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Build Guide by Madreddz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Madreddz

Easy 3v3 win? use tryndamere(5v5 build too)

Madreddz Last updated on April 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Created 21. December 2010

Updated 28. December 2010 - Added must-have items and optional items

Updated 30. December 2010 - Change in masteries.

Updated 25. January 2011 - Added my opinion about the latest patch, which changed trynda.

Updated 13. February 2011 - Added a fast 5v5 guide, and build.

Updated 22. April 2011 - Added some glyphs against ap nukers, read under runes tab why. Masteries had some changes too

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Huge tryndamere changes

As you probably know, trynda has been changed. His ult only keeps you alive for 5 seconds now, which will lower tryndas killing power late game(or will it, read on). Well with the changed passive, that now gives trynda 10% when he has full hp, and increase the crit with 0,4% when Trynda is missing 1% health, this gives trynd with the brawlers and masteries, without CrC runes 20% crit from start. That means that trynd should crit 1 out of 5 hits, and makes his killing power early-game sick. So now we should get more easy kills, more items, and with 2-3 bloodthirsters late-game, when do trynd then have to use his ult? with 500+ lifesteal per hit :P.. So actually i love this new patch. Leave a comment with your opinion.

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This build will be my first build on this site. I've decided to describe how i play tryndamere. Before complaining about how bad this build is, or that you never win with it, you shall know that tryndamere is hard to play. Yes he is a right-click - kill - win champion, but early-game he need skills to get the feed he need. I know this because my first couple of games ended with 0 kill 8+ death and maybe if lucky some assist. And a bad tryndamere will be called sucky noob.

I pick tryndamere in 3v3 premade normal battles, when i want the easiest first win of the day bonus, or if i've lost to many games that day.

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Pros / Cons

Spin through walls
Bloodlust(heal and damage), makes him able to solo dragon at lvl 9
Mocking Shout(Slow), easy kills
lower health-more crits
Late-game he crits OVER 9000!! (crits over 1000)
Undying rage, nothing else to say there...

Exhaust. Tryndamere is possible the most vulnerable to exhaust and blinds
Auto-attack based champ, if he's kited well, he is useless.
Squishy early-game, and now even more after !!NERFED PHANTOM DANCER!!

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Core items

---> Actually, i would say, the best item for trynd, 30% crit OMFG, 15% movement speed, well goodbye Zonic and the attack speed = more crits p/s.
---> Crits OVER 9000!! not rlly, but still alot of crit with higher damage.
---> Wanted because of the lifesteal and damage, makes you able to survive without endless rage.

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Optional Items

Not the best, but it's good against Jax and other dodgers, while it gives ArP.
Against a team with alot of armor.
ArP and movement speed when activated, + damage and crit, pretty nice.

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Runes doesn't really matter with my build. I've bought the flat hp quints, for an early game advantage at the solo lane. Then dodge in seals, because dodge is one of seals primary, and combined with my masteries, I get movement speed increased when i dodge. For the marks, i've chosen armor penetration, because late game armor pen>damage, you will benefit more damage for the penetration. For Glyphs I picked CDR, because of more heal, more spinning through walls and for fleeing, and.. wait for it... UNDYING RAGE in every teambattle. +CDR is a primary rune for glyphs.

Added Magic resistance glyphs, as nukers can remove your health, before you pop undying.

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Simple dps 21-9-0 build. Focusing damage, while boosting the effect of the dodge runes along with dodge masteries, make nimbleness proc more.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust - An extra slow to get kill, and good for winning a 1v1 fight against another tryndamere or Yi, can also just save you when fleeing.
Ignite - Also great for the 1v1 battles, especially against Mundos ultimate. It will also give some easy early-game kills.

OPTIONAL spells:

Flash - For getting kills, if spinning slash is on cooldown. Also used to flee, if you have to low hp to use spinning slash.(I've killed myself a couple of times with spinning slash. Especially when i hit the dragon in the hurry.)
Cleanse - can be used to remove blinds and slow/snares, so you can get the wanted kill. You can also get away from dying with it.
Heal - I dont like heal, but it can be used for the 1v1 battles. It's also usefull for a sure dragon kill, when killing it for the first time. And when used in the last second of endless rage, combined with the 8 stacks from bloodlust, you might be able to continue fighting in a teambattle.

Ghost is not nessecary because of the movement from the phantom dancer.

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Early game, lvl 1-8 in my opinion:
Early game you should have 10% crit with masteries and items, whick makes the firstblood alot easier to get, and are you focused when getting firstblood, your crit chance will increase and give a sure FB. If you get the FB head back for the boots to 350. In the laning phase, you should have an easy time in the solo lane. If you're facing a squishy champion with 400-500 starting hp, you might even try to get him killed at lvl 1 with your exhaust, ignite and spinning slash to get behind him. When you have mocking shout you can begin ganging the bottom lane, simply by spinning slash through here:
and then gank the bottom lane from behind. This should give some easy gold, because the opposite team wont know you're missing, because you spin from the bush, they just saw you running into.

Mid-game 8-16
You should now have zeal and berserker boots, and with bloodlust rank 5, you can begin jungling. Start with attack speed buff, if it's there, else you should just kill everything in the jungle. kill the dragon at last, when your bloodlust have some stacks, ready to heal you and giving you the extra damage. If you're unlucky with the crits, you might not be able to get the dragon, but then just try again with full hp. I haven't failed killing it yet, after the quint runes. when mid game is over, you should have atleast the phantom dancer, if not already the BF-sword too. from here it's just kill kill kill kill kill, only thing you need to do, besides destroying turrets.

Late-game lvl 18
If you have the phantom dancer and IE, its gg. The other team might have surrendered, if you've done your job with tryndamere well. If not keep killing them and the dragon, and make sure you get all the minions in the forest, for the epic movement buff, that makes it much easier to kill.
Notice that i never play tryndamere in summoners rift, he is too easy to counter 5v5.

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The 5v5 quick guide.

Merc treads, because 5v5 often have a alot of CC, and why wouldn't the other team not disable trynd? therefor merc treads to reduce those CC. Else its pretty much the same, but the Guardian angle. In case you should die, you will get a chance more.

The playstyle is basic, just dont die, and try last hitting the minions. If no one is suitable on your team to go mid, take the opportunity. Try, if possible, to keep lizard buff up. Helps you kill faster.

I dont play trynd 5v5, against high ELOs, because most often they shut down trynd as ***k. You wont get items, and the you'll get trolled to you leave the game.