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Evelynn Build Guide by Snipad

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Snipad

Eve, The Dominion Roamer (AD style)

Snipad Last updated on September 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey everyone. Today i will be doing a guide that will be a nice explanation on how to play Evelynn in Dominion. I my self have played several games with her and have played her easily. I play her as a roamer because of her movement speed, and if she gets enough gear she can easily trap the enemy at their spawn while your team captures the points. Within the first 5-10 minutes or so you will be kill able very easily, so you have to play safe until you at least get your Trinity Force

Below is an example of my Eve play. You can see that i came first in most of them, the ones i lost was simply due to horrible people on my team. Eve can be played as a pure capture role or as i like it a roamer. Roaming is more fun because you are always on the look out for someone to kill. People may think this doesn't benefit your team, but if you think about it, you are killing the enemy players so they CANNOT capture points, while your team is able to capture.

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I play her AD, which i find better then AP. The Runes i take are as follows:

Greater Mark of Desolation
These runes are used simply because of the armor pen, when versing against tanks or even squishes, this combined with Last Whisper works well.

Greater Seal of Attack Speed
Since you are AD you want as much attack speed early game, combined this with your ultimate, you attack fast.

Greater Glyph of Attack Speed
Same as above.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
You need as much movement speed as possible for the entire game, that is why the Boots of Mobility, the Phantom Dancer and the Quickness mastery all work well with each other.

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In the mastery build, Archaic Knowledge is crucial for this build, because every time you Ravage / spam Hate Strike you are using magic, therefore the magic pen helps a lot. In utility you want to get 3 points into Good Hands instead of Perseverence because you will find yourself dying a fair bit, simply because Dominion is a fast paced game. Quickness as stated before is needed for you movement speed, it is vital that you get as much movement speed as possible.

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Boots of Mobility
This should be your first item upon starting. With my runes and mastery i can reach 466 movement speed straight of the bat.

Trinity Force
A nice boost to your overall stats, and most importantly extra movement speed.

Infinity Edge
This item is a core for this build, because your crits do crazy damage, and if you become geared enough you can simply spawn camp the enemy (while your team captures points) and kill squishy's such as Ashe or Sona within a matter of seconds, making them rage and qq over you, but most importantly giving you a victory!

Phantom Dancer
Nice crit boot and extra movement speed

Last Whisper
Very good armor pen combined with your runes, you will be critting tanks and getting them down faster then usual and killing squishy's even faster

Odyn's Veil
You shouldn't even get to this item to be honest, most of my games have only gotten me up to a full Infinity Edge. But if for some reason your game takes longer take this for extra health/mana and some MR.

Priscilla's Blessing
Get this item if you want to be a eve who captures points, as for my self i enjoy just killing the enemy players. If you choose to get this, get this before Trinity Force so your capturing can be easier.

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Skill Sequence

Upon entering combat it is recommended that you are in Shadow Walk. This is so when you come out of stealth you can quickly use Ravage which slows the target down then you simply spam your Hate Spike. Use Agony's Embrace if you are guaranteed a kill (for the cd reset) or if you need to run faster to either catch up or escape incoming damage.

In a Dominion game however i find it better to use Agony's Embrace AFTER using Ravage, i find it easier because since the game is fast as it is, you are most likely going to be fighting enemy players often that you are almost guaranteed a kill or assist, therefore you get a reset of your cooldown.

Skill Order

Shadow Walk ---> Ravage ---> Agony's Embrace ---> Hate Spike


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Summoner Spells


Exhaust - Slowing someone down and reducing their damage can guarantee you a kill or can allow you to escape from dying
Flash - Flash is way to good not to use. Enough said.


Ghost - If you want to run even faster to catch up or to escape
Ignite - For that extra damage
Garrison - To attack an enemy on a capture point while taking less damage from the turret, and to also defend your tower by making it attack faster
Promote - If you want extra gold i guess

Don't even think about it

Heal - Eve is squishy as it is, this won't help
Revive - Long cooldown
Teleport - Map is small as it is
Cleanse - lol?
Clarity - Your mana is fine even at the start of the game

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Pros / Cons


    Stealth is great
    High damage once you have Trinity Force
    Great ganker
    High Movement Speed


    Way to squishy
    Need to play safe if enemy has oracles
    Gets focused first
    Gets raged at by enemy team

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You will gradually be getting EXP and Gold regardless. I recommend to gank as much enemy players as possible, try and capture points if they are free, don't focus on minions as much.

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Team Work

As stated before you are to roam and kill off any enemy player that is out of place, and if you get geared fast then spawn camp them, and allow your team to simply capture points while you continue to demolish the enemy team.

If you would like to backdoor the enemy team, then do the following:
1. Make sure you are invisible before going to a node
2. Make sure not as many enemies are at the node
3. If you are in mid capture and a enemy comes, and you aren't as geared, then just stealth away, its not worth the risk / death

Enemies with a Oracle / Hextech Sweepers are definitely a pain. Only engage them with your team mates or 1v1 if you are 100% sure you can 1v1 that person.

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Evelynn is a great character to play and can do a ton of damage if played correctly. As suggested numerous amounts of time, you are to play as a roamer and simply kill enemy players. This will benefit your team because they are dying and your team are not. You are squishy so don't run into a team of 5 thinking you can survive. Only charge in to disrupt the enemy from capturing a point. Even if this means your death, your still contributing to the team by giving your team extra time to push towards another capture point.

Thanks for reading this.