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League of Legends Build Guide Author Stoical

Evelynn - I hurd sh3 hitz hard?

Stoical Last updated on February 25, 2011
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Chapter 1

Your Skills

Determined Killer - Not much I can say about this one. It helps to jump out and harass while not taking too much minion damage - because we all know minions are OP.

Hate Spike - A great skill, makes 2v1 a dream if you're fairly fed. Contrary to what most people think, it does just as much if not more damage than Ravage. Don't get me wrong, use the two together and it's awesome. All I'm saying is don't let the burst cloud your vision. Hate Spike is just an great spammable spell that does impressive amounts of damage.

Ravage - This is your burst. The AP conversion is 100%, making it do a lot of damage. Not a bad spell to use to come out of stealth, but on a long cd. The magic penetration it gives is great paired with your hate spike. Dont rely on this too much, but overall a great high damaging spell.

Shadow Walk - Your stealth. Click it, stealth. You come out, you stun. Great stuff.

Malice and Spite - You run faster, you attack faster, and it comes off cooldown when someone dies. Just awesome, be generous and use it lots. This is also the reason I find ghost to not be necessary for Evelynn.

Summoner Abilities

A great spell, helps a lot with getting those early kills and since the recent buff it is still useful late game. Not a bad spell at all for Evelynn. Could be paired with any of the following abilities.

Another great spell with Evelynn. This spell makes spamming Hate Spike that much easier, and is a huge help when trying to stealth. I would recommend getting this spell if you dont plan on using the golems technique, which requires Ignite and Smite.

I love this spell for the reason that you can stealth, teleport, and be there stealthed. If you want, buy a ward, but it in a lane, and teleport there when it looks like a good time to gank. They wont see it coming, and its usually an easy kill. If you are playing a 5v5 game, i would recommend this.

Useful for the reason that you can use it to kill the two golems before minions the initial wave of minions are fighting. It also helps if you decide to go wandering off (which you probably will) and want to grab a buff or some gold/exp. Best paired with Ignite.


I like to get Greater Mark of Magic Penetration in my reds and quints Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration for obvious reasons, and just fill the rest up with ability power( Greater Glyph of Ability Power Greater Seal of Ability Power). I do this because the AP bonus you get from ravage is 100%, and if you want to do some early game harassing, you will want to have a fair amount of ability power to do so with.

Evelynn's Early Game

The way I play Evelynn early game is to be fairly mana conservative, but make sure you're harassing still. At level 3, come out of stealth with a Ravage, throw a few Hate Spike out to scare them and run back. It is almost guaranteed that the shock of "all-of-the-sudden" being under attack by some purple chick shooting red spikes at you is going to get them to run away. If they are running, you are not taking damage, and they are. This is definantly something you want. Rinse and repeat. If your opponent is a tank or someone who hits considerably harder than you at that level, just wait it out and get them when you have a few more items. I find tanks to be a bit tricky to 1v1 on Evelynn, however if your jungler or someone else comes in for a gank, it will normally be an easy kill due to the fact that you have a stun and will be doing double the damage. Otherwise, no point dying trying. Use your instincts. If you are running very low on mana, play fairly defensively, or head back, get your mana to regenerate and around level 6 or 7 you'll be able to finish whoever you're laning against off, if not sooner.

Evelynn's Mid Game

At this point you're going to want to be ganking non-stop. If you have chosen to take Smite, you can forest on your way to the lanes if the enemy is playing a bit too defensive, wait until they think the coast is clear and come out of stealth with a Ravage, multiple Hate Spikes and all the damage your partner is doing. If you have not chosen Smite, I'm sure its obvious what you're going to use Exhaust and Ignite for at this point. Gank mid when you can, chances are you'll get a few hits on the turret or your partner will blue pill and you'll have a solo lane if you did not already start on one for a little bit. Grab items when your mana is really hurting, but try and stay in until it gets to a point where its almost costing you kills (You always want to be able to get kills, do not sacrifice two kills for a level. The kills alone will most likely give more gold and almost as much XP, and you want your mejai's)

Late Game Evelynn

You and your team will be grouping up at this point, and most likely even mid game. As Evelynn, you do not want to initiate a fight. You are a fairly squishy character, and hopefully you have a few stacks of Mejai's Soulstealer by now. You may feel invincible stealthing around your enemies, and have the urge to stun them and have your team come after, all I can say is pick your fights. The hardest part about Evelynn is knowing what the outcome of the fight is going to be and picking your fights. If you know you're going to kill but not be killed, go ahead. Let the tank go in, open with a Hate Spike creating a two person stun and Ravage/Hate Spike the hell out of em. Make sure you pop your ultimate if it is eminent that you will kill someone, even if they are close to dying. I have had many situations where it was a 3v2 gank, we killed one, I popped my ultimate, found the other person popped it again caught up... stun, Ravage, Hate Spike. And now its off cooldown for a third time. Even if you dont get lucky like this, it could help you in many situations. If its there why not use it, right? Your ultimate is also not a bad tool for killing turrets aswell, so if its going to make the difference between the turret dying and the turret not dying, definantly go ahead and pop it. It will be worth it 90% of the time. To sum it up, push turrets (with or without ultimate), dont rush to stun in team fights, and remember your heal from your ultimate aswell.

A little trick I know

I'll let you in on a little secret for stealth characters. Activate your Shadow Walk, and immediately start to recall, resulting in a stealthed recall. While I'm sure most of you know about this, it's a huge lifesaver and I thought it was definantly worth mentioning.

How to Counter Vision Wards/Oracles Elixirs

This is a problem that your going to encounter 99% of the time. Normally you'd think it'd be a big problem, but it's usually easy to solve. Lets say you're stealthing around your enemies, casually just roaming around getting experience, and then all of the sudden you're getting attacked. What happened? There is a good chance they have a vision ward. Personally, when this happens, I take the economical route and buy another vision ward, put it around where I think they have one and kill it. This works the majority of the time, but oracles is of course the best solution. If you are unable to kill the vision ward, or if it is someone with an oracles, you need to utilize those bushes. Your team can engage, and you can pop out of nearby bushes and still get a stun off and burn that person with oracles. If it is a tank, you are going to need help from your team. If you feel confident enough you can probably go ahead and 1v1 them if your stacks are fairly high. But you gotta remember to play as if you were a non stealth character that merely has a stun.

This is my first build, so if you have any comments/ways to improve it please feel free, or if I left something out etc... Thanks!