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Evelynn Build Guide by Braska22

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Braska22

Evelynn Tank solo top... Just amazing. Try to believe.

Braska22 Last updated on July 10, 2012
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Hello everyone, i'm here to introduce you to evelynn tank! first of all i'm not american so i apologyze for my english :S, sooo enjoy my guide :). I've always loved evelynn and when i started playing the game she was extremely strong but then she got a huge nerf who made her almost useless at everything... i admit i never played her when she was "Op" xD i hated her too xD, but then i bought there and i tried her, i think she was my first stealth champion... yeah. i loved her since the beginning but she was overnerfed already and i tried her AD, AP, Hybrid... Nothing to do, although i liked her a lot i couldn't use her due to her almost uselessness in team fight. Then some days ago i wanted to try her again but... i thought... what if i build her tank? O.o... And my first match i scored 18 - 1, my second 8 - 1, my third 18 - 1 again and sooo on... That was the rebirth of a champion who once used to be a legend xD.

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For runes i pick my "always - loved" Armor penetration marks and quintessences to deal more damage in team fight, Armor seals and Magic resist per level glyphs. These runes give a lot of endurance early and late game of course and they're the basic runes for a tanker i guess :P. Nothing more to say about the runes ;P.

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These are the items i use the most, but of course the role of a tank is based on the enemies, you have all AD enemies or All AP enemies the build changes a bit. Some may ask "Why atma?" And i'll answer "Cause i wanna deal more damage in team fight". Just for that :P it's really important to deal damage with eve even if she's tank.

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Skill Sequence

I use evelynn solo top cause she's item dependant, but untill you buy a Giant belt you'll be squishy the same, so i stay under turret to farm and just let my enemies push so i can gank better with Ravage. It's important to upgrade it first cause it reduces the armor and magic resist of the enemies and it slows a lot, so when your jungler ganks you'll deal TONS OF DAMAGE. After that, i upgrade Shadow Walk to do many things like Ganking, Roaming and Stealing the jungle! That's an amazing skill and you need to level it fast, because only 10 seconds of stealth are almost useless at level 1, you can't do anything with that. Then i max Agony's Embrace by the levels 11 and 16. Evelynn's ultimate it's really wonderful with Frozen Mallet, they won't be able to run away due to the pressing slow and you'll chase as Flash. Hate Spike is the last skill i max, cause i already deal lot of damage with Ravage and Basic attacks but it's a nice skill.

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Summoner Spells

For Summoner's Spells i pick Ignite and Flash.

Of course you're not a carry and not even an ap burst so you won't deal HUGE damage and the enemies will often run away from you (Usually with 30 HP like always xD) so i reccomend to pick Ignite to finish off your enemies when they try to run away.
What to say about flash? Flash is flash xD the most used spell in the game :P and if you hate it you can always pick Ghost, it'll be amazing to use it with eve's ulti, she'll just fly through the map xD.

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Pros / Cons


Excellent ganker
Armor and Magic resist reduction amazing on tank
Spammable damage
Stealth tanker
Oracle = Useless


Squishy early game
Slow movement speed with this build

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Team Work

Team work is essential in every match with every kind of team.
With tank evelynn you must engage first with Shadow Walk. the "Surprise" factor will make its job and if they try to attack you they'll just fail thanks to her tankyness. As i said before, oracle are useless against eve tanker so they won't be able to counter you with that item, they'll just waste 400 gold cause you're the tank and they shouldn't focus you at all. So, as i was saying:

1: Engage with Shadow Walk and nuke the enemies with all those skills.
2: If the enemies focus you it's GG, they'll just fail.
3: If you get kills or assist reactivate your ultimate to chase the other enemuies.
4: Try to protect the carry with your slow skill (Ravage) if he/she runs away from the fight he/she can attack the enemy from a safe distance and the armor and magic reduction will just rule.
5: Do not fear to tower dive in team fights when the enemies try to retreat, you're the tanker and with your ultimate ON they won't run away with your pressing slow and your harassing.

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The major problem with eve is farming, though, actually with this build is easier, solo top is always full of OP champions or really really annoying champions. Two of the hardest champion to counter farm are Teemo and Darius. They will really outfarm you cause you can't get close to them. For this reason i let my enemies push and farm under turret if they are too hard to counter. Just be sure to last hit and don't push :P

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Summarizing all the guide, Evelynn tanker is just amazing and she's unique cause there are no stealth tanks out there, she's excellent in team fight, she won't be focused, she's got armor and magic resist reduction: Perfect for a tanker in team fight with carry and mages and oracle are money wasted with this build. Try her out and you'll see by yourself, i hope you enjoyed it have fun everyone :)