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Team Guide by TankMaster216

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TankMaster216

Dreamteam guide, a whole team.

TankMaster216 Last updated on November 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Red for Rammus.
Blue for Nocturne.
Purple for Malzahar.
Green (dark yellow) for Trundle.

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Rammus, The armodillo is a extreme good tank, he isnt so hard, and can not only be tank, but also a good killer and a well turret-destoyer. he will get alot armor with this build and that also gives him alot damage. if you really dominate the other team, you can buy a Phantom Dancer in the end, to also do alot damage. with this build, you get 400 armor and 410 movespeed, and 3600 health and a incredible health regen, no one can stop this rammus.

Noctourne, The eternal nigthmare isnt hard, he just need some practice. he is a melee attacker and you can take alot enemies with his ulti if someone will try run from you... with this build you get high damage and will slain the enemy fast.

Malzahar, The prophet of the void does tonnes of magic damage with 913 AP! (it doesent includes auras and the passives in the items, so he will have 913) so therefore i recommended this build.

Trundle, The cursed troll is a anti-jungler, which means that you have absolutely no chance of escaping from him in a jungle, and a very small chance even on plain land. if he cast Pillar of filth, which will block the way, and slow when the enemy will go beside it, you can cast Continate and your movespeed is like 500, and if they are slowed by 20 %, they even stand a chance? nope.

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Summoner Spells

As for Rammus i use exhaust, to slow enemies, and the other bonuses as reduced attack damage, do reduce the damage on rammus himself. Rammus also plays well with ignite, if you cant catch them, and if they have a litle amount of hp less.

as for Nocturne its the same as Rammus, and same reasons.

Ignite, with Malefic Visions, can deal a lot damage-over-time damage. flash is good to flash froward to use Null Zone, and the hes ulti, Nether Grasp. flash is also useful to escape through walls.

Trundle, i wont even explain why i took these summonner spells.

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Thornail, is always the first major item for Rammus, as it gives 100 armor = 25 damage also + damage return. if sion comes against you, with activated ulti, he damage more on himself than you. if you are playing against more mages, i sometimes totally drop thornmail, and buy some more force of a narture, and one less warmogs armor so you can have a quicksilver sash.

Nocturne he needs lifesteal and damage, and attack speed and critical, therefore these items are best.

When Malzahar haves 900 AP, hes ulti will damage like 1600-1700, and while on Null Zone which takes 20 % of their health per second, even rammus need 300 Magic Resist.

Trundle is a fast moving, attacker, with dmg, lifesteal and attack speed. hes spell Continate greatly increases his attack speed, and hes movespeed by the half.

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Pros / Cons

Rammus really aint have any Cons, exept that he dont have so much hp, compared to be a tank. he has a lot pros though, like Tremor works on buildings too. he can take turrets alone without minions, and if well fed, even without his ultimate!

Nocturne is good at farming minions, if you cast Duskbring on the ranged minions and then give them a hit with you passive you will get them all.

Malzahars cons, is that he has a low mana bar, but then fast mana regen with these runes, you get 4 mana per second in start, and 23 AP.

Trundles cons, is that it is hard to find out what to buy him, but he is an attacker and also a litle tank. he gets massive hp and a good deal armor and MR. because of atma's impaler, he also gets fine dmg.

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Team Work

It is very important, that Rammus goes into combat first, as he is a though armordillo :D.
talk with your team, to plan a gank, as it will be useful to get enemys focus Rammus.

Nocturne is most solo, but he can also gank with you teammates.

Malzahar is great at teamfigth because of hes spell, that can silence, and his Malefic Visions which will jump, everytime an enemy dies when it is on him. therefor try plant Malefic visions on the one with lesser hp than the others, and the team shall focus on the infected, so the spell will jump.

Trundle is important in team fight, as he can slow, and have a great deal of hp, and because of hp and LF he wont die easily.

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Rammus can with ease take a big minion army, also if it is suuper minions. the thornmail will give a lot damage return, even more if you use Defensive Ball Curl. and his ulti will also slay alot minions, so he can fast eleminate an army and push the turrets.

Nocturne is good at farming minions, if you cast Duskbringer on the ranged minions and then give them a hit with you passive you will get them all. i dont jungle with Nocturne, but someone does.

Malefic Visons is a great farming spell, and it will also give Malzahar mana.

Trundle is good at farming, when using Bite, he will get alot dmg, and casting Continate will give him alot attack speed, and finally you can also buy Tiamat. i do often jungle with Trunde. hes passive does farming and jubngling easier to survive, for example, if taking the blue golem, take the minions after a while, so you regain hp by killing them. and be ready to go to baron nashor if you need hp cuz it gives like 800 hp.

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I have some last tips as, somebody says that tanks and supporters shouldnt have kills. THATS WRONG GUYS! cuz if you are a team full of carry's, you wont stand a chance against a team like: 1 tank, 1 mage, 1 melee attacker, 1 ranged attacker, and last a supporter. like: Vayne, Tryndamere, Shaco, Ashe and Sion VS. Rammus, Veigar, Nocturne, Ashe and Soraka.
last team would win, even if the other team are a great deal more skilled.


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