make your Ult strike a target twice by activating it again just before it hits the enemy to secure 2 hits. Can be extremely hard to master and there will be some funny fails.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author GreenSk1ller
GreenSk1ller Draven Guide
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Draven: The Carry, Guide for Draven Veterans

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