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Draven Build Guide by Enspite

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Enspite

Draven - Doing it with Style.

Enspite Last updated on June 5, 2015
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Welcome to my first guide. I am a Diamond 5 ADC main and I love playing Draven. I started out in Bronze 4 halfway though Season 4 and have played my way up into High Elo. I want to share with you my knowledge on Draven so that you can become not only a better Draven player but a better ADC and League player in general.

There are a few things that you need to remember when playing Draven:

1. You are Far Superior to any other ADC in the game.
2. Draven does not play for the team; he plays for himself.
3. Your Manly Mustache gets you all the ladies.
4. When you get your Daily Pentakill type "Welcome to the League of Draven" in all chat.
5. Soul Reaver is MANDATORY

Now that we have the ground rules set lets get into it.

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Why Draven?

Apart from being the Sexiest, Strongest, Manliest, Most Attractive, Stylish, Charming and Suave Character in the game; Draven offers a Fun, Challenging and Rewarding play-style with a High Skill-Cap.


+ Early Game Headache
+ High Burst Damage
+ Built in Steroid
+ Global Ultimate
+ Sexy as a MOFO
Draven is a early game, sexy monster. He arguably has the best level 1 of any ADC and his level 2 is even more powerful. He is able to deal a high amount of damage in a very short amount of time. We're talking about 2 or 3 hitting those squishies. His global ultimate allows him to deal good AoE damage in team fights and it can also serve as a good burst in your combo in a 1v1 situation.


+ Predictable Movement
+ High Skill Cap
+ No "Real" Escape
That Golden Marker that leads you to the promised land is there for everyone to see. It screams "aim your skillshots here." This makes your movement extremely predictable. This same feature also makes Draven have a high skill-cap. Managing your spinning axes is just another task to add to the list of things you have to do to be successful as an ADC.

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The Goods


You will always get Berserker's Greaves. There is no exception. They are stylish, give movement speed and attack speed. They are everything you have ever dreamed of and more.

I personally rush Infinity Edge. It is a new take on Draven but I find it extremely rewarding when you have your Q up and it crits twice in a row forcing more frequent backs for the enemy ADC.

I get Last Whisper second. This is because Draven has a built in Attack/Movement buff and therefore we can grab an early Last Whisper and laugh in the face of armor.

Complete the core with Phantom Dancer. This items maximizes your Damage per Second and gives you more movement speed along with some critical chance. This will help in your kiting and overall attractiveness.

The last damage item I like to get is The Bloodthirster. This items gives us good lifesteal as well as extra health.

Everybody wants a piece of Draven. Those pesky Zed's and Kassadin's are always diving in on you. Its most likely because they are jealous of how incredibly sexy and powerful you are. This Guardian Angel makes you a god. Get it, Love it, Live it. You may want to get this before Bloodthirster if the enemy team is super attracted to you.

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Those Sexy Skills

League of Draven: This is possibly one of the most underrated passives in the game. Draven is obviously a Pimp so getting some extra cash on the side comes naturally to him. Every time our sexy boy Draven catches an axe he gains a stack of Adoration. When Draven gets a kill these stacks are converted into Gold. Getting an early kill can possibly grant 400 Extra Gold. Talk about snowballing and carrying the team (which will happen every game, obviously).

Spinning Axe [Q]: This is it. This is the skill that sets you apart from all the other, lesser ADC's. With this skill you will never lose lane, never be out-traded or outclassed. This is the skill that makes the ladies swoon and the boys jealous. Mastery of this skill is required.

Blood Rush [W]: This skill makes the other ADC's cry at night. It is an attack/movement speed buff. If you catch one of your spinning axes the cool down on this ability is reset. This allows for a constant buff to be utilized. This makes Draven excel at chasing, kiting and out classing his opponents all while maintaining a perfect mustache.

Stand Aside [E]: Probably the most underused and underrated ability in Dravens Kit. The Utility that comes with this ability is priceless. It takes some time to master but when timed correctly it can interrupt gap-closers. It can also be used in a burst as well as just a good ole' escaping tool.

Whirling Death [R]: Nothing is more satisfying then decimating your weaker opponents from across the map. When picking off enemies or Baron/Drag with Whirling Death type "Not Draven, Draaavennn" in all chat. It can also be used in team fights for good AoE damage.

Max his abilities in this order: R > Q > E > W

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You win. The End. But in all seriousness
Draven has one the best, if not the best laning phase out of all adc's. With your Spinning Axe giving you a damage boost you will be wreaking your lane opponents even if they are ahead and if you are ahead, it will just make them cry.

Positioning with Draven is extremely important. Remember to always have two Spinning Axes up at all times. This allows you to last hit better, get Adoration stacks faster and have more damage available should a fight break out. Remember that your Spinning Axes will fly towards the last direction you were walking. Use this to your advantage when CS'ing and harassing.

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Team Fight/Late Game