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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rainbow Dash#94120

Dual Jungle WIP

Rainbow Dash#94120 Last updated on July 19, 2011
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A quick guide thrown together for the purpose of trying the concept of a double jungle.
Currently IN PROGRESS.

Inspired by my smite Evelynn build, the double jungle build essentially assures that all five champs are leveled as if they were in a solo lane. It provides copious ganks, and prevents the enemy team's jungler from leveling, forcing them either back into lane, or to take a very slow jungle.

The aim of this guide firstly is for my own reference so that I can work on which works best and test possibilities.

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The Champions

Before we get started allow me to explain why I chose these two champs;

I should note that the role of Amumu is played by my friend, and I have asked him for his builds as I personally don't play Amumu. We chose Amumu since he is a strong jungler, and the concept worked well paired with Xin. If you have any comments or improvements you think you could make to either champ, please let me know and I'll try them out.

Amumu is a strong jungler due to;
- Perecentage health damage
- A passive that strengthens his magic damage. (Or rather, reduces the enemy's resistance.)
- Strong ganking capabilities.

Due to my choice in champions I usually find myself solo top, and when it's 2v1 I can't tell you how relieved I am to have a jungler help me with my gank. And I have always found Amumu to be my favorite ganker, solely due to his ability to early game CC without giving the enemy champs a moment to evade, which usually ends up with myself getting the kills. This is always appreciated when you're in a difficult lane.

I chose Xin Xhao as my second champion due to his strong ganking capabilities too, possibly more-so than Amumu. Now while my personal opinions of him are low (he's pretty bs,) I have to admit he's a very strong jungler, and a good compliment to Amumu.

Xin Xhao brings to the team;
- Very high early game damage.
- Very early CC.
- Good ability to roam and cover lanes.

Xin's ability to cover lanes and gank at level 2 is what makes this jungle a lot easier.

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The runes for Amumu are almost the basic rune page for a jungler, we tried to keep Amumu as constant as possible for this guide so that he could fur fill the duties of a standard jungler while the "off jungler" helps him to complete it quickly and fills in for ganks.

The flat defense is required for jungling, magic defense per level is due to the lack of need for magic defense early game in the jungle. HP and magic pen is just to help speed up the jungle and mostly a personal preference.

For Xin I chose a set of runes based for quick killing, the armor pen is standard (15 armor pen is 1 under the average champion's armor at level 1. And dragon has 23 armor,) and the attack speed is to proc his passive more, and also to kill faster while Amumu tanks. It also means he has slightly more of a chance to kill while ganking, with a base 0.8 attack speed at level 1.

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Creeping / Jungling

Start at enemy red; Xin tanks it while amumu kills.
Double smite when it reaches 1,000 HP - make sure Xin takes the red.
Kill the enemy wraiths to kill their jungle, then take either;
- enemy golems ( to prevent their jungler )
- your wolves ( for safety )

After this you should both be level 2. Xin should start his first gank here, at the very least gaining another level from being in lane.

Meanwhile Amumu should take our blue and either gank or move down to wraiths.
Once Amumu is ready (ASAP) Xin takes our golems at bottom, and then smites red buff, leaving Amumu to take the red for himself, while Xin ganks bottom lane.

Once both junglers have reached level 5 AND IT IS SAFE they should take dragon. With two smites and a madred's dragon will drop fast. 15 armor pen means dragon only has 10 armor, and madred's will proc at least once. With the strong Q for auto attacks and two smites, the dragon is extra safe from people trying to steal.

Red = Xin
Blue = Amumu

I recommend that you practice this a couple times in a custom game before trying anything in a team. Your friends are liable to hate you otherwise. (Talking from personal experience here kids.)

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I only posted the starting items that we use for jungle in this guide, as honestly after you've run this guide through you won't need me to tell you what items to buy, that's called playing the game.

You'll make judgements based on their team, and how well your ganks are going.

The Sapphire Crystal on Amumu was chosen due to the lack of blue buff at the start. Fortunately he doesn't struggle to level at all due to Xin Xhao tanking the first few jungle spots.

Xin takes the standard cloth armor 5 pots, his attack speed bonuses and his passive assure that he won't die early game. Not only that but the powerful double smite assures the larger red buff dies before it has a chance to dent you, and that red buff only makes the other neutral creeps easier to kill.

After that it's recommended that Xin takes a Wriggle's ASAP. Taking that dragon is easily possible thanks to it, my very first attempt at this guide (made up on the fly) resulted in us killing dragon at level 7 will next to full HP thanks to Wriggle's.

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Impact of Enemy Jungler

Yet to be seen in a proper game.


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