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Ezreal Build Guide by DivineIntervention

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DivineIntervention

Edited: The guidelines for the AD skillshot carry!

DivineIntervention Last updated on October 10, 2011
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Heres a guide on my kind of AD carry Ezreal! If you follow these steps then perhaps you dont belong in a museum!

Heres my guidelines to help you play Ezreal

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Runes And Masteries

Mark of Desolation.

Sorta says itself you need Armor Pen for an AD champ. Basicly a must have.

Seal of Ressilience.

Armor runes for that extra tanky ness, also a great counter for people going with armor pen runes, since this'll give you some armor and therefor an upper hand in terms of taking damage.

Glyph of clarity.

You'll need mana, any since you Ezreal is more of a hybrid on this area you'll need atleast some to keep you going.

Quentesse of Desolation.

Since Mystic Shot is a physical damage projectile it scales with Armor Pen, and a mystic shot on a target without armor is deadly early game.


Basicly standard offensive Ezreal play. I would love to go into more detail, but all the other guides most likely has this part covered.
However i'll mention why 15% longer neutral monster buff? When you've got a buff as Ezreal, be it Blue of Red, you'll want to keep it as long as possible.
Arhic Knowledge, since you wont just be spamming Mystic shot (but mostly) this one is good for early game. I have this mostly beacuse of Trueshot barrage being a magical spell, but can't let Essence Flux stand and rot in a corner.

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Skills and Summoner Spells

Passive Rising Spell

Everytime you hit something with an spell, you get 1 stack of ATK speed, this caps at 5 stacks and in total giving you 75% extra attack speed, correct me if i'm wrong. Very nifty for your Auto attacks. Keep this up in fights. When destroying a tower hit the hostile minions with mystic shot to keep the stacks up to destroy the tower faster.

Mystic Shot.

Basicly your bread and butter. Mystic shot will shoot a physical projectile that will hit an enemy unit for an ammount of damage, sorta like MF's Double up without the rebounding shot.
Everytime you cast Mystic shot you'll proc your Trinity force, and since you'll have a 2,4 sec cooldown on it, you can proc Trinity force a lot, allowing that 1,5 AD dmg auto attack to go out, but i'll go into greater detail about that concerning the Trinity item.

Mystic shot has its prime early game with its cost being 30 mana and able to hit 93-100 depending on your armor penetration, champions and minions. Theres a great chance for Ezreal to be able to take first blood at lvl 2 or 3 with Exhaust Ignite and mystic shot, its reccomended that you take Arcanum Shift before Essence Flux if that is the scenario.

Essence Flux. A projectile that only hits champions.

Basicly a great harrasment tool, its cost is high for an AD Ez, but its atk speed reduction can really do wonders against ATK speed based champion builds. Not much to say other than its a great harrasing tool, than it also buffs the atk speed of allied champions it touch. Basicly if you and Warwick are taking down a tower shot Essence flux on him and his atk speed wil rise even further!

Arcanum Shift. Teleport with a homing Missle.

Basicly your escape tool, having your own private Flash makes wonders. Theres 2 uses of this in my book. Chase or Escape. Either you can use it to jump over minions and then head for the enemy champion, OR escape an gank, or failing fight, mainly jump over cliffs, or through rocks to escape enemy champions and make most of it.

Trueshot barrage. Did someone say nuclear launch detected?

Not that its like that, shooting a ton of energy missles at an direction to clear minions, or kill enemy champions. I allways shoot this one first at the beginning of a team fight, if you can hit every enemy champion you'll start with you passive stacked to gain an ATK speed bonus which is very welcome since we wont be building much of that.

Summoner Spells.


Great for getting first blood, sorta loses its power in the endgame. Its still very capable and its allways nice in case of playing against Mundo.


Keep them at your range. Not only slowing them down, but reducing melee damage, and ressistance (in case you took the exhaust mastery as i recommend) letting you either kill or escape a tough fight against champions like Yi, Xin, or Ashe.



Is fine if you have a problem with keeping your mana up, it can really be a life saver when your low on mana, plus you share it with mates.


Having 2 teleportation abilities are nice, and Flash is basicly favourite tool. You can either Flash forward and avoid minions and such, or over objects, basicly a backup Arcanum Shift without the homming missle.


Like most other carrys Ezreal tends to get focused (unless they don't see you as a Threat) and Cleanse will save your *** a million times if your playing against a CC heavy team.


