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Sona Build Guide by AlexDotP

Early=Supp -> Late=Carry

By AlexDotP | Updated on December 22, 2017

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I quitted League and not been around much in 2017 but i came back and playing for few months, dont let that make you turn off this guide because this still will be great!

You are a support (obviously), and you will find ap tank/health items ,because I personally hate being squishy and i feel safer and you will too, because of that ap you are not only utility support but you can "kill setup" for your team to take, or you can take it yourself for greater goods later.

Taking kills might seems like a troll but you or any support needs money to support better. Just stay with me and following this you will be even more useful as a support.
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Pros / Cons

    +Strong Passive+Q poke to dominate the lane with your ADC
    +Utility+damage= even more useful
    -Low mobility (early)
    -No wave clear <- critical
    -Have to build up Q and feeling like not wanting to waste your passive
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Build halfway to "Frost Queens Claim" (get frost fang ) then rush "Ardent Censer"
This will get your Heal stronger and gives u some mana regen, nice.

Build Liandrys and finish off frost queen's claim whenever you can.
Liandry will give you that extra health and ap, it will also burn so you don't let an enemy run off with the thinnest health.

After that, I usually go with rod of ages since it will give me more health and ap over time plus it has extra mana but could replace for rylais for slow which can be good too

You probably managed your shoes yourself, the last item will be Lich bane for obvious reason, its just good item in general, mana, movement speed, ap, and also will do bonus damage after casting a spell which is perfect with sona's Q+passive as you all know.

Alternate items i've put just incase are Nashor's tooth which will just keep you attacking until you have your Q cooldown back.
Redemption for extra support but I dont find much use for it.
Theres Hextech protobelt for extra ap and health.
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Get and either or or even .
Ignite can secure the kills and my ADC friend tells me to because he usually goes flash and heal.
If your ADC don't have heal and wants you to, then use heal. Doesn't really matter.
This is really up to you.
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Skill Sequence

Max Q first BUT start with W if you are playing Sona support.
Starting with W will make Jungler some easier times. Even if junger dont start at bottom, take W to heal early for poke and start building up your passive, then when it hits level 2, upgrade Q and you will probably at 2nd passive/heal twice by the time you get Q and start your job.

E is rarely used but just in case upgrade it at 5th and max it last.
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That's my way of playing Sona at least. If you want more power and heal then try to find another guide but this will still do a ton of damage if you do well.

If you see an unusual support such as shen, yasuo, and you get the idea... it will be difficult since they're not really support or adc and your health is very low so try to play very safe.

Very late game when everyone is at full items you should get elixirs like or not, but would be nice if you have extra gold.
If you are losing, try to survive untill very late game to get full items, and if your teammates are not braindead then you might have a chance.

Not so much of easy champion to go up against isn't it? but as long as your jungler and adc is decent enough you will do fine, after all, its a duo lane.
Just never give up, stay positive and most importantly don't criticise on anyone and you will have better game as well as your team.
League of Legends Build Guide Author AlexDotP
AlexDotP Sona Guide

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Early=Supp -> Late=Carry