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Ekko General Guide by ItzOakley

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ItzOakley

Ekko - Make Em' Run (Patch 5.10)

ItzOakley Last updated on June 6, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Ekko with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ahri Avoid her ONLY CC and you are golden.
Heimerdinger Other than being a lane bully he can't stop your burst and with your shield from your "W" the turrets wont be of much use.
Ziggs Avoid poke and your lane is won
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This is my first guide and is a work in progress. I will keep updating as I learn!

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Farming with Ekko can be rather tough for people just first being introduced with him or those who have tough times with CS in general. I advise avoiding farming with your Timewinder "Q" (Only do so when under HEAVY harassment by enemy laner/jungler). Don't try to proc your passive when CS'ing but do make sure to use it if you understand what you are doing fully.

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So to go over his spells and let you understand them from a REAL stand point versus flashy numbers and people spilling their life story into, let me explain for you.

Q - Timewinder: This is not an engage spell by any-means and those who use it as that will perish in lane because of it. Now this can be used for poking your opponent once or twice but not the entire time because Ekko can be very mana hungry. This serves great for burst and getting your passive off because of the slow it produces and hitting through once and then twice on it's way back.

What I suggest is to poke once or twice, wait for your Timewinder("Q") to come OFF cool-down and then engage with your Phase Dive("E") to only throw it once more after that.

W - Parallel Convergence: It doesn't do any damage to your opponent and trust me don't worry about the shield that you get from this unless you are escaping. This is Ekko's only form of heavy CC so use it wisely. Try and make this spell an "Engage Point" such as where the fight is "Going Down on the Rift" if you know what I am saying.

E - Phase Dive: Ekko's only real hard engage. Maxing this first provides incredible burst damage. Make sure to only engage with this spell when a kill presents itself other wise holding onto it for sticky situations as you can go over walls with it.

Basically it makes you jump in the direction of your mouse given you are playing with smart cast, then allows you to right click an enemy or neutral monster within a certain time frame and distance, then teleports you to that object.

R - Chronobreak: Other than being a fancy get-a-way, it is a one shot mechanism given the right positioning or timing. Now this special little spell when leveled gives a passive form of Ekko running around behind you 4 seconds in the past. Hitting the R button (or whatever you may have it bound to) sends you flying back to his position with more health (if any was lost) and doing a MASSIVE AoE (Area of Effect, which means; can damage more than one person in that specific affected area) damage spell. Thus the name Chronobreak. (For those of you who don't understand what Chrono means, it is Time and well break means to.....break....)

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Skill Sequence

When in lane and wanting to do a complete and full burst rotation you will want to throw your Parallel Convergence("W") at the spot you believe you're going to engage into (so this part requires some pre-planning in your head), after watching your Parallel Convergence's("W") version of Ekko hit the Hour Glass into the air engage with your Phase Dive("E") as quickly as possible. The second you jump to your enemy target throw your Timewinder("Q") by this time you should be at 2 passive stacks and you should be landing your stun very soon if not by that time which will give you your chance to proc your actual passive with the 3rd auto putting them low enough that your q coming back will finish them (in which case you should run away to avoid and chance of extra poke or gank exposure) or either put them within 1 auto attack (in which case land your ignite if it is near turret or to dangerous to proceed with the chase or attempt to hit your last auto attack).

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Pros / Cons

-- PROS -- | -- CONS --
Strong | Squishy
Explosive | Can't get very tanky
Can One Shot

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Team Work

As far as Ekko goes when providing team work you should think of him as an AP (Ability Power) assassin. Treat him like you would Akali or Zed for instance and look to only engage when the time is right on a very squishy target. If you attempt to engage on a lower health tank during a team fight I highly suggest after engaging with a full E into Q rotation in attempt to finish off the target or put him one shot then backing out with your ultimate.


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