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Lee Sin Build Guide by EvilYisus

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EvilYisus

easy guide to beginner jungler lee sin

EvilYisus Last updated on May 6, 2014
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hello, im EvilYisus, currently i am not a challenger, or a diamond or anything like that, im just a common player that want to help other players.

so, why i chose to make a lee sin build?

because when i start playing, my cousin (the guy who make me play LoL) teach me tha basic while he was using lee sin, i was like "wow this champ is really cool", i remember how he always ganked the enemies by using the W and throw them to me with the dragon's rage (i used to play like a lame ADC against bots with him in that time) and that just make that lee sin became my main objective to acquire.

at (aprox.) my 7th week playing LoL y got lee sin, i was excited, so i decide to use it (my summoner lvl was 15, aprox.) and i decide to try it (in jungle, i already knew the basics of jungling) so the first thing i made was ask my cousin how to use lee sin.

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Pros and cons

Energy user
good disengage
good early game

nerfed like every 5 patches
bad late game
really hard to master

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As jungle you will need to get first a Hunter's Machete and in this case transform it into Madred's Razors to later get Wriggle's Lantern and Feral Flare

Wriggle's Lantern is a good choice if you don't like the Sightstone (like me) because it allows you to ward (but i know that it doesn't replace the efficiency of the Sightstone)

AH The Bloodthirster, what a nice item, it gives you both, damage and life steal, and the best is that the most you farm the most damage and life steal you get! (obviously is not an infinite bonus), but be careful, every time you die you lose the half of the extra damage and life steal you got!

the Last Whisper maybe, when you just start playing you thought "why should i get this bow if am a melee champ?" well, just for one reason, armour penetration, a 35% or Armour Penetration (dont confuse with AP, ability power) can be handy, specially if you can deal 300 damage per hit and you hit 1.5 time per second (plus your passive bonus)

the myghty Warmog's Armor, it gives a cr*p top of health, and what does that means? more hits you can recive, it is really simple, the more health you have, the more damage you will deal before death

the great Randuin's Omen when you already have a cr*p ton of Hp you should try to make our enemy slower, here is where Randuin's Omen comes handy, because every time you get hit by that enemy Jinx that hit you 2 times per second, the Randuin's Omen slows her atacks in a 15%, and, if you are trying to escape, and she hits you, it also slows her in a 10%, and dont forget that when you active it,you will slow her in a 35% for at least 2 seconds!

the powerfull Frozen Mallet, this iteme can prevent the enemy from escaping when you are in a pursuit, just hit it with the Sonic Wave. use the Resonating Strike give him a basic atack AND BOOM! he is now slower in a 40%!

AND LAST, BUT NOT LEAST! we have the Feral Flare, when you kill 30 giant or epic neutral monsters while you have the Wriggle's Lantern (the count starts since you have the Hunter's Machete), it will transform into this awesome item that gives you an amazing bonus for every 3 kills, assists of large monster kills yo make!

well, the comunity asked for some other items at the discussion , so here there are:

Ravenous Hydra it looks is better than The Bloodthirster, maybe because its passive cleave, or the little regen it haves, i know is a good LS option, but personally i like more The Bloodthirster

the Trinity Force or how i like to call it triforce (i bet more than one tells this item also triforce), it may not give a really high bonus of AD, or aspd or AP, but gives you the 3 of them, plus movement speed, critical probability, HP and mana (if you are a user, not the case) plus 2 awesome passives

Mercury's Treads this boots are a good investment if your enemy has abilities that slows you, stuns you, blind you (well... you are already blind lol) etc, but if there is no a great menace from this type of skills, you may get Trinity Force instead

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How to jungle with lee sin

before reading this remember:
I am not a pro, this is what work for me

1.-when using this camp you should try to get the buff between mid and bot
2.-kill both wolves and wraiths (at this point
3.-you should have enough to buy madred's Razors, so return to base, if needed, and you have the money, buy a extra pair of health potions
5.-get the other buff
6.-if your top lane needs help, be sure to have at least half of your Hp before try to help
7.-f*king clean your jungle and maybe steal enemy's buffs (counter jungling)
8.-if you get caught while you're counter jungling... run, dont try tho fight back, because their lanes may try to gank you if you have low health
9.-when you successfully gank bot, and your team have enough HP, try the dragon, the extra income may be helpfull (specially in early game)
10.-don't be stupid, check the map AND your teamates health/mana before trying to gank, it is better to let them die instead of probably giving the enemy a double (or triple) kill

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed
why those runes?

you should try to get some damage to clear faster the camps,
also a little extra armor can come handy
And the magic resist its because you may need some in case you fight an enemy with some AP

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well, as jungler you should have both, damage and resistance to both, AP and AD, lee sin, thanks to his passive, its good AD dealer, soy maybe you should find this masteries common to an ADC masteries

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Flurry this passive is just awesome, every time you use a skill your next 2 hits land faster, this skill allow to make Mortal combos when used right

Sonic Wave & Resonating Strike do you like skill shots? do you like to kick enemies on da face? want to do both? well, then you are in the right place! this skill allows you to launch a orb like attack to your enemy and then, if it lands, have a chance to give him a really strong kick in that ugly face he has!

Safeguard & Iron Will Also known as a shield and a combo extender, safeguard is the skill you have to use to make those awesome combos with the ulti you will never master and you may only make them successfully once in your life and iron will... well its almost useless, it give you a small percentage of LS and spell vamp for just five seconds, if you use this skill, it probably be in really early game to get some health back or to make bigger combos

Tempest & Cripple this skill is that one you need in early game to clean the camps faster, your only AoE skill (except for a really good use of the ulti) and also, cripple may help you to make the enemy slower

Dragon's Rage your ultimate skill, if used right can kill your enemies, if used wrong they will escape, when you use this skill, you become as Chuck Norris and give a rotatory kick that sends flying one enemy, damaging any other enemies in its way.

Now, i will tell you some combos you may use:
*A means 1 auto attack, AA means two
**because i'm too lazy, and i have something to do i will just put Q W E or R

first combo: E,AA,E,AA (wait) repeat
engaging combo: Q,Q,A,E,A,E,AA,W,AA,W,AA repeat
engaging combo with ulti (melee range) A,Q,AA,R,Q,AA,E,A,E,AA,W,AA,W,AA

Ward/flash combo (you may only make it once in your life if using ward) Q,Q,AA,(WARD BEHIND ENEMY OR FLASH),R (try to send him to an ally)...

generally, you should use Sonic Wave first, then Resonating Strike and next any other skill you want

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one last thing

remember this is a GAME, its not real life where a mistake may cause you to die (well in game any mistakes will suppose the death), but just remember that you don't download the game to become the very best (and if you did, well maybe you are Korean)

if you find someone that annoy you, you can mute it (just tab and there is a litle chat thingy you click and problem solved)

Also, remember that I AM NOT A PRO!
if you decide to follow this build and you lose, im sorry, this build work for me and i will be really sorry for any problem you have by following my advices.

I hope to see you at the justice fields! just in LAN, sorry (thats why i don't have a perfect domain of the words)