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Ahri Build Guide by Rainbow Dash#94120

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rainbow Dash#94120

What what in the top?

Rainbow Dash#94120 Last updated on February 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is an Ahri guide mostly for myself so that I can come back and check it out, but I'm more than happy for other people to use it too.

After the initial announcement of Ahri (before she got ears) I'd been hyped to play her, telling everybody I'd drop every other champion just for her, when I saw how amazing her skill set was it only added to the hype.

Ahri is an assassin, and while most people like to play her mid, since all my other champs are solo top I prefer to play her there. She's strong since she has range and true damage that bests most solo tops in a one on one. She, along with Akali and Kog'maw are some of the champions that "become broken in lane at level 6". If the enemy is on half health by then you can essentially secure a kill.

I'd like to make clear now that from my own game play experience, the experiences of others and the observations of many Ahri is very much like Akali, except arguably worse. Personally I feel Ahri is in no way worse, just not as flamboyantly ********.

While Akali has a fair bit of tank about her, mostly via Rylais, spellvamp and lifesteal, Ahri attempts to avoid damage entirely, often with little or great success.

Pointing out now that my playstyle of Ahri requires at least a fairly strong ability within the game would probably help. On average in games I have my Rabadons + level 2 boots + Doran's between 15-20 minutes, depending on how well my lane goes. You should expect to have 90% or so of the farm thrown your way, kills aren't expected until after the 25 minute mark.

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The runes I chose in case you hadn't noticed are very late-game centric, which I realize is odd as runes usually are supposed to be for early game advantage.
I prefer this route for Ahri as it means I can get the most out of Rabadons for one, and Ahri's impact throughout the game only gets stronger and stronger as time goes along.

Greater Mark of Insight
The obvious choice for reds. Means spell pen shouldn't be a significant problem until late game. These also means you'll be dealing nearly true damage with your harass early on, which counters for the fact that you have absolutely no AP.

Greater Seal of Replenishment Greater Seal of Replenishment
Honestly not my favorite, but then again there aren't many great yellows. I don't really ever have any mana problems ever. Ahri is limited to her Q in lane and only for harass and farming if things get bad. These runes are essentially for when you're being pushed hard in lane and you need to use your Q to farm.

Greater Glyph of Force
Along with the quints they give you a total of 52 AP at level 18 going straight through your Rabadons. That's not something to laugh at for what you're getting from runes. Alright you don't have AP early game, but to be honest you shouldn't need Ap early game, runes should not be a requirement for anything in this game. And let's be honest, Ahri has one move that doesn't get ****blocked by minions, what are you gonna do with that AP?

Greater Quintessence of Force
Late game AP means more burst going through your Rabadons. I know a lot of people prefer spell pen, but if I ever find resistance a problem I buy a void staff. Again, it's all up to preference.

(other options coming soon)

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- Nope.avi


Total bonuses:
    +4 (4.2) AP
    +18 (18.9) AP at level 18
    4% CDR
    10% Mpen
    +1.5% damage
    +6% damage to targets below 40% health

    Flash CDR -15s
    Teleport cast time -1s
    216 Mana at level 18
    Recall cast time -1s
    3 MP5
    +20% buff duriation

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Standard boots, buy them at level one if you're against a champion like Brand or Anivia. If you think you're going to be harassed a lot. Otherwise Doran's Ring is always good. But boots early though either way.

My preferred boots. If you buy these you shouldn't need to buy any more spell pen, but if you are getting harassed, stunned or are losing b Mercury's Treads, no debate.

One of the best items in the game IMO. Oh god are these good. Remember no matter how much damage you deal, you are squishy and stuns will eat you. Buying these seriously help. Sorcerer's are preferable, but you'd rather do a bit less damage than be dead, right?
Buying these can waver buying Banshee's Veil, but that's up to you.

Standard level 1 item, keep it until you have 5 other items, it's powerful and cheap, not much else to say.
If you're losing the lane feel free to buy two or even three of these. But never more. And don't bother buying more after 20 minutes, that's when they lose their impact.

First item I buy, just stay in lane until 1,600 or 1,950 gold (to buy boots too). You shouldn't have too much trouble with this.

I time myself when I get this, 15 is a good time, 20 is a decent time. Either way you should have level 2 boots ALREADY. Which boots you chose depends on how the game is going.
Rabadons is a staple on any burst mage, especially assassins. Not to mention dat passive.

You've got to mid game, you're doing well, but a Giant's Belt and bam you're set. That bonus HP will help you out of tricky situations and will sit in your inventory until you decide to upgrade it to a Rylai's. If you don't want to rush a Rylai's then just keep the Giant's Belt for a while, either way you need the health to not get the corpse.

Delicious item on Ahri. Although most of her moves will only proc the smaller slow, Ahri will hit nearly every enemy champion in a team fight, global team slows? Why yes I will thankyou.
The AP and health are also significant boosts to you, Rylai's will save you so many times and you probably won't even notice it.

