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League of Legends Build Guide Author DuffTime

Duff's Anti-Carrying.

DuffTime Last updated on August 18, 2011
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DuffTime! I thought you didn't like DMG, I thought you didn't understand how much DMG you could be doing!

Tsk tsk.. The other guide is about Off-Tanking. This guide is about kill kill kill pew pew pew.

Different functions, different items.

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You are NOT SAFE!!!

You are always in just as much danger or more as their carry is!

and your role is harder, because while their carry gets to just sit in the middle of their team, YOU, have to go KILL THEM!

IN THE MIDDLE OF THEIR TEAM! And, the trick is not feeding like a raging noob =)

Anti carrying is hard, and the reason I made a guide about it, is because I feel there is confusion, some people think Off-Tanking and Anti carrying are birds of a feather.

They are not.

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YOU, are NOT, a CARRY!!!

You are NOT an OFF-TANK!!! (Obviously)


And you MIGHT, end up carrying, BUT FIRST, you need to ANTI CARRY, EVERY FIGHT.

This is your role. Kill the Carry. Just DO IT!!!

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In case that wasn't clear.

Most of these champions have a way to get in, kill a carry, and get out.

These are the most mobile, the most effective, and the safest champion selections for you, while being the most dangerous for their carries.

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Why these Champs Duff? Aren't there more?

Well, unlike Off-Tanking... Anti carrying is something you really can't "Fake"

You can't Anti Carry... "Just enough" to do the role.

You either do it well, or you do it really badly.

So why do these champs perform the role well?

You will Notice, eve's stealth, and after getting kills or assists, her HP recover's and she can activate a speed boost to escape. Eve can do LOTS of DMG very quickly.

Poppy's got a speed boost as well. She's also got one of the Best Anti carry ult's in the game, because it only allows you to receive damage or be CC'd by one source. She has a way to CC, a way to get to the enemy, and TONS of ways to do LOTS of DMG FAST. Mind numbingly fast, for how safe she potentially is while doing it. She's the one champion who is SAFER in a 2v1 vrs a carry, than if the carry were ALL ALONE. (Did Nocturne just ult? *Sunglasses)

Tryndamere, has a whirl to get in, a slow to keep the carry around you, and between good damage gear, bloodlust, and his passive, his auto attacks are gonna be chopping off HP like a bat outta hell... Would... Chop off... HP. *Ahem.* Oh yeah, his ULT helps keeps him alive to do all that.

GP, You might be surprised to see him here, you might not be. Fact is, he can anti carry far above the average champ's potential. Perhaps he's no poppy, but with crafty ults, Paaarley's, well timed Scurvy's and flashes, I think you will find that a skilled GP will kill a carry more often than a carry will kill a skilled GP. (Personal opinion and experience, you don't have to agree. *Sunglasses)

Akali, again, very mobile with her Ult, and another example of MASSIVE amounts of damage SO FAST! With your bubble, your resistances go crazy, and if they have no oracles, you can do a boxer's "Peek-a-Boo" style, of using a skill and fading out. Not to mention the spell bubble's slow and Rylai's slow will stack together, and all of her other skills will be slowing with Rylai's as well. Carries die very quickly to Akali, she's tailor made to Anti carrying.

AP Irelia: WTF? AP Irelia? Well, yes. Her passive in combination with Merc treads makes her damn near impossible to CC. Her ultimate will do muuuch more damage than the enemy is expecting, and thusly will heal you for a large portion of your HP. With Rylai's, all of your skills will slow, and the slow from Rylai's will stack with the slow from her Equilibrium as well. (Unless it stuns, but this allows you to use the skill as a more effective chaser, great for catching those runaway carries) ... AP Irelia, with Lich bane, applies the Lich bane proc on her Q, causing the Q to deal MASSSIVVVVEEEE PHYSICAL DMG!!! Your opponents will not be able to build resistances against you, because with Void staff you'll cut their MGC resistances, and your Q will only affected by armor. AP Irelia is a very solid ANTI CARRY. AKA, she kills carries well. I wouldn't build her this way for any other purpose, but some people really just like glass cannons.

