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Draven Build Guide by Guillotine84

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Guillotine84

Draven OP

Guillotine84 Last updated on April 22, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to the League of Draven :)

Draven is an AD carry. Meaning that he deals the most damage with auto attacks. Draven should be played carefully early game as his Spinning Axe is the only thing that deals damage early on.

Some counter to Draven are Xin Zhao, Varus, Blitzcrank or just anyone that can interupt him catching his axes while farming. Draven counters anyone without crazy burst damage. In my opinion the best 2 supports thatdraven works with are Sona and Janna .

His early game is the most impornant. I would try to get any kill possible. But if it results in 2 kills for the other team and only 1 kill for you, dont take it. If you have to tower dive to get a kill but you know you would die, then I would go for that. If you can keep your KDA (Kills/Deaths/Assists) positive or neutral untill you have your Infinity Edge and Zeal (to build your Phantom Dancer ) then you should start to dominate. Also, remember to get your Vampiric Scepter for early life steal.

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Pros and Cons


  • Great damage output starting from mid-game
  • Global Ult
  • Blood Rush helps when you start exchanging
  • Two escaping tools

  • Squishy throughout the whole game
  • Not much harrass
  • Requires VERY agressive play

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Runes & Masteries

I use a 21/9/0 Mastery tree with Draven the offense tree is self-explanitory with him being an AD carry. For defense I take 4 points in Durability , 2 points each in Hardiness and Resistance for equal armor and magic resistance. Lastly, I put 1 point in Veteran's Scars .

For Runes I use Flat armor penetration marks because flat AD marks are used for last hitting and better farming, and Draven has his Spinning Axe for better last hitting. For Glyphs I use Flat magic resist because as a stong AD carry, you tend to get ganked early. These help you survive. Same thing for my Seals . I use Flat armor for the survivability as well.

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Summoner Spells

I use Cleanse if my oppsing laner(s) have heavy CC (Stuns, Slows, Knock ups, etc.) because you should be dealing the most damage in teamfights and if you get caught and die, you're team will have a hard time with the rest of the team fight. I use Flash for an escaping tool, you can go over walls or just falsh closer to your team. Alternatively I take Barrier if the other team has heavy damage output. Also, if the other team doesn't seem like much of a threat to you, take Ignite to finish them off early game (but your passive is also an ignite).

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Passive: Wicked Blades this ability gives Draven's Q ( Spinning Axe) a bleed effect. As well as giving his critical hits a bit more damage.

Q- Spinning Axe: Spinning axe gives Draven an axe in his hand that deals bonus damage. The axe ricochets back to a spot and if Draven catches it, he can have the bonus damage on his next attack. Kepping you axe for long enough will let you have 2 spinning axes at once!

W- Blood Rush: Blood rush temporarily gives Draven movement speed and attack speed. This is handy when you are running away or in an exchange.

E- Stand Aside: Stand aside makes Drven push axes in a driection, knocking back and slowing anything it hits. This also deals damage, but don't count on it for a big hit.

R- Whirling Death: Whirling death is a global skill meaning it can go from one end of the map to the other. It deals almost no damage so only use it if people are trying to escape fomr you with 400 or less health. Also, try not to go across the map with this skill unless your team is in a teamfight without you.

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Your final build should look like this. . This is the build I like to use as it gives me high crit damage, high attack speed, a 2nd life, armor penetration and amazing flat out AD.

Some items you should consider though are: if the enemies are stacking too much armor. if you feel you are getting burst down by their AP champions or if you get hit very hard with a lot of CC. for a bit of slow and tankyness. If you feel you lack lifesteal or attack speed. if you feel you get hit with too many skills, AD or AP. ...tons of damage. this helps alot with taking down towers, but I don't recommend it unless you truly feel you need it. for super tankyness, and for the passive shock, which is a great tool for teamfights. Note that Statikk Shiv would replace your Phantom Dancer .

Your boots enchantments should be Enchantment: Furor if you are winning or if you are tied, losing or defending. Keep in mind these are cheap so you can switch almost anytime you need to.

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Early Game

Always try to have at least 1 Spinning Axe up when farming. It helps for when your oppenent starts an exchange you can activate a secong spinning axe and easily win the exchange. Depending on your support, you might have to start the exchanges. If you support is someone like Alistar or Thresh or Blitzcrank or anyone that can pull or push the enemy to you, then you should stick close so when they pull, you are right there ready to attack. If you have someone like a Janna or Sona then you should play a little bit more passive, but still stay on the agressive side.

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Mid Game

When you have your Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer (or at least Zeal ) then you should be able to take on anyone if no one on the other team is fed. Try not to go for a Tryndamere or a Master Yi because they can take you out pretty easy during mid game. Make sure you always have wards in ganking areas as most teams tend to gank the adc if you are alone or with a support.

When in a 1v1 exchange make sure you use Spinning Axe then Blood Rush to chunk them early on. Once they realize that you can take them out, use Stand Aside to push them closer to you or at least to stun and slow them temporarily. If neccessary use your Whirling Death to finish them off. Don't forget the skill comes back afterwards so don't let them get away easy!

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Late Game

When you have your full build or close to your full build then you should be able to take anyone on. The other AD carry, the tank, the jungler...anyone! You have lifesteal, attack speed, attack damage and HIGH crit damage. You should be almost unstoppable.

You will get ganked or ganged up on a lot as you are the main source of damage for your team. What I would do is Blood Rush and if nesseccary then Stand Aside . By then you should have some space. If you can get away good. Two other things that could happen are: more people are coming from different directions, then you should try to get to a wall and flash over it. Or if you truly think you have enough space, hit someone with Spinning Axe and MAKE SURE TO CATCH IT so you can re-activate Blood Rush .

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The standard job of an adc in any teamfight is to stay behind anyone who is tank, and burst down the opposing squishies. You should make sure THAT YOU don't engage as you do not have much HP and will get killed withing seconds in a 5v5 teamfight.

If you are not close to the fight when it is happening remember to use Whirling Death it may not do much but it helps. It could hit the enemy AD carry and force them to run or killing them. Making the teamfight much easier for your team.

When you are fully engaged in a 5v5 teamfight, believe it or not, your most important skill is your Stand Aside This makes it so the you separate the AD carry from the tank (if done correctly) and it stuns whoever it hits, giving you and your team free hits for 1 second. It may not seem like much, but I feel that that 1 second is the make or break in most teamfights. This skill could also turn a teamfight around comepletely.

At a fight at baron or dragon, your Stand Aside and Wirling Death skills make the most usefull for takeing or stealing the objective. Remeber again the Whirling Death go forward and comes back, so predicting the coming back part would make for a nice and unexpected steal.

STAY BEHIND THE TANKY ONES. Remember, you should be the only AD carry on your team. If you get killed first in a teamfight, majority of hope will be lost for that fight.

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Draven is a very strong late game champion with execptional early-mid game stats. Remember to get early Vampiric Scepter and play to your support. Try your best to establish an agressive playstyle though. Following this guide should HELP you play Draven, but he is a complicated champion to play, so the perfection comes from you. I hope this guide helped you alot and please give me feedback if i should fix my guides better or any more item suggestions. This is my first guide ever, I hope it serves you well. Good luck in the League of Draven!