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Evelynn Build Guide by Willowran

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Willowran

Evelynn: Assassin

Willowran Last updated on July 6, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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please note that this is my first guide. constructive feedback would be appreciated.

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Pros / Cons


    HUGE damage output
    passive invisibility
    FANTASTIC mana regen
    very fast

    squishier than most melee characters
    only cc is from ult (and only lasts 2 seconds)
    Her ult will NEVER kill anyone.

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Summoner Spells

Most people use flash, but i personally prefer Ghost, which has a 90 second lower cooldown, and can be more useful for traversing the map. If you dont like this, then by all means flash.

Helps when theyre JUST out of reach, or just hitting their tower to secure kills. If not this, then Barrier for when you dive their team.

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Crit Runes:

All together, these give you a free 12% chance to critical hit. Since my Evelynn build focuses pretty highly on attack speed,you will be critting on a semi-regular basis. Early game especialy, critical hits are GOLDEN. Late game it does not scale as well, but it still gives you a fairly decent punch.

Spoiler: Click to view

Cooldown Reduction;
Spoiler: Click to view

coupled with the items i suggest, you hit the maximum CDR of 40%. Your ult has a fairly long cooldown, and CDR is ALWAYS helpful.

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Utility Masteries:

Speed boost is a must-have since my build has no boots. Extra CDR (to help reach the 40%). Attack speed and gold, free pot and a free ward. I tried to pick masteries that can make a larger difference in the game (compared to, for example, the extra (average of) 17-31 damage you get from offensive masteries). Most imprtantly, though, my item build DOES NOT HAVE BOOTS, so you need the speed via other things instead.

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Ability Summaries

Gotta love this move. 1% mana regeneration=infinite mana over the course of the game- no need for mana regen items. You can walk past any normal wards (note: vision wards will still see you) which means that you can gank much easier than, say, Udyr. Keep an eye on the animated circle around Evelynn- any enemies within that circle will be able to see you.

Reasonable damage. Very poor scaling with your AP, but its very low cooldown and mana cost mean that the damage you deal over the course of a fight is much higher than most single-cast spells that have higher cooldowns. It also hits multiple characters, so that's always fun.

High-damage nuke. Actually deals twice the damage it lists- so that means that this spell scales one-for-one with your ability power (which is absolutely fantastic). The bonus attack speed coupled with your crit runes, Nashors, and Phantom Dancer make the attack-speed boost do possibly as-much-as-if-not-much-more-damage-than the initial cast over the next couple seconds. VERY fast, VERY high damage.

Your chase and escape. high cooldown at early levels, so make sure you save the casting of it until you need it.It also removes cc at the casting of this spell, so make sure you dont cast it initially upon engaging, but rather wait until you NEED it.

Your ult. Not a bad one, all things considered. couple things to note:

1:this is your only cc not-counting-items.
2: this deals a percentage of their CURRANT health, so it will NEVER kill anything.

Use this to initiate a fight, as the more health they have, the more damage it will deal. Also, try to hit as many enemy champions as you can- the sheild can go as high as 1500 hp, which is HUGE, and allows you to assassinate their apc or adc with significantly less fear of dying.

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This item is definitely made for a character such as Evelynn. Since this build does not include boots, the speed boost is a MUST HAVE, and ought to be the first item you build towards. With the spam-mable Hate Spike, you will get a HUGE amount of damage out of this item. (average of 1000 per 3 seconds, before enemy magic resist)

This is your sustain. Keeps you alive during laning phase, or during any jungling you do. Gives you some extra AP and Damage, both of which is good. Also, the one-minute-cooldown on its ability gives you your most easily accessible cc.

Not sure why i do not see more of this item. 60 AP is decent, and it synergizes so well with Ravage. Add that to the passive magic damage (which is pretty good), the crit chance you have via runes (which is pretty good), and the passive from Phantom Dancer... Your burst grows sigNIFICANTLY, and your damage is more sustained too. Also helps sustain via Hextec Gunblade.

Huge AP boost. Not much more needs to be said. I've never played an AP character that does not want to wear this hat.

Usually people run with the Deathfire, which IS good, but i personally prefer the Hourglass. Same bonus AP (which is the second highest an AP item can go), but the bonus armour is also fairly high, which helps when youre constantly in the thick of things. And if things go south for you in the middle of a teamfight, the invulnerability is no thing to underestimate.

As your final item, these two are up to you. At this point, it is probably fairly late game. Everyone is capable of dealing quite a bit of damage, so right off the bat, the extra health is good for Eve, who has a smaller health pool than most melee characters. Of the two, i would personally suggest the Scepter over the Hammer- The hammer is more for if you need the extra hp, whereas the sceptr is much better for its increased ap damage.

The slow is the second reason for the item. Yes, Evelynn is very fast, but you still want slows. Slows keep the enemy closer to the rest of your team, which helps to keep YOU alive (via not over-extending). They also help when escaping, if youre against a particularly fast opponent.

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Some Math

Here's an example of your damage output at lvl 18 with everything listed above.

Attack damage: 152.4 (crit 304.8) (+93.75 damage via Nashors)
Total of: 246.15 (crit of 398.55)
Ability Power: 525
Attack Speed: 1.632 (2.5 with Ravage)

Hate Spikes: 236.25+120+20.25= 376.5 damage
Ravage: 665.5+45=710 damage
Ult: 30% current enemy health
Phantom Dancer: 443.75 damage

So in a hypothetical 3 seconds of attacking, this build with Evelynn would deal:

246.15 * 5 = 1230.75 mixed damage autoattacks (up to 1990.75 with criticals)
* with nashors and ravage, you could get in aproximately 5-6 autoattacks . in 3 seconds
376.5 * 3 = 1129.5 *thee hate spikes (with the 40%CDR)
710 * 1 = 710 *one ravage
443.75* 2 = 887.5 *over 3 seconds, with the hate spikes you'll proc Phantom dancer twice

Total of: 3957.5 mixed damage (up to 4717.5 with crits) in 3 seconds. This is NOT counting any enemy armor, magic resist, or use of Evelynns ult.