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Anti Carrying isn't easy.

But, it's effective. You have to deal MASSIVE amounts of damage, FAST. You need to be a TRUE glass cannon.

This is why I only anti carry with very mobile, and very bursty champions like the ones I've listed. Personally I'm not even a big fan of Tryndamere, but he does have a few of the needed characteristics, and he does anti carry fairly well.

And if you're really good at it, there's a good chance you won't die, if you use the right champions in the right way.

Wait for an initiation. That's not your job. Let the tank or the Off-Tank mix things up a bit. When things start to happen, find a way to their carry, and kill her before she can do any damage.

This will A, either chase her off and she won't do any damage to your team.

Or B, kill the carry, and then it'll be a 5 v 4, where they have no AD carry.

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Hatin' on the builds?

Wtf, AD Eve? AD poppy? AP Irelia?

Cuz, all of these strategies work. (Edit, this was before the update to GP) I've had to do 1v1's with people in order for them to believe me that GP doesn't HAVE to be deny plank. Just cause a champion CAN do something, doesn't mean he has to; It doesn't make him INCAPABLE of doing something else!

Anyways, I actually prefer AD poppy and Eve to AP poppy and eve, even though admittedly the AP versions of these champs MIGHT be better anti carries. Hard to say, and they shine in different situations.

(Akali can be built with a GA, as I had previously supplied her with a GA listed.)

Again, play-styles.

Do what works for you. ^^

But, your hate and your down-vote are also welcome. I'm used to it, and expecting it.

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Where do I lane Duff? Are these also solo lane champs like the other guide?

Well. Not really. It would be better to have an Off-Tank in your solo lane.

But, Akali, GP, and Irelia solo lane very well, and will probably win their lane. They will get very farmed, and deal stunning damage.

Is that as good as what an Off Tank would do with that farm? Probably not, but it's not as if you're wasting the farm.

A fed AD Poppy, Eve, etc, are also devastating. But if you know how, roaming with these champions is particularly effective, as long as you're smart about it, stay up in levels, and get at least DECENT farm. If you roam, you must get kills, or you're wasting time and money.

Tryndamere is a bit trickier; because he can jungle, I would if you know how. My summoners aren't listed for jungle Tryn, but that's because he's not easy to jungle with. He's not safe in the jungle either, and he gets very low HP at each camp while he's going... You need to be very careful.

Eve, too, can jungle. I listed one of the builds as a jungle eve, and one of the builds as a lane Eve, but truly either version can lane or jungle just as easily.

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A number crunch on AP Irelia I took out of my comments section =P

You're going to do lots of damage with this build, because 385 AP, + 30% = 500.5 AP (After Rabadon's effect).

So, with Lich Bane proc, blade surge will = (Assuming the info on the guide is correct) 160 + 112 + 500.5 = 772.5 DMG.

Equilibrium will = 280 + 50% AP = 250.25 = 530.25 DMG,

Her ult will = 185 + 40% AP EACH BLADE! Lol! So, 200.2 + 185 = 385.2 DMG EACH LOL! Assuming you land every blade, not that hard to do if you don't simply die first, you can deal a potential total of (Ignoring magic resists etc): 1540.8 MGC DMG just with the ult.

772.5 PHYS DMG

530.25 + (385.2 * 4 = 1540.8) = 1926 MGC DMG

Total potential DMG = 2698.5

Of course then you factor resistances and etc, but a carry's resistances are generally very low.

The damage might be lowered to 1300-2000 range, if the carry has built Merc treads and a banshee's veil or something.

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If you need further explanation...

Let me know, I will be glad to detail the function or whatever you need to know.

Have fun with these champs, it's hard, but when you do it right, it's SOOO satisfying. Lol.

Just watching their carry go *CRUNCH

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Enjoy =3

Or hate on it, whatever you choose. I won't lose sleep ;D


Have fun y'all!


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