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League of Legends Build Guide Author xxZit


xxZit Last updated on May 29, 2015
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Ekko – The Boy Who Shattered Time

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Summary ( Spells+Tips+Own Experience)

]Ekko is verry strong Champion atm, so play him as much as you can in ranked to carry ;). So first of all lets talk about

Ekko´s Passive: Z-Drive Resonance'sEkko´s Passive is almost like the W of Vayne. You need 3 stacks to make your passive proc on the Enemie (Also works on Minions/Monsters). When you hit 3 stacks it will deal bonus magic dmg. At 3 stacks the target takes 「 15 + (12 × Ekko's level) 」(+ 70% AP) bonus magic damage and is slowed by 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 / 80% for 2 / 2.5 / 3 seconds. When you hit a enemieCHAMPION it will give you Bonus Movement Speed for 2 seconds and the enemie gets slowed. You can only hit your Passive on the same Target every 3 Seconds.Z-Drive Resonance's bonus damage will apply spell effects. Against champions, Ekko also gains bonus movement speed equal in strength and duration to the Slow: .

Ekko´s Q: Timewinder It´s like a Sivir Q but it just hit´s one Target and then it comes back again (It wont go through 3 Enemies for example, it comes back if you hitted one enemie).At maximum range or if it hits an enemy champion, the device slows to a stop and expands, creating a slowing field. It also gives the enemie one stack of your Passive when it hit once and it will give him another stack when it hits again when the boomerang (Ekko´s Q)comes back. So you just need to do one AA in his face for the 3rd stack. His Q also slows the enemie when it hit´s so it should´nt be a problem to get your Passive on him with your Gapcloser ( Ekko´s E). Your Q is a verry nice spell to kite/chase.

Ekko´s W: Parallel Convergence His W has one Passive and one Active!
PASSIVE: Ekko's basic attacks deal 5% (+ 1% per 55 AP) of target's missing health as bonus magic damage (Capped at 150 vs. minions / monsters) versus targets below 30% of their maximum health.

ACTIVE: Ekko calls upon an alternate version of himself that bats a device to the target location. After a total delay of 3 seconds, the device expands into a broad sphere that slows enemies by 40%. Enemies do not gain vision of the target area until the last 0.5 seconds.
If Ekko enters the sphere, it detonates, granting him a shield for 2 seconds while stunning all enemies inside for 2.25 seconds. (Stun lasts longer than shield... gg rito.)BUT it´s usefull when the enemie ignites you or to do a tower dive or just because minions op....
SHIELD STRENGTH: 150 / 195 / 240 / 285 / 330 (+ 80% AP). So because the Stun lasts longer than the Shield , here are some usefull hints how to use your W. So maybe u want to roam bot and you see the support and adc stand with low hp at tower? So just use your W where the enemies stand and just wait a second because you need a bit time to activate your W. So after you waited a second go in with your E= The enemies gets stunned you get shield , you tank the tower shots, for your bot lane who will help you with the dive, gg ez....
Use your W also when you chase Enemies because they will get slowed if they walk into the "bubble" but its soooo easy to dodge when your slow isnt on him^^ His W is so nice for teamfights in low elo because the enemies have no movement and will just stood in the bubble and wait for the stun :) . You can also zone enemies with your W whats the only useless thing in laning phase (high elo idk how it is in low elo)

Ekko´s E: Phase Dive ACTIVE: Ekko dashes towards a target location. His next basic attack within the next few seconds gains 300 bonus attack range (425 total range) and causes Ekko to blink on his target, dealing bonus magic damage. Phase Dive's bonus damage will apply spell effects. BONUS MAGIC DAMAGE: 50 / 80 / 110 / 140 / 170 (+ 20% AP). Your E is such a nice Engage/Escape I luv it <33. You can dash almost over every wall, always nice to cahse people who have flash. With Ludens "Ekko" (omg I´m so funny... ok no :(...) your E will deal lategame so much dmg that is kinda broken (Rito will nerf it for sure in the next weeks) You can also use your E to dash fast in your "Bubble" for the shield/stun. Ofcourse your E will give the Enemie a stack of your passive.

Ekko´s R: Chronobreak "Time" ( ok I will stop now -.-)
for the funniest Spell about Ekko, HIS ULTIMATE YAAAAY.....It has again one Passive and one Active.

PASSIVE: Ekko is followed by a time-delayed hologram of himself that tracks where he was 4 seconds ago. The hologram is inactive while Chronobreak is on cooldown.

ACTIVE: After a short delay, Ekko blinks to wherever he was 4 seconds ago, dealing magic damage to surrounding enemies and healing Ekko for a value equal to flat amount plus a percentage of all damage taken over the last 4 seconds.
MAGIC DAMAGE: 200 / 350 / 500 (+ 130% AP)
HEAL: 100 / 150 / 200 (+ 20 / 25 / 30% (+ 1% per 30 AP) of damage taken).
So your Ultimate is mainly used for the escape/heal? Why ? Because in high Elo its a bit hard to get your hologram (in tf b4 the engage) in the enemies to use it offensive. It´s also a nice turnaround for example you have lost a teamfight you are low and 2 Enemies who are also low keeps chasing you. So slow them with your W get your Hologram into them and just hit the R buton. They may get stunned when you hit your ult in the perfect "Timing" (OK report me) AND the enemies will get a massive AOE magic dmg right in their face and you also get healed= TEAMFIGHT WURF!

HOMEGUARD IS A MUST WITH EKKO!!! I will tell you later why.
Here are some pro hints what you can do with your ultimate ;)

- You can cancel VI´s Ult
-You can cancel Naut´s Ult
- When you are on lane and you got low, just b and press R again to get instant on your lane (Only works with almost Full HP or Homeguard.
- When you know you will lose this teamfight just go b and press R and you will get on your last location again with all the low enemies ( They are just waiting for you to pick em up:) (Only works with Homeguard)
-Nice plays while get chased and make a turnaround

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If you have to lane against Champions like Zed or Talon you have to change your hp runes to armor runes and your magic resist runes to ap runes!!!