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Udyr Build Guide by Warteck

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Warteck

Eat **** Peta!

Warteck Last updated on July 25, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey guys, I'm nuttychocholate and today I will be trying to teach you how to play Udyr ! Now this is my very first guide and I would really appriciate it if you left me some comment on what I can improve or what you liked! Udyr has been known as one of the games best jungler's, and that is correct! Udyr is an extreamly strong jungler, because he can clear the jungle very fast with Phoenix Stance and can gank very strongly with Bear Stance . Also his late game skills are amazing, because of his stun (which can stop the ad carry easily), his aOe damage and his sustainability! So without further ado, I give you, The guide of "Eat **** Peta!.

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Pros / Cons

Pro's: +Extreamly strong in jungle
+Tanky and survivable
+Fun to play!
+Done right and can be a game changer!
Cons: -Hard to master
-Mana problems early game
-Can be frustrating

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A Little Bit About The Animal Spirit.

The mystics of Ionia delve into the deepest mysteries of Valoran, pioneering the most inner depths of spirituality. Their adepts are some of the most devout proponents of enlightenment and harmony...but as is always the case, there are those who follow a very different path. Born in a grassy clearing under a red moon, Udyr has always been compelled by the primal drive within him. His will was not untempered, simply undomesticated. As a boy, he toiled on his father's farm, but he felt a much deeper connection with the mustangs that would graze in the distant fields than with the townsfolk who would visit. Oftentimes he was dragged into the house at night with a swat and a scolding when his parents would find him sleeping beneath the stars.

On the day of his sixteenth birthday, Udyr bade his family farewell and struck a path to the east, determined to shed the trappings of ''civilized'' society. Freed of the shackles of cultural expectations, Udyr tapped into a well of inner ferocity he hadn't known before. His feral senses roiled to the surface and he let them overcome him. It was at this point in his life that Udyr truly lost his humanity. Poachers and travelers who entered his territory did so at terrible risk, and rarely managed to leave it.

A monk on a long journey passed through his woods one day, and Udyr decided to scare him, leaping from a nearby brush. The monk casually turned and redirected Udyr to one side. Udyr, enraged, tried time and time again to best him, but the monk was unassailable. When Udyr was exhausted, the monk wordlessly beckoned him to follow, and together they walked in silence to the Hirana Monastery. The monks there took him in, and taught him to harness and control his animalistic fury...most of the time. Right there is the summary of Udyr's existence, now to look at a little bit about him now, Udyr is a melee dps champion excelling in his jungling skills, what this means for the people who are just starting out on League Of Legends is, he is a non ranged champion who usually builds armor and some health. He can learn his ultimate Phoenix Stance right at level 1 if you so choose to ( which I recomend you do. )

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My masterie build is dedicated to giving you armor and magic resist, plus a nice early game advantage with ad masteries, I try to go with a 9/14/7 build. These masteries help you in early and late game with the armor and magic resist.


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Skill Sequence

Udyr's ability's are (passive) Monkey's Agility Q ability Tiger Stance, W ability Turtle Stance, E ability Bear Stance, and ultimate or R ability Phoenix Stance
This skill sequence is all mostly about survivability and damage output, if you are going in the way of the phoenix then this is the way to go! Phoenix Stance is the quickest way to clear out the jungle and ganking is extreamly good with Bear Stance . Plus Turtle Stance is a perfect way to keep your survivability rates up if you know how to use your abilities ( which I will go over later ) then you will be able to exell in your jungling and ganking!

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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Viable Summoner Spells + Less Viable Summoner Spells

Only 5 summoner spells are worth mentioning for Udyr and those are Smite , Flash , Ghost , Exhaust , and Ignite .
Smite is a must have for almost all junglers, you should use it for clearing out the jungle
Flash is should have for quick get away's.
Ghost, if you do not take Flash I recommend you take this for get away's.
Exhaust is a good way to gank top lane when you need to gank someone like Riven or Tryndamere because of their get away moves, but if you gank correctly you should not need it.
Ignite is a good finisher again if you are against someone like Riven or Tryndamere.

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Starting items

    - Start out with these for early gank speed and survivability!
  • - Get these immediately, if you have a successful gank then you then you should be able to buy them!
  • wriggler's lantern - You will sell this in late game for The Bloodthirster.
  • - To get a bit more gold is good for Udyr!

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Core Items

    - You want this item because you are supposed to be tanky!
  • - Most junglers get it and it is very good for its warding ability, I will talk about where to put wards later.
  • - another one that alot of junglers get, it is very effective for early game so try to rush it after wrigglers lantern .
  • - This item is very useful on Udyr , with his Turtle Stance he can keep his high health levels to a maximum in team fights!
  • - You should sell your Wriggle's Lantern for this item to get alot more damage but to keep that little extra life steal!
  • - This item gives you a large amount of health along with some damage output which is very useful, especially on Udyr
  • - This is the last item you should buy, mostly because of it's passive, but it also gives you extra armor to sustain in team fights!

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Jungling Route

Now comes the most important part of the guild, The Jungle Route. This is a pretty standard jungling route, but it gets the job done. Start off by getting Phoenix Stance and getting Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion, use a health potion if needed at any camps. Get a pull at blue buff ask for a hard pull then smite it and take its [b]blue buff[/b] and of course kill the little creeps. You should be at level 2 by now get Turtle Stance and in the next camp wolves use Phoenix Stance then switch directly to Turtle Stance and when your shield runs out use Phoenix Stance again and just keep that pattern up. By the time you finish the golems you will be level 3, upgrade Phoenix Stance again then go attack red buff, use the same Phoenix Stance then Turtle Stance routine that you've been using. After go have another visit at the wraiths , then another one at wolves , after if you need to go back then do it, and possibly buy, but if you can gank then do it up top! And help out your solo. After that just look for ganks and clear out the jungle as usual.

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This is where you should ward with your Wriggle's Lantern.

  • Yellow: Good places to protect your buffs.
  • Blue: For protection depending on what lane is struggling, I recommend putting it at top bush.
  • Red: To guard Dragon and Baron
  • Orange: In order to Counter-Jungle

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In team fights you should try to be the one to initiate, with udyr's high mobility, stun, sustain, and aOe damage he is a very good teamfighter. Try to open up with Bear Stance and stun the ad carry, or whoever is out of place, but of course NEVER go for the tank first! Then right after you stun them, switch into Phoenix Stance for its aOe damage, then hit turtle stance to keep your sustain high. After all of that, if they are trying to run away use Bear Stance to catch up to an enemy and stun them so your team can pick up the kill. If it is a full out no running team fight, keep switching between Phoenix Stance and Turtle Stance to keep your passive Monkey's Agility high.

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All in all Udyr is a very fun and skillful champion to play, even though it can be hard to get used to him. If you have any questions, comments or queries about my guide please feel free to ask away, I love questions!

Upvote if you liked the guide please, and only downvote if you feel it is absolutely necessary. If you do downvote, please inform me of why, and perhaps I can rectify any mistakes I have made.

Have fun with jungling Udyr and just remember, " If Peta asks this fur is fake."