I like to take this item on Ahri partially due to my fixation with buying Needlessly Large Rods, and also because there are so many situations in League of Legends that infuriate you, that can easily be negated with a Zhonya's.
Tryndamere ulting, Zhonya's. Ignite, Zhonya's. Karthus ult, Zhonya's.
It can really save you time and time again.
If you do chose to get this item, I recommend not getting a Banshee's.

Should you not get Sorcerer's Shoes, or the enemy team has decided to play five Galios, feel free to pick up a Void Staff, it gives you ample AP and a significant amount of spell pen. And that's percentage, not flat.
Hnnnng this item.

Strong item on nearly any champion. I like to take this if the enemy team has a fair bit of stun and I've been silly enough not to get Mercury's Treads. Every 45 seconds ignore a spell, I mean, need I say more?

A very popular item on Ahri I see, buying this means you don't need to leave lane any time soon, but to be honest I find her passive is usually enough. If you are struggling though this can easily shape into a WoTa which is never a bad item.

Upgrade from Revolver, I recommend not buying this item if you didn't need to buy a Hextech Revolver earlier, if you go middle lane that is doubled since chances are you're the AP for your team and that AoE is going to waste. But if you're solo top Ahri it helps your AP carry... carry.

I suggest never buying this item ever.
But then again I use it a lot, so I'm a bit of a hypocrite.
A general rule I keep is if you haven't died before 20 minutes, and you have at least 2 kills, then you're allowed to take it. Otherwise don't bother. Even then, probably don't bother.
It's just far too risky and a waste of money, also people will laugh at you.

Oh lawd is this item good. MR, movement speed, AP on auto attacks? You should be auto attacking A LOT and since her spells are on such low cooldowns you have no excuse not to be abusing this. Use it between every spell cast in your combo and you're racking up some serious bonus damage.
Give it a try yourself, remember those auto attacks, and become a changed Ahri player.

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Summoner Spells

Suggested Spells

My preferred escape spell, good for when your ult is down or if you just need that extra movement. Remember; your ult is affected by slows.

Powerful spell early game, can secure you a few kills that tides you over until late game. I usually take this spell if I go mid, otherwise I take teleport.

My favorite spell for solo top, means I can gank along with the jungler to secure kills for the team and still be able to cover my lane and farm. Remember; more assists means more gold for the team.

Not my favorite but I've seen people use it on Ahri. Good to prevent people from massacring you, good to escape from, make sure your team can kill a fed carry, but I'd rather leave it to somebody more suited.

My favorite spell on most champions for an escape move, but on Ahri flash seems more suited. I mean, 4 blinks in a row? You know you want to.
Either way ghost is a powerful spell and more used since the flash nerf, by all means take if you prefer it for chasing/running. Just Ahri is very squishy and ghost is entirely negated by exhaust, slows and stuns.

The pile of "oh god why"

Not to sound mean but when I see somebody take clarity I immediately assume they're a bad player.
You don't need clarity. You never need clarity. All of the spells above are better. No champion has problems this bad.
For people who don't know why clarity is bad, it's because while it gives you a mana advantage early on, therefore more harass, the mana you get from it late game is negligible. And it's a wasted summoner spell. If you're just careful with your spells you will not run out of mana.

Lol okay, if you're jungling.

Leave it to the support please.

I can think of maybe three champions this is good on. Unless you're in dominion you shouldn't need this, you shouldn't be dying, taking another spell could prevent the death to begin with.

Alright, it's a pretty good summoner spell since the buff, but you don't need it. Your passive is basically Morgana's but worse. Either way she shouldn't have any HP problems. You could always buy some spell vamp if it becomes an issue.

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Laning Phase

Essentially, besides leveling E at 2, W at 3 and R every time you can, just power level Q, it's literally your only move in lane.

Q is your harass, your farming move.
W is if you're being pressed on, damage to ward them away.
E is to attack or defend, it can keep them in place for your combo or slow them down so you can get away.

You should spend the first 10 minutes or so pretending you're an AD carry, last hit every single minion with auto attacks. You want to use your Q as little as possible - it pushes the lane too much.
Throw it at the enemy if you can get a clear shot avoiding minions, but other than that, just avoid them and farm. That's what you're there for - farm.

If you're being harassed too much or don't want to get close you can use your Q to farm from a range, but it's not as effective and you give your enemy laner free farm, which is never good.

One you hit level 6 you can basically own the lane, if the enemy is on half health or lower (give or take for tankiness) then you can essentially jump in and rip their face to shreds.

My combo is usually (over minions) R > E > auto attack > Q > auto attack > W > auto attack > R > auto attack > R

It changes depending on the situation but you get a good feel of Ahri fast so don't worry massively, just remember to position yourself well so that you have an easy access escape route and to make sure that all your hits attack the champion instead of minions.

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Dividers are from Jhoijhoi's Guide give her some laaahv.