Not that i'd recommend it, but its a great speed tool going through minions with hurricane speed, or running away from a gank.

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Still rewritting this, will be updated ASAP

For the choice of shoes is depending on the situation. I'll normally go Berserkers greaves if it isn't too CC heavy. But as meantion'd about Cleanse, in case of Eve and such its HIGHLY recommended that you go take Mercury threads instead.

Trinity Force.

The core item of Ezreal, Everytime you use a spell this procs giving your next auto attack by 150% dmg of your ATK damage. And beacuse im building Ezreal a bit more focused on his Auto attack, he can sometimes pull out NASTY crits, we are talking Tryndamere class Crits here.
Basicly this items DEFINES AD Ezreal and i recommend getting it ASAP.
Giving you everything a healthy Ezreal needs made this a MUST HAVE. Ezreal is slow, 305 base without shoes. This will increase chase/escape and survivality.

Youmuu's Ghostblade.

An Adrenaline shot. Giving you passively ATK, Crit, Armor pen, and 15% Cooldown reduction its also a must have in my opinion, together with its movement and atk speed active it makes a great tool to use together with your Passive, doubtly you'll need more ATK speed with its active.

Infinity Edge.

75+ AD, 25% crit chance, and the passive that your Crits will deal 50% more dmg! Must have when your aiming for crits.

Banshee's Veil.

When you get this far you know your going to need this. Its a must have in any build at one point since it gives you magic ressitance, hp, mana, and its passivly bubble to block a hostile spell. Its saved me so many times from ultimates that you'll laugh.


Sure why not add some more AD while you need some lifesteal. Its a late addition i'll admit, and some might buy this before you create the banshee. 35% lifestela with 100 AD making this a beast.

Additionaly in case of Rammus use a black cleaver or Last wisper.

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Early game.

Early game you'r limited to harrasing with your Mystic shot in order to achieve first blood and focusing on last hitting. Every carry needs that farm so that they can carry mid/late with their items. You'll likely play a with a support or an assassin in the same lane, so you'll have coordinate your kill attempts in order to succes.
Your prefered Support choices are Sona, Alistar, Soraka. Janna is a good option, but doesnt bring that WOAW to Ezreal like she does to an Ashe

Mid Game.

You wont reach the potentional of your damage before buying a Shen, it helps a lot in terms of DMG, and Mana, also the AP value will make your ultimate a bit stronger due to AP scaling higher than AD on your ultimate. This is sorta where the team fights start happening, try to be as supportive as you can, keep an eye on the other lanes in case you can help with your ultimate. Those 100 dmg might not mean a lot, but the shock of being hit by it can have a greater effect. I don't recommend leaving your lane unguarded, but in some cases its better to do go help.
Do buy a ward now and then, the 75 gold is a small price to pay to avoid deaths. I personally only do this if im against Twitch/Eve/Shaco or a jungler.
If you allready have your Trinity at this point you will start being a pain, just remmember to stay at range and don't iniate, if you can pull of a quick kill do it, but only use the exhaust when its needed to either slow an enemy or lock down an physical dps champion for those seconds.

Late Game.

Presuming you've got Trinity, Youmuu's and Infinity, you'll wreck most other carries. Your main concern is if your farming and you don't see them or iniating team fights, not that you should but when a team fight starts you either open or close with your ultimate, opening with it can give you those 5 stacks of your passive allowing you to deal quick and deadly auto attack damage. At this point you'd want to keep your hand on 1 buff or both. Depending on the team the Red buff is deadly for Ezreal as Mystic shot carry apply on hit effects like the red buff, trinity force, or Frozen Mallet.

Double buff Ezreal is one scary **********er. With more skillshots being fired beacuse of the safety of mana and CDR from Blue Red backs it up with its slow and dot. Every mystic shot implies red buff dot. So you can chase them down by hitting them with your Mystic shot.

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Having nothing to add at this point but my Quadra Ezreal kill which i unlocked on 08/4/11.Now theres only left to say, GO GET EM TIGER!

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Soo want an example of how i play sometimes?
Heres one i played on the 10/10/11, i was a bit hazy as you'll see i miss a few shots, but this match was against a premade of 3 or something. Myself wasn't premade with anyone and i won my lane due to me and Alistar went for kills.

Also as you need see we slap Nunu, and perhaps that'll teach you to criple enemy junglers, just get the timing right on their buffs and you've got them cornered!